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Joe Fields Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-11-06 01:53 PM
Response to Original message
33. You have laid out many logical arguments , and if ours was a....
logically thinking administration I would agree with you. I share those logical arguments, and have laid those same arguments out,(except for the Sunburn missile batteries dotting the Persian Gulf coast, which I had not known about)and still I believe wholeheartedly that my arguments don't amount to squat, because this administration has an agenda and they are not going to be denied.

This administration has repeatedly ignored the advice of our own military experts, as well as the advice of our own intelligence estimates. So, what makes you think that they will suddenly do the logical thing, which would be sustained diplomacy, ending with a sane mutual agreement and a possible, I say possible new understanding and workable alliance with Iran? This is not going to happen. The Bushies don't want it, and the Iranian leadership is crazy. Their leadership is playing the dangerous brinksmanship game, egging our administration on. The president of Iran, I believe wants a religious war, unifying Islamists throughout the middle east toward their cause.

Some very bad things are going to happen. We are on a collision course, and Bush is not against using a nuclear option. If it is on the table, then he has already come to terms with okaying the use for it, having already stated that he is prepared to do what no other president would think of doing.

God help us all.
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  -How Crazy Are They? WilliamPitt  Apr-11-06 01:04 PM   #0 
  - This is what bothers me so....  Virginia Dare   Apr-11-06 01:08 PM   #1 
  - He has a general who said his God is stronger than "their" God  rustydog   Apr-11-06 01:16 PM   #8 
  - I think you're right, and I wish you weren't...  Virginia Dare   Apr-11-06 01:30 PM   #16 
  - Plus he thinks because he lives in Texas he is a home-grown Texan  frankly_fedup2   Apr-11-06 04:06 PM   #86 
  - I wrote about this too, but I think the title offended some people..  nolies32fouettes   Apr-11-06 09:09 PM   #142 
  - Oh, that's comforting.  darkmaestro019   Apr-12-06 01:04 AM   #155 
  - I think you are right and if you are then...  KerryOn   Apr-12-06 06:44 PM   #178 
  - You are correct they are bat shit crazy. What do you think their poll  Vincardog   Apr-11-06 02:07 PM   #37 
  - It make me wonder if the proposed reduction in troops isn't a prelude to  blackops   Apr-11-06 04:53 PM   #97 
  - Really...  AuntiBush   Apr-11-06 09:49 PM   #148 
  - Here's what worries me about all this. Even if...  ktowntennesseedem   Apr-11-06 03:56 PM   #83 
  - What if a alCIA assed like Osama Ben Forgotten did it?  Vincardog   Apr-11-06 09:18 PM   #143 
  - Yes Virginia, there really is an insanity clause...  Raster   Apr-13-06 10:34 PM   #183 
  - i think they will -- with conventional weapons -- bomb iran's  xchrom   Apr-11-06 01:09 PM   #2 
  - they'll do it-conventional air/as for nukes? anything is possible  katty   Apr-11-06 03:56 PM   #82 
     - no nukes -- because that would cause them pain --  xchrom   Apr-11-06 06:58 PM   #115 
  - FWIW, I believe (perhaps foolishly) that our citizens will not tolerate  smartvoter   Apr-11-06 01:09 PM   #3 
  - Sorry but they'll be too busy watching American Idol to notice.  Sentinel Chicken   Apr-11-06 01:41 PM   #24 
  - thank you very much!  shanti   Apr-11-06 03:02 PM   #55 
  - Yep... and when Rumsfeld tells us Iran did it...  Dr_eldritch   Apr-11-06 05:15 PM   #100 
  - What will they do? Vote for Kerry on a touch-screen? or...  hvn_nbr_2   Apr-11-06 01:52 PM   #30 
  - The reason that might be a foolish belief is that our citizens  vickitulsa   Apr-11-06 01:53 PM   #32 
  - well...  Realityhack   Apr-12-06 06:07 PM   #173 
  - I don't think it will the the citizens who pull them back-  n2doc   Apr-11-06 02:49 PM   #47 
  - we've tolerated every violation of the bush admin...he's still there  katty   Apr-11-06 04:15 PM   #88 
  - WE have not tolerated *ss - a puke controlled Congress has.  jwirr   Apr-11-06 07:33 PM   #122 
  - The thing that scares me about thinking this way  Midlodemocrat   Apr-11-06 04:47 PM   #96 
  - I think I may be in the minority agreeing here.  Realityhack   Apr-12-06 06:04 PM   #172 
  - A battle for Bush's Soul?  bryant69   Apr-11-06 01:10 PM   #4 
  - Karl Rove  spag68   Apr-11-06 01:20 PM   #9 
  - Battle for the soul of the Frat Boy Messiah:  hvn_nbr_2   Apr-11-06 02:12 PM   #38 
  - You seem to be describing the beginning of WWIII.  Cleita   Apr-11-06 01:10 PM   #5 
  - This describes the beginning of many historical conflicts  Protagoras   Apr-11-06 02:42 PM   #44 
  - The war games our military have been playing, wrt Iran  killbotfactory   Apr-11-06 08:22 PM   #135 
  - I read somewhere that despite popular belief a president does not push the  Trevelyan   Apr-12-06 09:48 AM   #165 
  - I do think they are that crazy.  myrna minx   Apr-11-06 01:11 PM   #6 
  - They are crazy  enigmatic   Apr-11-06 01:14 PM   #7 
  - Batshit.  nonconformist   Apr-11-06 01:21 PM   #10 
  - These people have keys to the underground bunker, Will  cynatnite   Apr-11-06 01:24 PM   #11 
  - I believe that the military officers that still have honor may be  vickiss   Apr-11-06 06:56 PM   #114 
     - I hope so too...  Virginia Dare   Apr-12-06 08:07 AM   #162 
        - I have everything crossed that crosses, in hope. n/t  vickiss   Apr-12-06 06:34 PM   #177 
  - Do not forget  BonnieJW   Apr-11-06 01:27 PM   #12 
  - Welcome to DU Bonnie! Hopefully the military men that Hersh  vickiss   Apr-11-06 07:01 PM   #116 
  - Yeah, they're THAT crazy.  Shakespeare   Apr-11-06 01:27 PM   #13 
  - The only thing that will stop them is Impeachment. . .  pat_k   Apr-11-06 01:28 PM   #14 
  - I'm not positive even that would stop them...  Virginia Dare   Apr-11-06 01:32 PM   #17 
  - We must fight the fight. They are crazy enough to take action to stop us .  pat_k   Apr-11-06 01:43 PM   #25 
  - Screw Impeachment -- Send them straight to The Hague/ICC! n/t  NEOBuckeye   Apr-11-06 04:43 PM   #95 
     - Absolutely! Their war crimes are "above our paygrade"  pat_k   Apr-11-06 09:22 PM   #144 
  - Yes, they are that crazy, and they think they are perfectly sane and  no_hypocrisy   Apr-11-06 01:28 PM   #15 
  - They believe Americans will rally around Bush, again  herbster   Apr-11-06 01:33 PM   #18 
  - What worries me is a manufactured 'incident'.  ClintonTyree   Apr-11-06 03:46 PM   #80 
  - I would blame another 9/11 type event ON THEM.  Raksha   Apr-11-06 07:16 PM   #117 
  - I worry about this as is definitely their M.O....n/t.  Virginia Dare   Apr-12-06 08:09 AM   #163 
  - You make a good point. They are crazy and desperate, which  jwirr   Apr-11-06 07:53 PM   #123 
  - It depends on how volatile Team Bush is  Pigwidgeon   Apr-11-06 01:34 PM   #19 
  - It might be worth considering  H2O Man   Apr-11-06 01:34 PM   #20 
  - my counter measure proposal to prevent  gasperc   Apr-11-06 01:36 PM   #21 
  - If the corporate arm of the republicans  catmandu57   Apr-11-06 01:39 PM   #22 
  - i dont think insanity has anything to do with it  LSK   Apr-11-06 01:39 PM   #23 
  - They're crazy enough to do it, and if the pubs lose out in 2006,  jaxx   Apr-11-06 01:47 PM   #26 
  - I live across the street from an Iranian family  Emit   Apr-11-06 01:47 PM   #27 
  - And they are such liars - that when they say no, they  annces8   Apr-11-06 01:50 PM   #28 
  - Did anyone pick up on this in the Sy Hersh article?  DebbieCDC   Apr-11-06 01:52 PM   #29 
  - Good catch!  apple_ridge   Apr-11-06 05:10 PM   #98 
  - "if elected in the future" - only wimps take power via election, real men  Notoverit   Apr-11-06 05:20 PM   #102 
  - I didn't spot that. Boy, I only thought it was scary before.  darkmaestro019   Apr-12-06 01:33 AM   #157 
  - a segueway to Dan Elsbergs comments  Donailin   Apr-12-06 08:02 AM   #161 
  - Madman leader. Fascism. Pre-emptive war. Lunatic administration  Zorra   Apr-11-06 01:53 PM   #31 
  - You have laid out many logical arguments , and if ours was a....  Joe Fields   Apr-11-06 01:53 PM   #33 
  - Excellent post.  Shakespeare   Apr-11-06 01:57 PM   #35 
  - agreed - as long as bush sees anything as his "legacy" you can bet  faithnotgreed   Apr-12-06 03:00 AM   #160 
  - Greatest danger for an abused woman is when she leaves  suffragette   Apr-11-06 01:55 PM   #34 
  - Your analogy to abuse is apt.  pat_k   Apr-11-06 02:42 PM   #45 
  - We also need a restraining order  suffragette   Apr-11-06 02:51 PM   #48 
  - Hear, Hear!!  pat_k   Apr-11-06 03:06 PM   #60 
  - You're absolutely right  suffragette   Apr-11-06 03:25 PM   #66 
  - Okay the SCOTUS put this idiot in control. Is there any way  jwirr   Apr-11-06 08:31 PM   #137 
     - Congress has a unique responsibility to act when officials in the . . .  pat_k   Apr-11-06 09:57 PM   #150 
        - Good point! This is also why the Founding Fathers  Raksha   Apr-12-06 01:39 AM   #158 
        - And they need to exercise that unique ability  suffragette   Apr-12-06 01:09 PM   #170 
  - That is a good first step. I also would like to somehow public ally  jwirr   Apr-11-06 08:25 PM   #136 
  - Great analogy!  debbierlus   Apr-11-06 02:55 PM   #52 
  - SPOT on analogy  baby_mouse   Apr-12-06 06:08 PM   #174 
  - bushit is insane  Carni   Apr-11-06 02:00 PM   #36 
  - Will or anyone...question about the 'bunker-busting bomb...  Catamount   Apr-11-06 02:12 PM   #39 
  - According to this informative article, nuke bunker busters are ready  vickitulsa   Apr-11-06 03:27 PM   #68 
     - Thanks, I thought that was the case!  Catamount   Apr-11-06 03:32 PM   #71 
  - "sanity takes a back seat in this administration's hayride".  Imagevision   Apr-11-06 02:16 PM   #40 
  - Think worst possible scenario  Juniperx   Apr-11-06 02:20 PM   #41 
  - IGNORANCE RULES Factor in play here, Will :o)  opihimoimoi   Apr-11-06 02:34 PM   #42 
  - How crazy? My take on **.  gordianot   Apr-11-06 02:37 PM   #43 
  - Why is the GAF so high?  FlaGranny   Apr-11-06 03:39 PM   #75 
  - Lately he has tried to interact some, why I gave him a 40.  gordianot   Apr-11-06 07:23 PM   #119 
  - Interesting! I just made a stab at diagnosing GWB this weekend  vickitulsa   Apr-11-06 03:43 PM   #78 
     - Definitely a personality disorder which one?  gordianot   Apr-11-06 07:22 PM   #118 
     - In reading these symptoms it is interesting to think about  jwirr   Apr-11-06 08:46 PM   #139 
  - They are crazy enough to do it. People have to realize  livetohike   Apr-11-06 02:47 PM   #46 
  - Those air raid drills made an impact.  gordianot   Apr-11-06 02:52 PM   #50 
     - I had recurring nightmares for years after those drills  livetohike   Apr-11-06 03:01 PM   #54 
  - that's what scares me the most about these people - they are certifiable.  helderheid   Apr-11-06 02:51 PM   #49 
  - ARRGH!!!!  MrBlueSky   Apr-11-06 02:54 PM   #51 
  - welcome to DU  helderheid   Apr-11-06 03:03 PM   #56 
     - Thanks helderheid  MrBlueSky   Apr-11-06 03:27 PM   #67 
  - Is bush insane?  Jim__   Apr-11-06 02:57 PM   #53 
  - It has always floored me to watch the press and public defer to a lunatic  debbierlus   Apr-11-06 03:04 PM   #57 
  - Do you think the Judas as Hero story is a coincidence?  Notorious Bohemian   Apr-11-06 03:05 PM   #58 
  - Jim Mzcl (sp?) told Tweety that Cheney is pushing for action  cynatnite   Apr-11-06 09:25 PM   #145 
  - Excellent as usual, Will Pitt. Your debate with your boss is likely  vickitulsa   Apr-11-06 03:05 PM   #59 
  - It would be very effective if the action could be against BIG  jwirr   Apr-11-06 09:03 PM   #141 
  - 2006 Midterm Conversation  WakingLife   Apr-11-06 03:06 PM   #61 
  - I had this exact discussion with my hubby Sunday morning...  spuddonna   Apr-11-06 03:07 PM   #62 
  - since cheney is actually running things, he's the one to worry about, and  KG   Apr-11-06 03:15 PM   #63 
  - "Indeed. Too bad that hasn't stopped them yet."  etherealtruth   Apr-11-06 03:22 PM   #64 
  - guys! guys! it is sounding like you WANT him to do it around here!  oc2002   Apr-11-06 03:24 PM   #65 
  - Say what?  WilliamPitt   Apr-11-06 03:37 PM   #74 
  - Are you kidding me?   Apr-11-06 03:46 PM   #81 
  - Darling, did you *mean* to post that particular comment on THIS thread?  baby_mouse   Apr-12-06 06:10 PM   #175 
  - That was oc2002's Six hundred and sixty six post...!!  haab   Apr-13-06 09:11 AM   #182 
  - I told my friend in August 2002 that we would be at war in Iraq by April  alcibiades_mystery   Apr-11-06 03:30 PM   #69 
  - To alcibiades_mystery  MrBlueSky   Apr-11-06 03:35 PM   #73 
     - I think for the reasons enumerated by Will  alcibiades_mystery   Apr-11-06 04:23 PM   #91 
  - There you go with that "reality-based" thinking again! n/t  retread   Apr-11-06 03:32 PM   #70 
  - Okay -- I don't think it's going to happen.  SmokingJacket   Apr-11-06 03:33 PM   #72 
  - Attacking Iraq was crazy and look what they did  Bob3   Apr-11-06 03:42 PM   #76 
  - Krugman's wrote his piece to start a dialog anyway Intl. experts  demo dutch   Apr-11-06 03:42 PM   #77 
  - Remember, Bush denied his intention to attack Iraq  subterranean   Apr-11-06 03:44 PM   #79 
  - If the Amnesty Bill goes thru, I don't care who we nuke........  Joanne98   Apr-11-06 03:58 PM   #84 
  - They don't care  TrogL   Apr-11-06 03:59 PM   #85 
  - As horrific as a nuclear attack on Iran would be...  Fiendish Thingy   Apr-11-06 04:08 PM   #87 
  - We don't know if they're that crazy, but we do know that their credibility  donkeyotay   Apr-11-06 04:19 PM   #89 
  - Yes. They are crazy and they will do anything.  sfexpat2000   Apr-11-06 04:21 PM   #90 
  - No body is going to drop a nuke on Iran  msatty99   Apr-11-06 04:24 PM   #92 
  - The IDEA is to provoke massive counterattack.  the other one   Apr-11-06 04:30 PM   #93 
  - Nothing is going to re-ignite Bush's popularity.  Raksha   Apr-11-06 08:02 PM   #127 
  - Attack on Iran = assassination of Archduke Ferdinand  TechBear_Seattle   Apr-11-06 04:40 PM   #94 
  - "I'm not going to attack Iran with nuclear weapons" sounds a lot  cornermouse   Apr-11-06 05:13 PM   #99 
  - LINK TO FINAL  WilliamPitt   Apr-11-06 05:19 PM   #101 
  - Please God, don't let the wackos who run the country to the south  yvr girl   Apr-11-06 05:20 PM   #103 
  - Hell, we're already caught in the middle  TrogL   Apr-11-06 05:31 PM   #106 
  - Yeah, I've been praying to.  jwirr   Apr-11-06 09:25 PM   #146 
  - The Son of a Bitch is Crazy!! He will do it! He wants to do it!!  Neil Lisst   Apr-11-06 05:24 PM   #104 
  - the dry drunk wants an Iraq Re-Do: his legacy is to "Save Iran"  npincus   Apr-11-06 05:30 PM   #105 
  - Alas, calling Bush 'insane' is not hyperbole  Jacobin   Apr-11-06 05:39 PM   #107 
  - 'You don't cross George Bush'  DianaForRussFeingold   Apr-11-06 05:50 PM   #111 
  - Crazier than most people want to believe! Caligula crazy. Hitler crazy.  BrklynLiberal   Apr-11-06 05:40 PM   #108 
  - Crazy enough to scare me to death too!  Pachamama   Apr-12-06 02:28 AM   #159 
  - Is it bait and switch?  endarkenment   Apr-11-06 05:43 PM   #109 
  - I have an idea, declare the White House a Federal Home for the Insane  bklyncowgirl   Apr-11-06 05:48 PM   #110 
  - The simple answer is that tyrants will use what ever they got to stay ...  nolabels   Apr-11-06 05:53 PM   #112 
  - Yes, well, the American people are in denial about many things, including  electron_blue   Apr-11-06 06:20 PM   #113 
  - Crazy enough to do this to distract from Bush being the leaker of Plame.  Sarah Ibarruri   Apr-11-06 07:32 PM   #120 
  - I have no doubt that Hersh is right, and that the plans are being drawn  smoogatz   Apr-11-06 07:32 PM   #121 
  - Hersh's sources in the military aren't fundies.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Apr-11-06 07:56 PM   #124 
  - Also, I quite thinking this was a plant when Murpha backed  jwirr   Apr-11-06 09:38 PM   #147 
  - When Rove is the voice of reason and moderation.....that's scary.  TroubleMan   Apr-11-06 07:58 PM   #125 
  - Nah, I don't think so. I'm worried, but I'm not this worried yet.  Up2Late   Apr-11-06 08:02 PM   #126 
  - Not a doubt in my mind he's crazy enough.  lonestarnot   Apr-11-06 08:04 PM   #128 
  - Most wars, Iraq obviously included, begin with severe delusion.  NNadir   Apr-11-06 08:10 PM   #129 
  - "...COVERT MILITARY ACTION...IS ALREADY UNDER WAY..."  catzies   Apr-11-06 08:11 PM   #130 
  - This is Why...  tlsmith1963   Apr-11-06 08:11 PM   #131 
  - Battle for Bush*s soul  marzipanni   Apr-11-06 08:15 PM   #132 
  - bush has a soul?  bridgit   Apr-11-06 08:17 PM   #134 
  - This has to be  Horse with no Name   Apr-11-06 08:16 PM   #133 
  - I do believe this bunch IS crazy enough to attack Iran  SeattleGirl   Apr-11-06 08:42 PM   #138 
  - How crazy does one have to be "with God on our side?"  mzmolly   Apr-11-06 08:53 PM   #140 
  - Economic ramifications  Horseradish   Apr-11-06 09:52 PM   #149 
  - Sy Hersh's credibility is being used to keep IRAN story #1 DISTRACTION!  FULL_METAL_HAT   Apr-11-06 10:37 PM   #151 
  - Heh...  Redneck Socialist   Apr-11-06 11:44 PM   #152 
  - To answer you question, rhetorical or not: pretty goddamn flamin' NUTS  confludemocrat   Apr-12-06 12:00 AM   #153 
  - If Capitan Dumbass starts a war, we won't make it to the midterms.  Rex   Apr-12-06 12:05 AM   #154 
  - They are as crazy as any other Totalitarians  tom_paine   Apr-12-06 01:09 AM   #156 
  - Mark my words, he plans on using illegal immigrants for the  flying_wahini   Apr-12-06 09:27 AM   #164 
  - message to Bush  saberjet22   Apr-12-06 10:05 AM   #166 
  - OUR LIVES ARE IN DANGER. I've been saying this for some time. Al Gore said  Beam Me Up   Apr-12-06 10:43 AM   #167 
  - We need pressure Congress take back 5/04 resolution authorizing Pres!  IndyOp   Apr-12-06 11:08 AM   #168 
  - Great Article  Old Smokey   Apr-12-06 12:43 PM   #169 
  - US Troops Are Targets of Retaliation  JPZenger   Apr-12-06 03:35 PM   #171 
  - They are crazy as rabid dogs on coke-laced LSD.  baby_mouse   Apr-12-06 06:23 PM   #176 
  - Hard to say what Bush will do  Blue_Roses   Apr-12-06 10:56 PM   #179 
  - The only comforting thought on their threat to Iran is this...  Bucky   Apr-13-06 02:02 AM   #180 
  - Iran is a threat to Israel....  haab   Apr-13-06 09:01 AM   #181 

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