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Reply #34: Cheap. [View All]

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DutchLiberal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-20-08 01:26 PM
Response to Reply #30
34. Cheap.
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  -Hitchens on 'Hardball': Hillary as Secretary of State a "ludicrous embarrassment" DutchLiberal  Nov-19-08 06:24 AM   #0 
  - ...  meegbear   Nov-19-08 06:41 AM   #1 
  - He shoore tawks purdy  Pigwidgeon   Nov-19-08 07:11 AM   #2 
  - Well said, but I would phrase it like this...  glenhappy   Nov-19-08 07:52 AM   #9 
  - Hitchens is more full of shit than a sewer in Calcutta  Godlesscommieprevert   Nov-19-08 07:30 AM   #3 
  - He raises very good points in this discussion and is quite rational  psychopomp   Nov-19-08 07:38 AM   #5 
  - Tweety and Hitchens are irrational  sallyseven   Nov-19-08 09:29 AM   #17 
  - You obviously have issues  psychopomp   Nov-19-08 11:39 PM   #27 
  - that mf thought going into Iraq was a good idea  democracy1st   Nov-19-08 02:38 PM   #23 
  - Hitchens Brain  itcfish   Nov-20-08 10:43 AM   #31 
     - Why don't you explain why Mr. Hitchens is wrong with arguments then...?  DutchLiberal   Nov-20-08 01:24 PM   #32 
  - She is without a doubt the best choice other than Albright  sui generis   Nov-19-08 07:39 AM   #6 
     - We saw how much of a disorganized mess her campaign was...  psychopomp   Nov-19-08 07:50 AM   #7 
        - We saw . . .  sui generis   Nov-19-08 07:58 AM   #10 
        - What happened to Wesley Clark for SOS?  Lena inRI   Nov-19-08 08:21 AM   #12 
        - he's potentially a good candidate too  sui generis   Nov-19-08 08:52 AM   #15 
        - I agree and would add  Doodler71   Nov-19-08 08:28 AM   #13 
        - She and her people are great at wonking a policy  truedelphi   Nov-19-08 11:52 AM   #19 
        - The primaries are over.  aquart   Nov-20-08 10:23 AM   #29 
           - When will the 'sexist' claim ever be laid to rest?  DutchLiberal   Nov-20-08 01:26 PM   #33 
  - Agreed, Mr. Hitchens! No "Bosnia Sniper Fire" Sec. of State!  psychopomp   Nov-19-08 07:35 AM   #4 
  - I think she's a fine choice.  glenhappy   Nov-19-08 07:51 AM   #8 
  - Someone, please, get Mr. Hitchens a shower, shampoo and some clean clothes.  hisownpetard   Nov-19-08 08:19 AM   #11 
  - He just doesn't want to be the only one (nt)  Brotherjohn   Nov-19-08 08:30 AM   #14 
  - Hitchens still thinks invading Iraq was a good idea.  Deep13   Nov-19-08 09:06 AM   #16 
  - I'd prefer Wesley Clark as well  LatteLibertine   Nov-19-08 11:13 AM   #18 
  - Hillary is perfectly qualified for the job  hangman86   Nov-19-08 12:09 PM   #20 
  - I concur with CH  mod mom   Nov-19-08 01:27 PM   #21 
  - Hitchens should never ever use the words "ludicrous embarrassement."  nichomachus   Nov-19-08 01:40 PM   #22 
  - Hitchens is consistent  dodger501   Nov-19-08 03:18 PM   #24 
  - That's from waking up hungover every single morning.  quantessd   Nov-20-08 10:37 AM   #30 
     - Cheap.  DutchLiberal   Nov-20-08 01:26 PM   #34 
  - Hitchens is a ludicrous embarrassment  BareNakedLiberal   Nov-19-08 03:58 PM   #25 
  - Finally, someone with the balls to tell it like it is. Hillary the Iraq War vote. Hillary the nuke  bertman   Nov-19-08 06:40 PM   #26 
     - Now THOSE are viable arguments! Unlike the personal attacks on Mr. Hitchens...  DutchLiberal   Nov-20-08 08:06 AM   #28 

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