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Dan Savage launches "Impeach The Mother Fucker" [View All]

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Hissyspit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-28-06 10:35 PM
Original message
Dan Savage launches "Impeach The Mother Fucker"
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Edited on Tue Mar-28-06 10:37 PM by Hissyspit
Via Americablog. Don't know if this has been posted here before, but I haven't seen it... /

Official ITMFA Buttons and Lapel Pins Now Available!
So they're inofficial, Savage-designed, ready-to-order ITMFA buttons and lapel pins! The lapel pins are going to be $5 each and the buttons are going to be $1.50 a piece or three for $2.50remember, once the expense of having the buttons and lapel pins made is covered, all profits go to the ACLU. The total cost of the merch was just under $1,000lapel pins are pricey!and I'll post a full accounting once sales begin. Here are pics of the actual buttons and lapel pins...

- snip -

Welcome to the url is a bit unwieldy, I realize, and I have no one to blame for that but myself. I foolishly neglected to buy the more obvious domain nameITMFA.combefore I wrote about it in my column. By the time I decided to get a domain name, the good url was gone. Too bad, so sad.

If youre just joining us, youre probably wondering what ITMFA all about. Well, it stands for impeach the motherfucker already, which, er, I guess you kinda had to know if you found your way to this website. Im your host, Dan Savage, and Im the author of Savage Love, a widely syndicated sex advice column. I have been advising people in shit relationships to DTMFA for years (dump the motherfucker already) and a Savage Love reader suggested that I attempt to popularize ITMFA.

- snip -

That's the tasteful lapel pin on the left, and the confrontational button the right. As soon as they're in, I'll be pushing them here. In the meantime, feel free to create your own ITMFA merchand be sure to send me pictures of you and your friends wearing your ITMFA buttons, t-shirts, thongs, titclampswhateverso I can post 'em here. You can email me at .

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  -Dan Savage launches "Impeach The Mother Fucker" Hissyspit  Mar-28-06 10:35 PM   #0 
  - Gotta love it .......  doublethink   Mar-28-06 10:42 PM   #1 
  - I concur.  Kerrytravelers   Mar-28-06 10:44 PM   #2 
  - Hmm, which of those two photos in your post shows the more COGNITIVE  Hissyspit   Mar-28-06 10:46 PM   #3 
     - I would rather Pitter-pat ran our country. We'd all be safer.  Kerrytravelers   Mar-28-06 10:48 PM   #4 
        - a sea cucumber  upi402   Mar-28-06 10:51 PM   #5 
        - He's (she's?) got MY vote - on the Flying Spaghetti Appendage Ticket!  Hissyspit   Mar-28-06 10:55 PM   #6 
  - I second that sentiment nm  texpatriot2004   Mar-28-06 11:17 PM   #7 
  - I love reading his column  Rocknrule   Mar-28-06 11:33 PM   #8 
  - Yes. And. If You're pro-Bu$h, You're Anti-America.  understandinglife   Mar-28-06 11:43 PM   #9 
  - You Gotta Love That!  Pierzin   Mar-28-06 11:48 PM   #10 
  - Welcome to DU!  Hissyspit   Mar-28-06 11:52 PM   #11 
  - Hi Pierzin!!  newyawker99   Mar-29-06 10:04 AM   #15 
  - First he defines Santorum, now this.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Mar-29-06 01:01 AM   #12 
  - LOVE Dan Savage!  LostinVA   Mar-29-06 07:57 AM   #13 
  - Dan Savage is my hero.  Chovexani   Mar-29-06 09:01 AM   #14 
  - Buy my stuff  Cleetus   Mar-29-06 10:33 AM   #16 
  - So are you saying that none of the monies go to impeachment effort?  lonestarnot   Mar-29-06 10:38 AM   #17 
  - I don't get what you're saying here. The site takes you to a shopping cart  Nickster   Mar-29-06 10:41 AM   #18 
  - Sorry, but Dan Savage is DA BOMB...  Hell Hath No Fury   Mar-29-06 11:05 AM   #19 
  - WHat? He should have  zidzi   Mar-29-06 11:45 AM   #21 
  - Bingo  DrunkenMaster   Mar-29-06 08:10 PM   #26 
     - Bingo!  SeveneightyWhoa   Mar-30-06 12:00 AM   #32 
     - Doesn't he support the war in Iraq?  proud2Blib   Mar-30-06 12:05 AM   #33 
     - He should have named his kid "Material".  mondo joe   Mar-30-06 12:07 AM   #34 
  - I send money to the ACLU, too...  zidzi   Mar-29-06 11:40 AM   #20 
  - I love Dan Savage!!!  racaulk   Mar-29-06 02:44 PM   #22 
  - I prefer the long version of the URL:  rman   Mar-29-06 06:14 PM   #23 
  - DS is awesome.....  WestSeattle2   Mar-29-06 06:37 PM   #24 
  - Savage Is A Freaking Hypocrite  DrunkenMaster   Mar-29-06 06:57 PM   #25 
  - Why Iraq?  WestSeattle2   Mar-29-06 08:55 PM   #28 
  - they should make the day Bush is impeached a national holiday  Imagevision   Mar-29-06 08:39 PM   #27 
  - Dan Savage for President ; )  darkmaestro019   Mar-29-06 09:21 PM   #29 
  - Send a shirt like that to Cindy  Radio_Guy   Mar-29-06 09:34 PM   #30 
  - Cindy will wear a shirt promoted by a guy who SUPPORTS the war in Iraq??  proud2Blib   Mar-30-06 12:07 AM   #35 
     - Cindy might wear a shirt calling for Bush's impeachment  Radio_Guy   Mar-30-06 07:22 AM   #36 
        - She is completely anti war though - that's #1 with her  proud2Blib   Mar-30-06 10:02 AM   #37 
  - Savage links to this post:  Hissyspit   Mar-29-06 10:51 PM   #31 

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