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Reply #22: An Important Point Worth Noting [View All]

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Dumpster Macaine Donating Member (57 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-06-11 03:54 PM
Response to Reply #6
22. An Important Point Worth Noting
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  -Glenn Beck and Kyle Olson: Teaching social justice themes in school creating a left wing army... madfloridian  Dec-05-11 01:23 AM   #0 
  - Olson's wife bought the book at a yard sale. He refused to read the rest of it...  madfloridian   Dec-05-11 01:46 AM   #1 
  - Damn! They got word of the master plan.  bluestateguy   Dec-05-11 01:54 AM   #2 
  - social justice is what christ talked about and....  madrchsod   Dec-05-11 04:47 AM   #3 
  - Christ appeared to be all about social justice.  Enthusiast   Dec-05-11 05:19 AM   #4 
  - "waiting for America to grow up"....I am sure they are doing that.  madfloridian   Dec-05-11 11:14 AM   #14 
  - so now unions - one of the most fundamental units of modern democracy - are un-American?  Douglas Carpenter   Dec-05-11 06:40 AM   #5 
  - Unions are not allowed in a Fascist state. n/m  dotymed   Dec-05-11 08:14 AM   #6 
  - An Important Point Worth Noting  Dumpster Macaine   Dec-06-11 03:54 PM   #22 
  - So any education that is not right wing  d_legendary1   Dec-05-11 08:52 AM   #7 
  - I say, Onward Granola Soldiers !!!!  marmar   Dec-05-11 08:59 AM   #8 
  - GBTV?  wxgeek7   Dec-05-11 09:14 AM   #9 
  - I couldn't understand what Beck was saying because of that tin foil hat he has over his head  W T F   Dec-05-11 09:19 AM   #10 
  - Thats not the coloring book that garnered attention  ccavagnolo   Dec-05-11 09:30 AM   #11 
  - "A Left-wing Army of Students!" I hope and pray they succeed where my generation failed.  joanbarnes   Dec-05-11 09:59 AM   #12 
  - Two sad,  chervilant   Dec-05-11 10:28 AM   #13 
  - God forbid that our kids be enlightened  Plucketeer   Dec-05-11 12:20 PM   #15 
  - Teaching social justice themes in school creating a left wing army...  AlbertCat   Dec-05-11 01:39 PM   #16 
  - suppose he'll have a Stroke when the remake of The Lorax comes out next year.  PatrynXX   Dec-05-11 02:03 PM   #17 
  - Jayzuss, don't let them ever get their hands on  Tsiyu   Dec-05-11 04:21 PM   #18 
  - Or Worse  Dumpster Macaine   Dec-06-11 03:56 PM   #23 
  - This is the clown that created these "exposed"  freshstart   Dec-05-11 09:16 PM   #19 
  - this is not the country  Gringostan   Dec-06-11 01:31 AM   #20 
  - I think It Is The Same Country  Dumpster Macaine   Dec-06-11 03:59 PM   #24 
  - Just reading about  tomg   Dec-06-11 02:16 AM   #21 

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