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Reply #27: 83/93 vote USA. Thanks for taking the survey [View All]

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uppityperson Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-23-06 03:10 PM
Response to Original message
27. 83/93 vote USA. Thanks for taking the survey
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  -What country is fine with you to run the USA ports? uppityperson  Feb-22-06 09:04 PM   #0 
  - USA and no one else. n/t  rpannier   Feb-22-06 09:04 PM   #1 
  - I agree!!!!!  midnight   Feb-22-06 09:31 PM   #22 
  - Canada, of course  Generator   Feb-22-06 09:06 PM   #2 
  - They'll stop us at the border. They don't want no riff raff.  aquart   Feb-22-06 09:07 PM   #5 
  - I hadn't thought of that--and I agree with you about "like us, but nicer"  darkmaestro019   Feb-22-06 09:19 PM   #15 
  - trust Canadian govt more than US...  progdonkey   Feb-22-06 09:29 PM   #20 
  - Hey! Who you calling bland...  SidDithers   Feb-22-06 09:31 PM   #21 
  - Nationalize them.  CrazyOrangeCat   Feb-22-06 09:07 PM   #3 
  - Agreed.  The Revolution   Feb-22-06 09:21 PM   #17 
  - I like this idea. I am not comfortable with even our Canadian friends  uppityperson   Feb-22-06 11:42 PM   #26 
  - Shouldn't even be subject to question  Capn Sunshine   Feb-22-06 09:07 PM   #4 
  - That's why we're all so stunned.  aquart   Feb-22-06 09:09 PM   #7 
  - Yes, maybe this will get more focus on how little is done for port securit  uppityperson   Feb-22-06 09:13 PM   #10 
  - I voted Mexico  mtowngman   Feb-22-06 09:08 PM   #6 
  - "I'm so ronery"  Wetzelbill   Feb-22-06 09:09 PM   #8 
  - LOL !!!  CrazyOrangeCat   Feb-22-06 09:14 PM   #11 
  - Our ports...  Scairp   Feb-22-06 09:10 PM   #9 
  - All right, I can see a little bit of logic in Mexico/Canada  darkmaestro019   Feb-22-06 09:16 PM   #12 
  - That's why I put in England Mexico Canada, friendlies and/or locals  uppityperson   Feb-22-06 09:18 PM   #14 
  - The drug trade is what they go after  upi402   Feb-22-06 09:20 PM   #16 
     - Of course! Can't have our slaves, I mean citizens  darkmaestro019   Feb-22-06 09:35 PM   #24 
  - N. Korea voter, I can see you W thru my decoder ring coupled LCD  upi402   Feb-22-06 09:17 PM   #13 
  - The ports used to be run by the municipalities they were located  Cleita   Feb-22-06 09:22 PM   #18 
  - I'm checking airports. I've looked at three that parallel the ports - all  higher class   Feb-22-06 09:26 PM   #19 
  - Any country that doesn't have a known history of supporting  nebula   Feb-22-06 09:33 PM   #23 
  - USA Goddamit -- I'm not an ultra nationalist, but we're losing our country  Armstead   Feb-22-06 09:37 PM   #25 
  - 83/93 vote USA. Thanks for taking the survey  uppityperson   Feb-23-06 03:10 PM   #27 
  - Other than the US running it's own ports  Raine   Feb-23-06 04:47 PM   #28 
  - The USA. They're OUR ports, and WE should run them.  SeattleGirl   Feb-23-06 04:51 PM   #29 

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