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Reply #18: Banderas is a potted plant. [View All]

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burning rain Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-19-09 09:33 PM
Response to Original message
18. Banderas is a potted plant.
Who the hell couldn't simply say, "That's indecent." Banderas the potted plant, that's who.
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  - Fox commentator encourages Taliban to kill captive U.S. soldier. kpete  Jul-19-09 07:52 PM   #0 
  - Even the Fox News person was shocked at what he said  Sanity Claws   Jul-19-09 07:58 PM   #1 
  - " I said get me a psyc ops guy, not a PSYCHO guy!!!"  MindMatter   Jul-19-09 10:17 PM   #19 
     - no need to investigate  stenciltactical   Jul-19-09 11:14 PM   #22 
  - Wow. Just wow.  Chulanowa   Jul-19-09 07:59 PM   #2 
  - Peters is one bloodthirsty bastard  Jack Rabbit   Jul-19-09 08:00 PM   #3 
  - Another gungho armchair warrior who has never seen combat  wtmusic   Jul-19-09 08:44 PM   #14 
     - Thanks for the info  Jack Rabbit   Jul-19-09 09:28 PM   #17 
  - I actually feel kinda bad for this Julie Banderas person  Catch22Dem   Jul-19-09 08:11 PM   #4 
  - what does fux news expect!?  scarface2004   Jul-19-09 08:16 PM   #5 
  - This is a new low...  snake in the grass   Jul-19-09 08:23 PM   #6 
  - what a patriot. soon faux will be calling for massive killings of all "undesirables"  daninthemoon   Jul-19-09 08:26 PM   #7 
  - This lt. col turd is NUTS!!  Hulk   Jul-19-09 08:29 PM   #8 
  - Oh my god. I can't believe what I just watched. nt  alsame   Jul-19-09 08:31 PM   #9 
  - Again, faux snooze hates America.  muntrv   Jul-19-09 08:33 PM   #10 
  - fox news loves this guy...  madrchsod   Jul-19-09 08:37 PM   #11 
  - What a total fucking asshole! How unAmerican!  Ilsa   Jul-19-09 08:38 PM   #12 
  - He can't wait to masturbate to the execution video  cboy4   Jul-19-09 08:40 PM   #13 
  - His strategery is amazing!  NOW tense   Jul-19-09 08:51 PM   #15 
  - A Fox "News" female announcer with dark hair!  AlinPA   Jul-19-09 09:02 PM   #16 
  - And with a non-Anglo-Saxon name!  TommyPaine   Jul-19-09 11:59 PM   #24 
  - Banderas is a potted plant.  burning rain   Jul-19-09 09:33 PM   #18 
  - OK. Let's think this through. Who would walk away from their unit  MindMatter   Jul-19-09 10:25 PM   #20 
  - This guy is about the saddest excuse for an officer I've ever seen...  SKKY   Jul-19-09 10:56 PM   #21 
  - Human Garbage - no other way to say it  tomm2thumbs   Jul-19-09 11:42 PM   #23 
  - Recommended, and I don't mean that in a good way.  tuvor   Jul-20-09 01:02 AM   #25 
  - It is a wonder that this P.O.S.....  DeSwiss   Jul-20-09 01:53 AM   #26 
  - Desert his buddies in WARTIME??  timtom   Jul-20-09 06:29 AM   #27 
  - nice how he assumes the soldier is a deserter...  progdonkey   Jul-20-09 07:07 AM   #28 
  - Send this link to Bergdahl's hometown newspaper and/or TV station;  LeftinOH   Jul-20-09 08:03 AM   #29 
  - K&R  Wednesdays   Jul-20-09 08:46 AM   #30 
  - How did I "just know" that this creep was a paper tiger from the beginning????  DeSwiss   Jul-20-09 09:05 PM   #31 
  - New low!  jimlup   Jul-20-09 10:22 PM   #32 

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