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Reply #69: i don't know how to break this to you, but i specified HUMAN organisms. [View All]

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dysfunctional press Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-09-07 10:40 AM
Response to Reply #37
69. i don't know how to break this to you, but i specified HUMAN organisms.
try a little comprehension next time.

btw- the biblical definition applies to HUMAN organisms as well.
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  -When life "begins" and how. usregimechange  Jun-07-07 10:25 AM   #0 
  - There is life in cancer cells.  Sapere aude   Jun-07-07 10:27 AM   #1 
  - In fact, a little too much.  usregimechange   Jun-07-07 10:28 AM   #2 
  - exactly so....  mike_c   Jun-07-07 10:28 AM   #3 
  - When young men and women in their late teens through say early 40's die from  whistle   Jun-07-07 11:35 AM   #20 
  - ??  Richardo   Jun-07-07 10:31 AM   #4 
  - It is framed so poorly because that lie helps in a debate.  usregimechange   Jun-07-07 10:33 AM   #6 
  - It's convenient (for one side) when the question is framed in that ignorant way. (NT)  Tesha   Jun-07-07 10:57 AM   #15 
  - Exactly. Otherwise we are debating onions and bananas  uppityperson   Jun-07-07 04:40 PM   #28 
  - I don't even consider that to be the question.  Left Is Write   Jun-07-07 10:16 PM   #33 
     - EXACTLY!!..  Madspirit   Jun-08-07 06:21 PM   #63 
  - Life begins when you start costing someone money...  bleedingheart   Jun-07-07 10:32 AM   #5 
  - LOL!  Clark2008   Jun-07-07 10:34 AM   #7 
     - you are welcome  bleedingheart   Jun-07-07 10:36 AM   #8 
     - Congratulations!  astonamous   Jun-07-07 10:40 AM   #11 
  - I thought life began at 30?  unpossibles   Jun-07-07 10:36 AM   #9 
  - NOOOooo...  Kazak   Jun-07-07 10:53 AM   #14 
  - There's only one way to debate "the life" issue with a freeper  Norquist Nemesis   Jun-07-07 10:36 AM   #10 
  - According to the Bible, HUMAN life begins with breath....  Yoda Yada   Jun-07-07 10:41 AM   #12 
  - Sorry, that was from Genesis 2:7 nt  Yoda Yada   Jun-07-07 10:42 AM   #13 
  - Good Point!  Mark D.   Jun-07-07 11:14 AM   #19 
  - so you're suggesting that a fetus in utero is not alive...?  mike_c   Jun-07-07 02:07 PM   #22 
  - actually, the bible is suggesting it...well, stating it, actually...  QuestionAll   Jun-07-07 10:07 PM   #32 
     - I don't know how to break this to you, but MOST living organisms...  mike_c   Jun-08-07 09:37 AM   #37 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-08-07 11:32 PM   #67 
        - i don't know how to break this to you, but i specified HUMAN organisms.  QuestionAll   Jun-09-07 10:40 AM   #69 
  - This is usually the tack that I take with the literalists...  annabanana   Jun-09-07 10:47 AM   #70 
  - LIfe begins when the kids leave for college. (NT)  Tesha   Jun-07-07 10:58 AM   #16 
  - Yep  Bjornsdotter   Jun-08-07 09:52 AM   #40 
  - The question is when does an individual life begin.  rug   Jun-07-07 11:10 AM   #17 
  - When life begins is not relevant to abortion rights.  mondo joe   Jun-07-07 11:13 AM   #18 
  - Of course it's relevant. It's fundamental (if you'll pardon the expression)  Richardo   Jun-07-07 04:03 PM   #24 
  - To the contrary: A woman has the right to abort a fetus whether it's a life or not.  mondo joe   Jun-07-07 04:38 PM   #26 
  - I agree.  Left Is Write   Jun-07-07 10:17 PM   #35 
  - Really Really Narrow Minded Sentiment. When Life Begins Is Thoughtful Topic For Anyone, Not Just  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Jun-07-07 11:38 AM   #21 
  - so do you think there is "nothing wrong" with believing...  mike_c   Jun-07-07 02:09 PM   #23 
  - And is the life that exists after conception not a different life?  rug   Jun-07-07 04:09 PM   #25 
     - what is "a different life...?"  mike_c   Jun-07-07 09:39 PM   #29 
        - That's deliberately obtuse.  rug   Jun-07-07 10:17 PM   #34 
           - I don't think it's the least bit obtuse-- it's what I teach in my biology courses....  mike_c   Jun-08-07 09:32 AM   #36 
           - It means The Circle of Life is not an answer to the question of  rug   Jun-08-07 11:06 AM   #41 
           - No it's not.  Iris   Jun-08-07 09:50 AM   #38 
              - It does have a nice zen tone to it but the question is when an individual's life begins.  rug   Jun-08-07 11:07 AM   #42 
              - When an individual's life begins is not relevant to abortion rights.  mondo joe   Jun-08-07 11:09 AM   #43 
              - It is relevant. The question is whose right predominates.  rug   Jun-08-07 11:16 AM   #44 
                 - I'm saying it doesn't matter if a fetus is an individual or not.  mondo joe   Jun-08-07 11:40 AM   #49 
                    - But you are saying viability does matter.  rug   Jun-08-07 12:13 PM   #51 
                       - Of course it does. If a fetus cvould be viably removed, abortion would  mondo joe   Jun-08-07 12:22 PM   #52 
                          - Viability is a factual question based in biology.  rug   Jun-08-07 12:34 PM   #54 
                             - Viability already limits terminations.  mondo joe   Jun-08-07 12:44 PM   #56 
                                - Do you support that limitation?  rug   Jun-08-07 02:38 PM   #57 
              - perhaps you just don't like to have this idea put into a context  Iris   Jun-08-07 11:17 AM   #45 
              - I like ideas in any context.  rug   Jun-08-07 11:21 AM   #46 
                 - To be honest, I don't know when life begins. That's why I'd never  Iris   Jun-08-07 11:35 AM   #47 
              - so when do you propose that "an individual" was not alive?  mike_c   Jun-08-07 05:51 PM   #58 
                 - You did not exist prior to syngamy. Your constituent parts did but you did not.  rug   Jun-08-07 06:09 PM   #60 
                    - my independent existence is a matter of perception, really....  mike_c   Jun-08-07 06:19 PM   #62 
              - I'd go even further....  mike_c   Jun-08-07 06:14 PM   #61 
                 - It's both.  rug   Jun-08-07 06:29 PM   #65 
  - Then it's wrong to make laws based on certain individual interpretations and perceptions.  Iris   Jun-08-07 09:51 AM   #39 
     - That's Up To Interpretation And Perception. It's Not An Absolute.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Jun-08-07 12:38 PM   #55 
  - what is "life"?  uppityperson   Jun-07-07 04:40 PM   #27 
  - I had once heard that "life" is only the journey to death...  rasputin1952   Jun-08-07 11:41 AM   #50 
  - I have been informed by some RW fundy's that are in the know...  rasputin1952   Jun-07-07 09:56 PM   #30 
  - lol  MisterHowdy   Jun-07-07 09:59 PM   #31 
     - I figure that killing 'half souls' is a better deal than  rasputin1952   Jun-08-07 11:36 AM   #48 
  - The biblical quotes are about HUMAN life....  Yoda Yada   Jun-08-07 12:26 PM   #53 
  - then that implies the human life differs from other life....  mike_c   Jun-08-07 05:54 PM   #59 
     - I don't know the answer. I'm just saying that equating breath with....  Yoda Yada   Jun-08-07 09:02 PM   #66 
  - Life begins January 21, 2009  Nikki Stone1   Jun-08-07 06:21 PM   #64 
     - I can't wait, it seems we've been holding our breath for a very long time  OhioBlues   Jun-09-07 10:20 AM   #68 

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