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elleng Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-28-09 01:33 AM
Response to Original message
14. FYI
"Individuals affected by autism are like snowflakes," says Professor of Health Services Michelle Rowe, Ph.D. "No two are alike."

Executive Director, The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support

Current research is focusing on the relationship between genetic and immune responses in children with autism. "Most experts agree that there is a genetic predisposition to autism," Dr. Rowe says. "Yet, several studies have now shown that in many cases the autism, especially the regressive form, is likely triggered by some environmental factor producing an inflammatory response in the body." Family members of individuals with autism often have a history of diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, that produce an autoimmune response and cause inflammation in parts of the body.

Other studies on brain imaging have shown areas in the brain of individuals with autism that respond differently than those without autism.

"Clearly, autism is a brain disorder," she notes, "and research should focus on brain functioning of individuals with autism and how best to develop interventions that target the affected areas of the brain."
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  -What causes autism? lumberjack_jeff  Jun-25-09 10:48 AM   #0 
  - I'm one who is very impatient with the attempt  SheilaT   Jun-25-09 10:23 PM   #1 
  - There's clearly a greater increase than can be explained by changing diagnoses.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-26-09 09:54 AM   #2 
     - I'm not convinced that the increase is greater  SheilaT   Jun-26-09 10:26 PM   #3 
     - From Scientific American  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-27-09 01:16 PM   #6 
     - 'therefore the trigger is environmental?'  elleng   Jun-26-09 10:49 PM   #4 
        - Given the alternative explanations; a) environmental b) genetic  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-27-09 01:15 PM   #5 
           - I think the 'alternative explanations'  elleng   Jun-27-09 08:57 PM   #7 
              - I'd be glad to hear any possible sources of illness.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 12:55 AM   #12 
  - There is no god-damn "epidemic".  Odin2005   Jun-27-09 11:21 PM   #8 
  - Read the link in post #6. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-27-09 11:42 PM   #9 
  - I don't agree with something just because it's in Sci-Am.  Odin2005   Jun-28-09 12:03 AM   #10 
     - You haven't convinced me.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 12:53 AM   #11 
        - In other words, you are a victim of confirmation bias  Odin2005   Jun-28-09 01:06 AM   #13 
        - It is grossly insulting to say that parents of children on the spectrum...  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 09:43 AM   #15 
        - It is the attitudes of the rest of society that causes many autistics to have a poor quality of life  Odin2005   Jun-28-09 11:45 AM   #17 
        - That is undoubtedly true for many.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 12:59 PM   #18 
        - I believe that other people with autism are more like me than they are different  KamaAina   Jul-01-09 02:43 PM   #28 
           - Excellent post, KA!!!  Odin2005   Jul-05-09 12:59 AM   #30 
           - The syndrome is almost conclusively shown to be inflluenced by environment.  lumberjack_jeff   Jul-07-09 07:13 PM   #32 
        - Amanda Baggs isn't British  KamaAina   Jun-29-09 03:02 PM   #25 
           - DOH, my bad!  Odin2005   Jun-30-09 04:31 PM   #27 
        - I agree with you LumberJack. Nt  Left coast liberal   Sep-17-09 06:15 PM   #33 
  - Thank you. I keep on trying  SheilaT   Jul-04-09 10:44 PM   #29 
     - Exactly.  Odin2005   Jul-05-09 01:02 AM   #31 
  - FYI  elleng   Jun-28-09 01:33 AM   #14 
  - Personally, I think that we should also consider possible prenatal environmental insults.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 09:52 AM   #16 
     - Unless your child has the condition.  elleng   Jun-28-09 03:42 PM   #19 
     - As mine does. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 04:01 PM   #20 
     - Isn't focusing on 'anything' also focusing on 'everything?'  elleng   Jun-28-09 04:22 PM   #21 
        - Yes, actually.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-28-09 11:26 PM   #22 
           - I am not at all clear about your point.  elleng   Jun-29-09 12:20 AM   #23 
              - My point is very simple.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-29-09 02:57 PM   #24 
  - Here's the third segment of his essay.  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-30-09 10:23 AM   #26 
     - Well that crap removed any bit of respect I had for the HuffPo.  Odin2005   Sep-17-09 06:56 PM   #34 

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