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WilliamPitt Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-04-07 09:48 AM
Response to Reply #128
148. Hm.
This seems pretty goddam grounded to me. Verbatim from Iowa 2004:

The first stop on Saturday was a Democratic party gathering at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, a large, modern facility on the industrialized banks of the Mississippi River. Hundreds of people were in attendance. The event was supposed to be a three-way stump spot for Kerry, Edwards and Kucinich. Kerry, however, got marooned somewhere else in the state because of bad weather. John Edwards showed up in a huge oceanliner of a bus and hit the room to the sound of some orgiastic rock anthem.

His supporters, the youngest of any candidate present, screamed and waved signs as Edwards took the stage. His speech was strong, vibrant and suffused with echoes of the vibe that so electrified the Clinton speeches of yore. His strong performance in the caucuses the following Monday came as no surprise after watching him work on Saturday. The endorsement from the Des Moines Register probably didnt hurt, either.

Kucinich came on next. It was clear that many in the crowd were not familiar with him. That was about to change.

I come from Cleveland, Ohio, began Kucinich. Im the oldest of seven children. My parents never owned a home, and as the family grew, we kept moving because we outgrew the apartments that we lived in. During the 1950s, there used to be ads in the newspapers that would say No Children or One Child Only. If you had a large family and didnt own a home, you were out of luck. So our family kept moving from place to place. By the time I was 17 years old, we had lived in 21 different places, including a couple of cars.

That experience, he continued, growing up in the city of Cleveland, and living in so many different neighborhoods, and moving from place to place, that experience informs greatly my passion for public service, and my reasons for running for President of the United States. I know that it matters to people to have a job, to have a living wage, to have decent health care, that their kids can go to decent schools, that they live in decent neighborhoods, that they have a roof over their heads. I understand this. I understand it because these are the kinds of concerns that my parents had to deal with when we were growing up. These are the kinds of concerns that many families have to deal with today.

In this time of rising unemployment, he said, all the government will tell us is that the statistics indicate that things are looking a little bit better. The truth of the matter is that there are many people not even reflected in the unemployment numbers anymore, because they stopped looking for jobs, because there arent any jobs available. And thats the truth. The truth is that so many American families have breadwinners who are working part-time because they cant find full-time work. The truth is that people working both part-time and full-time are locked into low-paying jobs. The truth is that this country is letting working-class and middle-class citizens just slowly find their economic position deteriorating without any great cause in America to lift people up, to give people the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. What is this government doing for all of our people?

We see the priorities, he said. Tax cuts for the wealthy. $155 billion for a war we didnt have to get into. A bloated Pentagon - half the discretionary spending in the federal budget goes to the Pentagon. Cuts in veterans benefits. Cuts in health care. Cuts in education. Cuts in housing. Cuts in jobs programs. This country is losing its connection with its people. My Presidency will be about reconnecting America with the practical aspirations of the American people.

By this time, the crowd had risen, somewhat surprised with itself, to its feet in approval several times. Dennis Kucinich? Rocking the house?

I want you, the taxpayers, to think about this, said Kucinich after the applause had died down again. If were in Iraq for a few years, the cost will be over a half a trillion dollars. Thats going to come out of our budget for housing, for education, for health care. Casualties are now over five hundred, and could go into the thousands. Why? When is enough enough? I say enough is enough right now, and thats why we need to get the troops out, and thats why Im ready to lead in that direction.

All across the country, he said, we see the infrastructure of many states crumbling. Bridges, water systems, sewer systems, roads in disrepair. States dont have the money to fix them, and local communities dont have the money to fix them. I intend to take a page from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who in the 1930s recognized the need to rebuild America, recognized the need to put millions of people back to work, and have a new WPA program to repair our bridges and water systems and sewer systems. We will put Americans back to work, we will build a new infrastructure, we will build a new chance for America. I am running to lead the way on that.

I am talking about a quest to ensure the economic stability of America, he said. In my campaign around this country, I have visited so many communities where I have seen plant gates locked, and have looked through those gates to see grass growing in parking lots. These are plants where they used to make steel, where they used to make textiles, where they used to make car parts and washing machines and bicycles. All around this country, weve seen this same story of one manufacturing plant after another being closed. We are told that this is inevitable.

Weve had three million manufacturing jobs lost, he said, since July of 2000. Three million. I explained earlier where I am coming from on this. I understand job loss. It is not just a statistic. It means a home that is threatened. It means someone in the family is not going to get the education they hoped for. It means the loss of health benefits. It means retirement benefits at risk. It means instability in a family. It could mean a family splitting up. Tremendous economic pressures are being put on so many American families today, and Ill tell you one of the reasons.

Ten years ago, he said in a rising voice, the United States passed agreements called NAFTA and the WTO which created conditions where global corporations are setting all the rules for trade. You know what it is about? You know what it is about. It is about cheap labor. Wherever they can drive down wages, they do it. Wherever they can get someone to do a job for less than nothing, thats what they are looking for. They dont care about child labor, prison labor, slave labor, they dont care about crushing workers. What they care about is being able to make more and more of a profit. They dont care if they close down a community.

They dont care if they crush small businesses, he said, now in full roar. They dont care because they have the power, with NAFTA and the WTO, and all these trade agreements, to just move jobs out of this country, move out the manufacturing jobs, move out high-tech jobs, move out any kind of job that exists in this country that they can make a better buck off in another country by crushing workers rights. Ive seen it. It is time to put an end to it.

The thunder of the audience shook the room.

The rest:
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  -Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich all irrelevant, step out and reduce dilution dusmcj  Jun-03-07 09:00 PM   #0 
  - Dodd's leadership on the Iraq Supplemental Bill is hardly irrelevant  pstans   Jun-03-07 09:02 PM   #1 
  - You are a poster child for the clueless party operatives - signed - irrelevant leftie  The Count   Jun-03-07 09:03 PM   #2 
  - Hear, hear!  notsodumbhillbilly   Jun-03-07 09:04 PM   #3 
  - Hey, Count, thanks for turning the thread into a excuse for pointless insults.  Bucky   Jun-03-07 09:06 PM   #8 
  - Two quotes by you.  Forkboy   Jun-03-07 09:09 PM   #13 
  - Yeah, I get this way when war is considered a "strategy".  The Count   Jun-03-07 09:10 PM   #14 
  - Talk about the clueless serial Democratic candidate attacker calling the pot black!!!  Czolgosz   Jun-03-07 09:07 PM   #10 
  - Nicely said!  GreenPartyVoter   Jun-03-07 09:13 PM   #18 
  - Ditto  earthside   Jun-03-07 09:21 PM   #27 
  - Glad to oblige, someone has to do it. nm  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 09:37 PM   #44 
  - Indeed. nm  dicksteele   Jun-03-07 09:22 PM   #29 
  - Word! The opportunity to hear these voices speak out is valuable.  TahitiNut   Jun-03-07 09:25 PM   #34 
  - they're not the only ones who ultimately should leave  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 09:33 PM   #40 
  - There's that worn out meme again  notsodumbhillbilly   Jun-03-07 09:42 PM   # 
     - It's a cliche because it's true.  TheWraith   Jun-04-07 04:54 PM   #157 
  - Thank You!  alittlelark   Jun-03-07 10:10 PM   #78 
  - I agree with losing Gravel. He's just being a snarky old dude.  Bucky   Jun-03-07 09:04 PM   #4 
  - Without the "snarky old dude" you'd all be drafted and shipped where W wanted ya  The Count   Jun-03-07 09:06 PM   #9 
  - He did? I thought it was Uncle Milt.  hfojvt   Jun-03-07 09:14 PM   #19 
  - Gravel struck the killing blow in the Draft.  MiltonF   Jun-03-07 10:01 PM   #66 
     - speak of the devil  hfojvt   Jun-03-07 10:53 PM   #111 
        - Before I enlisted, the first question everyone asked me was...  MiltonF   Jun-04-07 01:54 AM   #129 
  - Gravel says he "ended the draft".  SOS   Jun-04-07 06:43 PM   #159 
  - While I do agree with Kucinich I also agree with you that  Echotrail   Jun-04-07 06:42 AM   #137 
  - This whole process started way too early.  evlbstrd   Jun-03-07 09:04 PM   #5 
  - Gimme a break. Kucinich is necessary.  graywarrior   Jun-03-07 09:05 PM   #6 
  - Ted Koppel, is that you?  dweller   Jun-03-07 09:05 PM   #7 
  - Hmm, I thought maybe Tweety...but Ted is no less clueless.  The Count   Jun-03-07 09:08 PM   #11 
  - Sounds more like Harold to me.  notsodumbhillbilly   Jun-03-07 09:08 PM   #12 
  - Sorry but they are NOT irrelevant.  Desertrose   Jun-03-07 09:12 PM   #15 
  - Well said, friend!  LWolf   Jun-03-07 09:23 PM   #32 
  - The "winnowing out" is called the primaries.  Matsubara   Jun-03-07 09:12 PM   #16 
  - This debate happens every four years  MonkeyFunk   Jun-03-07 09:13 PM   #17 
  - Would that be the irrelevant left that got Democrats into majority?  sfexpat2000   Jun-03-07 09:14 PM   #20 
  - you misspelled "disgusted moderate voters"  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 09:42 PM   #49 
     - You may be right. n/t  sfexpat2000   Jun-03-07 09:47 PM   #55 
     - Then why did so many lefties win primaries over the party favorites?  jgraz   Jun-04-07 04:51 AM   #132 
  - Kucinich is right about pretty much everything (nm)  lynyrd_skynyrd   Jun-03-07 09:14 PM   #21 
  - Everything.  lonestarnot   Jun-03-07 09:19 PM   #24 
  - not on bin laden.. bin laden isn't a world leader, and he called an attack on him  still_one   Jun-03-07 09:23 PM   #31 
  - Technically wrong but logically right  camero   Jun-03-07 09:31 PM   #38 
  - Perhaps, but that position would never be accepted by most people in the U.S.  still_one   Jun-03-07 09:35 PM   #41 
     - Unfortunately you're most likely correct  camero   Jun-03-07 09:40 PM   #46 
  - He should have just said that trying to assasinate a single person with a missile is stupid.  Solon   Jun-03-07 10:31 PM   #92 
     - It worked on that sheik  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:41 PM   #102 
        - Why don't we just nuke the shit out of these countries...  Solon   Jun-03-07 10:45 PM   #107 
           - no, but firing a rocket from a helicopter at a terrorist sheik in a wheelchair  dusmcj   Jun-04-07 01:34 AM   #126 
  - Word. I'm pretty sure that, this cycle, I'm not voting for...  Tesha   Jun-04-07 07:16 AM   #138 
  - Primary voters and donations will do the "winnowing out"  eleny   Jun-03-07 09:16 PM   #22 
  - Generally, it is considered smart to wait for a primary  realpolitik   Jun-03-07 09:18 PM   #23 
  - Kucinich Is "The Firebrand" Against The War & I Agree With Most Of  ChiciB1   Jun-03-07 09:20 PM   #25 
  - Why let the MSM decide who you vote for in the primaries?  MadHound   Jun-03-07 10:36 PM   #97 
     - YOU Seem To Be Missing My Point. I've Made My Decision About  ChiciB1   Jun-04-07 08:50 AM   #143 
        - So, in other words, you are will to continue being a slave to corporate MSM  MadHound   Jun-04-07 09:44 AM   #146 
           - I'm Well Aware Of What Corporations Are Doing... If It Were Left Up  ChiciB1   Jun-04-07 02:53 PM   #151 
  - mighty nice of you to say who should and shouldn't be in he debates /nt  still_one   Jun-03-07 09:20 PM   #26 
  - they can be in the debates, I'm suggesting they leave the campaign.  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 09:46 PM   #53 
  - You want to winnow? Ok!  LWolf   Jun-03-07 09:21 PM   #28 
  - Excellent! Beautifully said!  scarletwoman   Jun-03-07 10:37 PM   #100 
  - They say popular things no one else says; HOW IS THAT IRRELEVANT?  StudentProgressive   Jun-03-07 09:22 PM   #30 
  - but I want relevant, not popular. This is not a fucking beauty contest  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 09:53 PM   #61 
     - If it's not a beauty contest why are Hillary Obama and Edwards running?  StudentProgressive   Jun-03-07 10:08 PM   #75 
     - Oh but it is. A corporate beauty contest to see which whore can give them the best...  arendt   Jun-03-07 10:11 PM   #80 
        - content-free voices don't help that condition  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:35 PM   #96 
           - You have no idea what you're talking about.  Tesha   Jun-04-07 09:12 AM   #144 
  - Better yet lose Clinton, favor Kucinich, and pray Gore runs again.  SnoopDog   Jun-03-07 09:24 PM   #33 
  - I'd so like to see a Kucinich Presidency  mvd   Jun-03-07 09:31 PM   #39 
     - Everybody, it seems, is afraid of doing the right thing...  SnoopDog   Jun-03-07 09:55 PM   #62 
  - I Agree With You. I'd Rather Listen To Real Candidates As Well.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Jun-03-07 09:28 PM   #35 
  - Same here  question everything   Jun-03-07 09:40 PM   #48 
  - Realistic is the key word  Quixote1818   Jun-03-07 09:53 PM   #60 
  - What's your rush? Hmmmmm?  annabanana   Jun-03-07 09:28 PM   #36 
  - oh fucking yawn  sniffa   Jun-03-07 09:28 PM   #37 
  - So, you are against peace? That is what DK is running on.  Steve_DeShazer   Jun-03-07 09:35 PM   #42 
  - Agree with you. DK must stay.  Hardrada   Jun-03-07 09:42 PM   #50 
  - That's why it's the John F. Kennedy special warfare school  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:03 PM   #70 
  - Okay, so you are against peace.  Steve_DeShazer   Jun-03-07 10:10 PM   #79 
  - this from the guy who signed off  northzax   Jun-03-07 11:21 PM   #122 
  - That's what primaries are for.  WilliamPitt   Jun-03-07 09:37 PM   #43 
  - I think Biden and Richardson add nothing to the debate, but I wouldn't exclude them because that's  Czolgosz   Jun-03-07 09:38 PM   #45 
  - Biden DID add public campaign financing today though!  calipendence   Jun-03-07 09:51 PM   #59 
  - Aw, come on............  Byronic   Jun-04-07 07:51 AM   #142 
  - As a member of the "irrelevant left", I'll be happy to step aside & let you have the Dems to yrself.  scarletwoman   Jun-03-07 09:40 PM   #47 
  - kinda funny how irrlevant we are till the centrists are begging for us to vote  KG   Jun-03-07 09:44 PM   #52 
  - said it... true...but with all that money and hopes of Repug and Indie turnout for Dems  KoKo01   Jun-03-07 09:50 PM   #58 
  - the dem party has spent the last 25 years trying to get repugs to vote for them, then acted  KG   Jun-03-07 09:59 PM   #65 
  - Word on that. But this time I fully intend to remain "irrelevant".  scarletwoman   Jun-03-07 09:58 PM   #64 
  - rock on, sistah. going back to voting my hopes instead my fears.  KG   Jun-03-07 10:15 PM   #84 
  - LOL!  Echotrail   Jun-04-07 07:18 AM   #139 
  - I'll be happy to stay home on election day too.  libnnc   Jun-04-07 12:13 AM   #124 
  - Gravel, Dennis and Dodd are a waste of space and time on the debates.  Katzenkavalier   Jun-03-07 09:44 PM   #51 
  - Why?  Steve_DeShazer   Jun-03-07 09:49 PM   #57 
  - True, only Wall Street's candidates should get to compete  StudentProgressive   Jun-03-07 10:42 PM   #104 
  - Careful, we've heavily criticized the Repubs treatment of Ron Paul...  calipendence   Jun-03-07 09:46 PM   #54 
  - a first round of winnowing out? We're still seven months from the Iowa Caucus  fishwax   Jun-03-07 09:48 PM   #56 
  - Maybe more debates might be better. We do own the airwaves, right?  Peggy Day   Jun-03-07 09:58 PM   #63 
  - Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich should drop out?  thethinker   Jun-03-07 10:02 PM   #67 
  - I'm expressing my opinion that they will shortly start decreasing Dem effectiveness  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:08 PM   #76 
     - OK, how about a deal, since the left is "irrelevent" why don't we sit out this election...  Solon   Jun-03-07 10:23 PM   #87 
     - That's precisely what I plan to do. I figure, no harm - since I'm irrelevant anyway, right? (nt)  scarletwoman   Jun-03-07 10:34 PM   #94 
     - Exactly, and then, when they turn around and bitch about us costing them the election...  Solon   Jun-03-07 10:37 PM   #98 
     - I don't have truck with anyone who claims the left lost the Dems '00 and '04  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:55 PM   #112 
        - If you actually believed that, then you directly contradict your own OP...  Solon   Jun-03-07 11:11 PM   #119 
     - My goal is to WIN in '08, not to "win."  LWolf   Jun-04-07 06:38 AM   #136 
     - Our goal isn't to "win" an election. Our goal is to RESTORE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.  Tesha   Jun-04-07 07:43 AM   #140 
  - Yes the solution is to go with Option A or Option A.  MiltonF   Jun-03-07 10:02 PM   #68 
  - LOL!!!  Le Taz Hot   Jun-04-07 09:44 AM   #145 
  - (shrug) They already don't get much time.  BlooInBloo   Jun-03-07 10:03 PM   #69 
  - Kucinich is the best candidate we have.  DemBones DemBones   Jun-03-07 10:04 PM   #71 
  - I'm with you on that.  klook   Jun-03-07 10:08 PM   #74 
     - Kucinich was great tonight being interviewed by Paula Zahn, too.  DemBones DemBones   Jun-04-07 08:04 PM   #163 
  - So how do you propose they be eliminated?  klook   Jun-03-07 10:06 PM   #72 
  - Why don't we behead them?!  StudentProgressive   Jun-03-07 10:09 PM   #77 
     - you want to win in 2008, or you want to have a philosophy colloqium ?  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:24 PM   #88 
        - The fascists always use fear mongering to suppress free speech  StudentProgressive   Jun-03-07 10:42 PM   #103 
        - if your speech isn't useful, you've wasted your freedom and made hot air. nt  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:57 PM   #113 
        - Actually, I want my country back.  Le Taz Hot   Jun-04-07 09:45 AM   #147 
  - Well, I guess you aren't in the Puritan Branch of the Party, then.  nealmhughes   Jun-03-07 10:07 PM   #73 
  - Trotskyites are poster children for the irrelevant wing of the left.  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:19 PM   #85 
     - 40 hr work week, minimum wage, Social Security, Progressive taxation  camero   Jun-03-07 10:25 PM   #89 
     - the labor movement might be a little offended  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:39 PM   #101 
        - Actually you're the one doing the comparing  camero   Jun-03-07 10:43 PM   #105 
        - Dude, you don't know history, the "irrelevent left" WERE the labor unions!  Solon   Jun-03-07 10:49 PM   #108 
           - yes and most of what passes for 'radical' these days doesn't hold a candle to them  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 11:01 PM   #115 
              - Uhm, what the fuck do you call the WTO protests in Seattle almost 10 years ago now...  Solon   Jun-03-07 11:09 PM   #116 
     - Well, I saw a one-man band leading a llama on Jane Street in 1986.  nealmhughes   Jun-03-07 11:10 PM   #118 
  - Yes, let's try to limit debate as much as possible.  ClassWarrior   Jun-03-07 10:13 PM   #81 
  - Politics as usual  johnnie   Jun-03-07 10:13 PM   #82 
  - There are also quite a few 'long time' DUers that are irrelevant  alittlelark   Jun-03-07 10:14 PM   #83 
  - ooh, the dollar is the currency of political discourse after all  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:21 PM   #86 
     - I'm not sure which of us is more effective.  alittlelark   Jun-03-07 10:31 PM   #91 
  - Our WORLD would be a better place if any of these 3 men took office  GeneCosta   Jun-03-07 10:29 PM   #90 
  - Irrelevant left  tavalon   Jun-03-07 10:32 PM   #93 
  - Sounds like we need to make a t-shirt of this one...  calipendence   Jun-03-07 10:34 PM   #95 
     - You succeed in being scary and I'll applaud.  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 10:37 PM   #99 
  - Ah yes, time to comfort the corporatista wing of the Democratic party.  MadHound   Jun-03-07 10:44 PM   #106 
  - do you claim that all the remainder are corporatista candidates ?  dusmcj   Jun-03-07 11:10 PM   #117 
     - Go look at who has contributed to their campaigns  MadHound   Jun-03-07 11:20 PM   #120 
        - harm if the winnable candidates can't start fighting the Repubs  dusmcj   Jun-04-07 01:29 AM   #125 
           - That's just lame, so very lame  MadHound   Jun-04-07 06:37 AM   #135 
  - Kucinich is the only candidate with the integrity to say what needs to be said.  Doremus   Jun-03-07 10:50 PM   #109 
  - Let the voters decide who's in or out.  Jim Sagle   Jun-03-07 10:52 PM   #110 
  - Dodd shouldnt step out  hnmnf   Jun-03-07 11:01 PM   #114 
  - Win at all cost. Toss the irrelevant left overboard.  magellan   Jun-03-07 11:20 PM   #121 
  - Kucinich is irrelevant?  flvegan   Jun-03-07 11:29 PM   #123 
  - Kucinich and the truth - irrelevant in America  upi402   Jun-04-07 01:38 AM   #127 
  - Kucinich doesnt represent the truth.  hnmnf   Jun-04-07 01:46 AM   #128 
     - Hm.  WilliamPitt   Jun-04-07 09:48 AM   #148 
        - BEING RIGHT ALL ALONG = UNREALISTIC, IN CORPORATE MEDIA AMERICA  upi402   Jun-04-07 05:12 PM   #158 
        - That is a great summary of Kucinich  DemReadingDU   Jun-05-07 06:19 AM   #164 
  - Sorry, but your post is BS, based on false premises.  AnOhioan   Jun-04-07 04:06 AM   #130 
  - It's way too early to winnow anything.  Skidmore   Jun-04-07 04:48 AM   #131 
  - That's great.  Ariana Celeste   Jun-04-07 04:52 AM   #133 
  - Maybe we should "winnow" candidates who are out of step with the 70% majority  jgraz   Jun-04-07 04:57 AM   #134 
  - In two out of three cases NYT agrees with you  seemslikeadream   Jun-04-07 07:50 AM   #141 
  - Once a poster says "irrelevent left" and "trotskyite"  Zodiak Ironfist   Jun-04-07 09:52 AM   #149 
  - Yeah, they are such bad liars only republican voters could buy it.  cooolandrew   Jun-04-07 03:03 PM   #153 
  - Thanks for giving me something new...  Hell Hath No Fury   Jun-04-07 11:03 AM   #150 
  - I think Gravel was a lot weaker this time round, but Kucinich was bang on message.  cooolandrew   Jun-04-07 03:01 PM   #152 
  - Kucinich rocked he had the perfect solutions, he is the way forward.  cooolandrew   Jun-04-07 03:04 PM   #154 
  - Loose translation  Aya Reiko   Jun-04-07 03:17 PM   #155 
  - Agreed.  TheWraith   Jun-04-07 04:48 PM   #156 
  - One small problem with that.  LWolf   Jun-04-07 06:56 PM   #162 
  - you like your pablum straight  Enrique   Jun-04-07 06:49 PM   #160 
  - Although I believe they don't have a chance I disagree that they must quit now.  ddeclue   Jun-04-07 06:50 PM   #161 
  - Bite me. How long is it before  mmonk   Jun-05-07 06:21 AM   #165 

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