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Reply #21: Uhm, well, uh [View All]

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sandnsea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-09-06 03:17 AM
Response to Reply #20
21. Uhm, well, uh
I wasn't really a cafeteria sort of a girl, it was the 70's and all, know what I mean? :rofl:
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  -Wealthy School Apologizes For Insulting Chants Scooter24  Jan-09-06 01:25 AM   #0 
  - That's because parasites like the parent's of these kids are sucking  acmavm   Jan-09-06 01:29 AM   #1 
  - Privileged Sperm That Is All  Binka   Jan-09-06 09:12 AM   #28 
  - But East won the game.  Yollam   Jan-09-06 01:29 AM   #2 
  - Now that's what I'm talkin about. Call me what you want...I'll kick your  xultar   Jan-09-06 02:45 AM   #15 
  - Snots/nots, they're KIDS, problem is what parents+school teaches them.  crikkett   Jan-09-06 05:18 AM   #24 
  - we used to chant  northzax   Jan-09-06 01:37 AM   #3 
  - what a bunch of assholes  JI7   Jan-09-06 01:41 AM   #4 
  - In my old high school, the rich kids once threw tortillas  rucky   Jan-09-06 01:46 AM   #5 
  - hey, in college  northzax   Jan-09-06 01:50 AM   #7 
     - Did you go to a Hindu college?  rucky   Jan-09-06 02:02 AM   #8 
        - no,  northzax   Jan-09-06 02:08 AM   #10 
           - everybody does it so it's okay  rucky   Jan-09-06 02:25 AM   #11 
              - as long as turnabout is fair play  northzax   Jan-09-06 02:39 AM   #14 
  - my dad would have trashed me, had I done something like that  Skittles   Jan-09-06 01:50 AM   #6 
  - My parents would have also...  Scooter24   Jan-09-06 02:03 AM   #9 
     - ya, I live in north Texas and remember this incident  Skittles   Jan-09-06 02:38 AM   #13 
  - Insight: My high-school sucked!  bezdomny   Jan-09-06 02:33 AM   #12 
  - I'm shocked at these posts  sandnsea   Jan-09-06 02:53 AM   #16 
  - hey, I spent 15 posts yesterday  northzax   Jan-09-06 02:56 AM   #17 
     - I saw that thread  sandnsea   Jan-09-06 03:12 AM   #19 
        - really? no food fights in a cafeteria?  northzax   Jan-09-06 03:14 AM   #20 
           - Uhm, well, uh  sandnsea   Jan-09-06 03:17 AM   #21 
  - Those students  Raine   Jan-09-06 03:06 AM   #18 
  - It's unclear in the story where the game was played  Oeditpus Rex   Jan-09-06 03:31 AM   #22 
  - fuckers. Inherited everything they will ever get. I would be slashing  roguevalley   Jan-09-06 03:51 AM   #23 
  - fuel a thirty year 'war' per rhetoric about the undeserving poor  salin   Jan-09-06 05:28 AM   #25 
  - Our cheers and taunts were confined to making fun of their mascots  IanDB1   Jan-09-06 06:25 AM   #26 
  - Glad the Madison East team won  zbdent   Jan-09-06 09:05 AM   #27 
  - Look to the parents of these kids  dogday   Jan-09-06 09:16 AM   #29 

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