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singilarpoint Donating Member (203 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-02-08 07:42 AM
Response to Original message
21. Ploy
This is an RNC tactic that I have been seeing in a lot of places. For example they are going on line and posting things like. I am a life long "Democrat" but John McCain....It's simply a scare tactic and a transparent ploy.These people are either vile, crazy, or both..I could go on forever!!!
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  -Floridian Democrats for McCain Popol Vuh  Jun-01-08 11:11 PM   #0 
  - obama will win without these losers  pedo   Jun-01-08 11:20 PM   #1 
  - these are people that voted for Bush twice,get lost  democracy1st   Jun-01-08 11:27 PM   #2 
  - Florida Democrats  youngharry   Jun-02-08 12:02 AM   #4 
  - The first time I saw this vid yesterday  Eugenian   Jun-02-08 01:17 AM   #8 
     - Or too much alcohol with her lunch. n/t  tblue37   Jun-02-08 03:11 AM   #14 
     - another poster posted the other lady's public donation listing...  progdonkey   Jun-02-08 04:32 AM   #16 
  - So they'll be fine with a 3rd Bush Term. Which I gather HRC promised them as well.  SleeplessinSoCal   Jun-02-08 01:54 AM   #11 
  - They look young enough to enlist. McCain will welcome their vote. n/t  krkaufman   Jun-01-08 11:59 PM   #3 
  - When Mc Cain attacks Iran. They will be drafted into a 100 year tour of duty.  Wizard777   Jun-02-08 01:34 AM   #9 
  - Stupid ass Dems or Rpublican hacks, Hillary has a lot of cleaning up to do thats if she cares =/  raystorm7   Jun-02-08 12:31 AM   #5 
  - She doesn't care. But these racist morons were just waiting for an excuse  Indenturedebtor   Jun-02-08 12:47 AM   #6 
  - Yep. Probably one of the worst trump cards she gave the Republicans to steal the election yet agian.  raystorm7   Jun-02-08 01:05 AM   #7 
  - Do you really think the Clintons care about the Democratic party?  bulloney   Jun-02-08 05:40 AM   #17 
  - As I pointed out someplace else yesterday...  pipi_k   Jun-02-08 09:32 AM   #30 
  - Nothing to see here  hardtoport   Jun-02-08 01:35 AM   #10 
  - Hard to imagine women supporting McCain  kevinbgoode   Jun-02-08 02:12 AM   #13 
     - They are too old to care about Roe V Wade  katerinasmommy   Jun-02-08 08:26 AM   #29 
     - It makes me wonder if these same women would vote for Phyllis Schlafly  kevinbgoode   Jun-02-08 01:10 PM   #33 
  - Someone should check Ms. Christian's previous registrations  kevinbgoode   Jun-02-08 02:10 AM   #12 
  - Those aren't Democrats, those don't support Hillary.  iconicgnom   Jun-02-08 03:48 AM   #15 
  - And when these feminists lose us our right over our own bodies we will have proven  Sam Ervin jret   Jun-02-08 05:54 AM   #18 
  - Because the next CLEAR choice to Clinton is McCain  jwlashta   Jun-02-08 07:02 AM   #19 
  - wasnt there an article or story a day before this  iamthebandfanman   Jun-02-08 07:04 AM   #20 
  - Ploy  singilarpoint   Jun-02-08 07:42 AM   #21 
  - They're republicans and they're liars.  graywarrior   Jun-02-08 07:52 AM   #22 
  - GOP operatives. n/t  stlsaxman   Jun-02-08 07:56 AM   #23 
  - Dumb asses. If McCain is an Option for you - YOU are not NOW and Never have been - a Democrat  Ferd Berfle   Jun-02-08 07:59 AM   #24 
  - From out of the blue  singilarpoint   Jun-02-08 08:03 AM   #25 
  - not bad......  Ferd Berfle   Jun-02-08 08:05 AM   #26 
  - Yea, vote McCain and then continue to blame  Jefferson23   Jun-02-08 08:08 AM   #27 
  - If you can't vote for Obama  rambler_american   Jun-02-08 08:18 AM   #28 
  - The real question for these Stepford wannabe retards, should have been;  ooglymoogly   Jun-02-08 11:45 AM   #31 
  - Repug ops and shit-stirrers...nothing more.  Barrymores Ghost   Jun-02-08 11:53 AM   #32 

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