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Reply #6: Well that's a step in the right direction. [View All]

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lebkuchen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-20-06 02:34 PM
Response to Reply #2
6. Well that's a step in the right direction.
Edited on Thu Apr-20-06 02:43 PM by lebkuchen
Now we know how he feels about polar bears, walrusses and global warming. It would also be helpful if he let the public know how he felt about "The Long War" and tens of thousands dead, dying, imprisoned without due process and otherwise targeted with each passing day for the last three years.
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  -Has anyone heard from "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf? lebkuchen  Apr-20-06 02:24 PM   #0 
  - He could blow this entire thing wide open, yes?  fooj   Apr-20-06 02:25 PM   #1 
  - W I D E open  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 02:36 PM   #9 
  - He's saving grizzly bears.  SmokingJacket   Apr-20-06 02:30 PM   #2 
  - Uh-oh, don't tell Stephen Colbert! nt  coffeenap   Apr-20-06 02:32 PM   #3 
  - oh, you beat me to the Colbert joke! n/t  TheFarseer   Apr-20-06 02:34 PM   #8 
  - Doesn't seem too right wing Republican of him  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 02:33 PM   #4 
  - Look at the supporters--this is for hunters. nt  coffeenap   Apr-20-06 02:34 PM   #7 
  - It's actually a kind of an apolitical crew.  SmokingJacket   Apr-20-06 02:47 PM   #13 
  - I am a hunter. I have no problems wit hunting.  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 02:48 PM   #14 
     - How can you stand to shoot an elk?  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 02:53 PM   #19 
        - Because I like Elk meat.  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:03 PM   #26 
           - Argh!!  0007   Apr-20-06 03:09 PM   #29 
           - I'll admit, I'm a hick. A well educated hick, but a hick  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:14 PM   #32 
              - I hope Elsie doesn't walk in your backyard.  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 03:16 PM   #36 
                 - Who is Elsie?  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:24 PM   #40 
                    - Elsie is the adorable pregnant elk that walks in my parents' yard  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 03:26 PM   #42 
                       - *rolls eyes* it is illegal to fire a gun towards a house  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 04:21 PM   #46 
           - I guess it's like the Makah Indian Whale Hunt in Washington  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 03:15 PM   #35 
              - I did, when I lived in NY. And my own fruit too  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:25 PM   #41 
  - Two weeks ago he held a fundraiser in my town  FLDem5   Apr-20-06 02:50 PM   #18 
     - Since he hasn't spoken out, I guess he's neutral.  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:01 PM   #25 
        - That's rude. Not everyone needs to take up a political cause  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:05 PM   #27 
           - Danny Thomas and Jerry Lewis weren't war heroes  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:12 PM   #30 
              - Has anyone bothered to ask him?  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:15 PM   #34 
                 - Don't know, but they should  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 03:17 PM   #37 
                    - Norm is pretty busy. He's retired, don't you know?  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:21 PM   #39 
  - who'd have thought  TheFarseer   Apr-20-06 02:34 PM   #5 
  - Well that's a step in the right direction.  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 02:34 PM   #6 
     - Personally, he should stay out of it, IMHO  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 02:49 PM   #17 
        - cash in on his name and flee the premises  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 02:55 PM   #21 
           - He to his own. Maybe he feels he's powerless to stop it because the Chimp  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:01 PM   #23 
              - The public buys Norman's books.  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:06 PM   #28 
                 - Now, you're just being rude and condescending.  SammyBlue   Apr-20-06 03:13 PM   #31 
                 - From what I understand...  fooj   Apr-20-06 04:43 PM   #47 
  - Eh....he didn't say shit when he should have, about where  MADem   Apr-20-06 02:43 PM   #10 
  - You want to dredge that stuff up now, when it's long been forgotten?  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 02:46 PM   #12 
     - The families still suffering have not forgotten.... n/t  MADem   Apr-20-06 02:54 PM   #20 
        - The Bush administration has forgotten.  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:00 PM   #22 
  - He has, just not recently...  TreasonousBastard   Apr-20-06 02:44 PM   #11 
  - "He hunts with the first President Bush."  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 02:48 PM   #16 
  - You are right!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice quote:  Jacobin   Apr-20-06 04:57 PM   #48 
  - I don't know the details...  Virginia Dare   Apr-20-06 02:48 PM   #15 
  - Last I heard .....  lpbk2713   Apr-20-06 03:01 PM   #24 
  - # of troops  enid602   Apr-20-06 03:14 PM   #33 
  - Yeah. I wonder, too.  SodoffBush   Apr-20-06 03:19 PM   #38 
  - "Wouldn't it be great for our armed forces and for America if we could  kurth   Apr-20-06 03:27 PM   #43 
  - Thanks for the reminder of that comment.  lebkuchen   Apr-20-06 03:30 PM   #44 
  - haven't heard from him pro or con.  chimpsrsmarter   Apr-20-06 03:31 PM   #45 

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