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Reply #31: I'm going to have to watch that clip half a dozen times more [View All]

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cadaverdog Donating Member (111 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-14-09 08:00 PM
Response to Original message
31. I'm going to have to watch that clip half a dozen times more
before I can really get my head around it.
It is just so amazing on so many levels.
We definitely have not heard the last of this.

Hold tight wait till the partys over
Hold tight were in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way
Burning down the house
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  -Hardball Actually Hardballs Someone - O'Donnell v. Texas (R) Culberson - 'Awwww!' tomm2thumbs  Aug-14-09 06:06 PM   #0 
  - Pwned.  PDittie   Aug-14-09 06:09 PM   #1 
  - That interview was a joy to watch  jeaps   Aug-15-09 07:29 AM   #58 
  - O'Donnell pulverized this republican asshat! Fabulous clip!!!  valerief   Aug-14-09 06:11 PM   #2 
  - "Go ahead, spin away."  Tripper11   Aug-14-09 06:16 PM   #3 
  - wow - he out right called him a LIAR  ShamelessHussy   Aug-14-09 06:23 PM   #4 
  - Yep  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 03:27 PM   #114 
  - Loved it!  smuglysmiling   Aug-14-09 06:23 PM   #5 
  - Welcome to DU !!!  tomm2thumbs   Aug-14-09 06:39 PM   # 
  - I'm going to have to watch that clip half a dozen times more  cadaverdog   Aug-14-09 08:00 PM   #31 
  - That is a beautiful clip, hypocrisy hangs the fool.  Flagrante   Aug-14-09 11:24 PM   #40 
  - Welcome to DU  wryter2000   Aug-14-09 06:44 PM   #10 
  - K&R Now! Do it! n/t  JohnnyK   Aug-14-09 06:26 PM   #6 
  - I hate it when the host never lets his guest finish a sentence.  DutchLiberal   Aug-14-09 06:37 PM   #7 
  - actually, the way I looked at it was  tomm2thumbs   Aug-14-09 06:43 PM   #9 
  - Well, he's ten times better than Matthews, I'll give him that.  DutchLiberal   Aug-14-09 06:49 PM   #14 
  - Matthews hosts a different show.  mwb970   Aug-15-09 06:11 AM   #51 
  - It's Time:  howmad1   Aug-15-09 11:21 AM   #94 
  - I agree, this isn't a debate, they're both trying to get as many soundbites in  bobshin   Aug-15-09 11:21 AM   #95 
  - Exactly  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 03:30 PM   #115 
  - and I'm not a Lawrence fan by nature to be sure  tomm2thumbs   Aug-29-09 06:30 PM   #139 
  - They shouldn't be allowed to finish their sentences when they refuse to answer  cui bono   Aug-14-09 06:46 PM   #12 
  - dude was spinning and spinning needs to be stopped in its tracks  SemperEadem   Aug-14-09 07:04 PM   #22 
  - Me, too BUT that is the only level of discourse that get's ANY attention these days  ShamelessHussy   Aug-14-09 07:52 PM   #28 
  - The guest was not answering the question, and the host called him on it.  Lil Missy   Aug-14-09 10:14 PM   #37 
  - Well, he didn't get too much time to answer anything, now did he?  DutchLiberal   Aug-15-09 04:14 PM   #120 
     - The fucking republican wouldn't answer the fucking question he was asked, he started dancing  GreenTea   Aug-15-09 05:20 PM   #126 
     - Wow. Easy there, fella. Think about your blood pressure.  DutchLiberal   Aug-15-09 07:05 PM   #132 
     - It doesn't take long to give a monosyllabic answer. (nt)  Posteritatis   Aug-16-09 03:06 PM   #137 
  - Not so. Flushing out a liar who is misrepresenting the facts on a national platform  geckosfeet   Aug-15-09 10:27 AM   #84 
  - C was not answering O'D's question. O'D was making that clear and giving C another chance to step up  patrice   Aug-15-09 10:58 AM   #87 
  - The guest should not be allowed to finish if he doesn't answer the question  Raineyb   Aug-15-09 11:06 AM   #90 
  - Cant we all just get along? Face them now, or face their increasingly bold  Gman2   Aug-15-09 11:08 AM   #91 
  - He wasn't gonna let the Rethug  Plucketeer   Aug-15-09 12:13 PM   #101 
  - ha-ha........  dhill926   Aug-14-09 06:39 PM   #8 
  - He said it He would have voted for Social programs  lovuian   Aug-14-09 06:45 PM   #11 
  - "Do you know who I am"  NOW tense   Aug-14-09 06:48 PM   #13 
  - Rude?  trocar   Aug-14-09 06:51 PM   #15 
  - screw that! O'Donnel did what needed to be done..  SemperEadem   Aug-14-09 07:01 PM   #20 
  - agreed. I don't normally watch "Hardball"  dana_b   Aug-15-09 03:20 PM   #113 
  - Rude! Insanity and O'Liely have been doing the same  doc03   Aug-14-09 07:14 PM   #25 
  - don't bring a spork to a knife fight  ShamelessHussy   Aug-14-09 07:55 PM   #29 
  - You have got to be joking.  go west young man   Aug-15-09 07:48 AM   #61 
  - Agreed--extremely rude.  Ka hrnt   Aug-15-09 09:34 AM   #72 
  - Proxy intimidation?  snort   Aug-15-09 10:07 AM   #80 
  - All C had to do was answer the question and explain the difference between his answer and  patrice   Aug-15-09 11:04 AM   #89 
  - Cutting through the spin is not rude.  City Lights   Aug-15-09 09:36 AM   #74 
  - It's long past time we stop being nice to these degenerates  jgraz   Aug-15-09 09:40 AM   #75 
  - Rude is sometimes required  lolly   Aug-15-09 09:43 AM   #76 
  - what was rude was how the GOPer spun when asked very simple questions  fascisthunter   Aug-15-09 10:30 AM   #85 
  - I agree, but apparently many DU'er like the screaming...  DutchLiberal   Aug-15-09 04:17 PM   #121 
  - the Texan lies & said he is against waste & high costs-yet money making IS  KakistocracyHater   Aug-14-09 06:52 PM   #16 
  - Texas Republican automatcally = liar  depakid   Aug-15-09 01:48 AM   #44 
  - What's your point? Ramps are overpriced? Or ramps negate the need for  bobshin   Aug-15-09 11:26 AM   #97 
     - My point is YES PRIVATE MEDICAL IS OVERPRICED! Can you hear me now?  KakistocracyHater   Aug-15-09 07:00 PM   #131 
  - He called him the "L" word.  SalviaBlue   Aug-14-09 06:55 PM   #17 
  - You're wrong, congressman... MSNBC's numbers are not dwindling  SemperEadem   Aug-14-09 06:58 PM   #18 
  - The only card Culberson could play was that line that 'nobody listens to MSNBC.'  bulloney   Aug-15-09 07:25 AM   #57 
     - 'nobody listens to MSNBC.'  AlbertCat   Aug-15-09 09:00 AM   #66 
        - MSNBC doing well:  SOS   Aug-15-09 01:58 PM   #107 
  - Funny how Culberson doesn't want anyone coming in between doctor and patient...  JeffreyWilliamson   Aug-14-09 07:00 PM   #19 
  - EPIC beatdown. Is Medicare socialism?  Bushknew   Aug-14-09 07:02 PM   #21 
  - Wow he riped him apart I have never  doc03   Aug-14-09 07:06 PM   #23 
  - Culverson's face just keeps getting  Epiphany4z   Aug-14-09 07:06 PM   #24 
  - WOW!!!  quantass   Aug-14-09 07:29 PM   #26 
  - FINALLY, strong Journalism!!!  quantass   Aug-14-09 07:30 PM   #27 
  - so very beautiful.  mopinko   Aug-14-09 07:56 PM   #30 
  - All he had at the end was his empty lying talking points.  Berry Cool   Aug-14-09 08:27 PM   #32 
  - The Genius of this is that he calls Medicare what it is: Socialism, thus taking the bite out of it.  NYC_SKP   Aug-14-09 08:29 PM   #33 
  - That was horrible.  bc3000   Aug-14-09 08:37 PM   #34 
  - Except for the fact that the host was telling the truth  Jeff In Milwaukee   Aug-14-09 09:20 PM   #36 
  - Dear Congressman Asshat...  Jeff In Milwaukee   Aug-14-09 09:19 PM   #35 
  - I'm working on a federal grant right now that will train people for work in chemical plants.  bulloney   Aug-15-09 07:56 AM   #63 
     - He's using McCain's trick...  Jeff In Milwaukee   Aug-16-09 02:21 PM   #136 
  - Well done, Mr. O'Donnell...Thank you.  BunkerHill24   Aug-14-09 11:21 PM   #38 
  - Pulling a Jeremy Paxman  EarlG   Aug-14-09 11:22 PM   #39 
  - LOL, that came to my mind too when watching this. Paxman is the master, he chewed him up and  Turborama   Aug-14-09 11:35 PM   #42 
  - K&R Thanks Tommy, that was awesome! A couple of things, though.  Turborama   Aug-14-09 11:33 PM   #41 
  - O'Donnell wasn't nearly strong enough.....  newmac   Aug-14-09 11:54 PM   #43 
  - K&R  Seldona   Aug-15-09 03:32 AM   #45 
  - un fucking believable  LiberalLovinLug   Aug-15-09 04:05 AM   #46 
  - So if no one is watching MSNBC  The Wizard   Aug-15-09 06:11 AM   #52 
  - Wow...Impressive... Laurence O'Donnell nails the republicanasshole about  GreenTea   Aug-15-09 04:13 AM   #47 
  - O'Donnell should have reminded  mr_smith007   Aug-16-09 11:26 AM   #135 
  - Culbertson refers to a "Katy." I'm supposing this is Katy Abram and the repubs are grooming her to  argyl   Aug-15-09 04:28 AM   #48 
  - Has O'Donnell lost his freakin' mind?!?  meowomon   Aug-15-09 04:30 AM   #49 
  - YES... MSNBC HAS BALLS, thumbs up to Lawrence O'Donnell  lotus007vr   Aug-15-09 05:22 AM   #50 
  - Wait a minute...  kag   Aug-15-09 09:35 AM   #73 
  - Schusters also quite good.  go west young man   Aug-15-09 02:29 PM   #111 
  - BRAVO!!  indimuse   Aug-15-09 06:22 AM   #53 
  - ha ahahahaaha .. after spending a day on facebook I needed that  proud patriot   Aug-15-09 06:27 AM   #54 
  - That's what I call good a good interview  Sienna86   Aug-15-09 06:43 AM   #55 
  - Culbertson - you're a LIAR! a LIAR! Get used to the TRUTH...  TankLV   Aug-15-09 06:49 AM   #56 
  - Culberson and every Republican are at best liars.  olegramps   Aug-15-09 07:40 AM   #59 
  - Now that was fucking beautiful!  go west young man   Aug-15-09 07:45 AM   #60 
  - That's a great talking point to go with  sledgehammer   Aug-15-09 07:52 AM   #62 
  - Fiscal Conservatives? Uh huh, when it comes to anything but WAR - FUCK HIM!  theFrankFactor   Aug-15-09 08:04 AM   #64 
  - he is a liar... thank you O'Donnel  fascisthunter   Aug-15-09 08:57 AM   #65 
  - O'Donnell is so much smarter than Chris Mathews  jimlup   Aug-15-09 09:03 AM   #67 
  - Crazy Larry went over the line. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch.  Honeycombe8   Aug-15-09 09:24 AM   #68 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-15-09 11:02 AM   #88 
  - ...  Raineyb   Aug-15-09 11:11 AM   #92 
  - I tried to email the show after I saw this...  kag   Aug-15-09 09:31 AM   #69 
  - Here ya go  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 03:42 PM   #116 
  - Where in the Constitution does it say that ONLY  Bearheim   Aug-15-09 09:33 AM   #70 
  - Lawrence needs his own show!  City Lights   Aug-15-09 09:34 AM   #71 
  - O'Donnell was brilliant  Boudica the Lyoness   Aug-15-09 09:46 AM   #77 
  - Now we see why MSNBC's ratings are in the tank?  WhoIsNumberNone   Aug-15-09 09:46 AM   #78 
  - but the Fox Box tells him that is the truth, and therefore it is the truth  tomm2thumbs   Aug-15-09 11:14 AM   #93 
  - super!  ensho   Aug-15-09 09:57 AM   #79 
  - Have you noticed  Iwillnevergiveup   Aug-15-09 10:11 AM   #81 
  - Best television I've seen in years. nt  Robb   Aug-15-09 10:22 AM   #82 
  - I thought O'Donnel could have...  DirtyDawg   Aug-15-09 10:27 AM   #83 
  - That guy was a professional politician. He got what he deserved.  wurzel   Aug-15-09 11:30 AM   #98 
  - I understand what you're saying  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 03:49 PM   #117 
  - O'Donnell is absolutel right to follow the Medicare line of reasonng. If it's Socialsim, we have to  patrice   Aug-15-09 10:53 AM   #86 
  - Excellent. That's the kind of interviews I remember from the Watergate era.  blondeatlast   Aug-15-09 11:25 AM   #96 
  - The way you handle someone who uses the "Are you calling me a liar" line...  ptownbro   Aug-15-09 11:40 AM   #99 
  - True  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 03:52 PM   #119 
  - I just tried sending Culberson an email...  Frisbee   Aug-15-09 12:18 PM   #102 
  - Sorry, O'Donnell is an idiot bully. I hate him.  Cowpunk   Aug-15-09 12:23 PM   #103 
  - I'm sorry, I wish O'Donnell had given the Retuglican enough rope  JayMusgrove   Aug-15-09 12:28 PM   #104 
  - SO good to have someone call this repuke a LIAR.  MarinCoUSA   Aug-15-09 12:29 PM   #105 
  - Wow....  hellsbeagle   Aug-15-09 01:09 PM   #106 
  - We need to be careful...  SpankMe   Aug-15-09 02:14 PM   #108 
  - Culbertson was trying to fuck over Americans. O'Donnell gave him a verbal suckerpunch. nt  valerief   Aug-15-09 03:09 PM   #112 
  - Why does O'Donnell need to "know him.?"  DWilliamsamh   Aug-15-09 02:22 PM   #109 
  - Sorry, but I will never forgive what O'Donnell did to Edwards. I knew he was probably  McCamy Taylor   Aug-15-09 02:27 PM   #110 
  - Finally!!!!!! Someone called these liars out!  emsimon33   Aug-15-09 03:50 PM   #118 
  - I don't know beans about Culberson-have to find out his views.  lumpy   Aug-15-09 04:24 PM   #122 
  - I wish the Dems would throw that back at them  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 04:48 PM   #125 
  - Culberson considers himself a Jeffersonian Republican?  LiberalFighter   Aug-15-09 04:25 PM   #123 
  - Was wondering the same thing  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 04:45 PM   #124 
     - I doubt he knows much about Jefferson.  LiberalFighter   Aug-15-09 05:25 PM   #127 
        - Doubt it too  PatSeg   Aug-15-09 05:36 PM   #129 
  - Lawrence O'Donnell was fucking fabulous!!  LaPera   Aug-15-09 05:28 PM   #128 
  - I liked it but why does MSNBC keep giving air time to these republicans???  demigoddess   Aug-15-09 05:53 PM   #130 
  - I find the hypocrisy among some here...  keitai   Aug-15-09 09:30 PM   #133 
  - kick and recommended  Douglas Carpenter   Aug-16-09 12:25 AM   #134 
  - Watch and learn MSM. n/t k/r  FourScore   Aug-16-09 05:37 PM   #138 
  - funny at first but then it started to give me a headache and I had to stop watching  mucifer   Aug-29-09 08:47 PM   #140 

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