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Norquist Nemesis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-15-06 09:51 AM
Response to Reply #21
22. Exactly!
I can't tell you how many times Cons have incessantly spewed about Clinton/Lewinsky. They way some of them tell it, Clinton was a lecherous, manipulative old coot molesting a child in the Oval Office. They fail to acknowledge (until pushed against the wall) that his impeachment was about lying under oath, and fail to acknowledge that even an adulterous affair is a "private matter" least when one of the parties has the last name Clinton, anyway.

George Bush or Dick Cheney? Each and every action those two take is securely covered and a) something that should be known by the general population because it will thwart the "War on Terror" or b) a private matter and nobody else's business.
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  -OH MY GAWD...people are so stupid. "at least cheney wasn't hunting intern greenbriar  Feb-15-06 07:47 AM   #0 
  - Are we sure it was an accident?  BOSSHOG   Feb-15-06 07:50 AM   #1 
  - We can't be sure it was an accident, but one thing you can be sure  Arkansas Granny   Feb-15-06 08:44 AM   #18 
  - 'Whats the Matter with Kansas"  rodeodance   Feb-15-06 07:50 AM   #2 
  - As I said before, when Clinton misfired, the ony thing hurt was  ET Awful   Feb-15-06 07:50 AM   #3 
  - As someone said in another thread, when Clinton shot somone in the face  BlueEyedSon   Feb-15-06 07:52 AM   #7 
  - Cheney's victim may never fully recover from this "accident"  oldcoot   Feb-15-06 10:35 AM   #24 
  - And if she had been any good, the dress wouldn't have been hurt.  Arkansas Granny   Feb-15-06 08:41 AM   #17 
     - It was the best he could get, i suppose.  BlueEyedSon   Feb-15-06 12:20 PM   #27 
  - I knew Clinton shoulda killed her! Then there would have been no scandal..  BlueEyedSon   Feb-15-06 07:51 AM   #4 
  - At least Clinton didn't send anyone to the ICU.  tanyev   Feb-15-06 07:51 AM   #5 
  - Yes the clenis is a powerful shotgun.....  dogday   Feb-15-06 07:51 AM   #6 
  - DOH!  BlueEyedSon   Feb-15-06 07:52 AM   #8 
  - Is this the difference between Dems and Reps?  BlueEyedSon   Feb-15-06 07:53 AM   #9 
  - Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding  dogday   Feb-15-06 07:54 AM   #10 
  - I think you've got it.  mwb970   Feb-15-06 07:57 AM   #12 
  - I'll wager Whittington wishes Cheney had been "hunting" interns  Solly Mack   Feb-15-06 07:56 AM   # 
  - They were hunting with women who were NOT their wives.  MoJoWorkin   Feb-15-06 07:56 AM   #11 
  - What took 'em so long?  Blue State Native   Feb-15-06 07:57 AM   #13 
  - How do we really know Cheneyburton hasn't nailed a few WH interns?  lpbk2713   Feb-15-06 07:57 AM   #14 
  - And if Cheney was hunting an intern the right wing talking point ...  Sentinel Chicken   Feb-15-06 08:02 AM   #15 
  - To some violence and death are better than sex.  sinkingfeeling   Feb-15-06 08:04 AM   #16 
  - Even stupider is the blindless hypocrisy  Norquist Nemesis   Feb-15-06 08:44 AM   #19 
  - yup... you know if it were clinton, either one or kennedy or kerry  greenbriar   Feb-15-06 08:52 AM   #20 
  - And Monica and Clinton weren't a private matter?  sinkingfeeling   Feb-15-06 09:04 AM   #21 
     - Exactly!  Norquist Nemesis   Feb-15-06 09:51 AM   #22 
  - Maybe he doesn't hunt interns.  LiberalAndProud   Feb-15-06 10:05 AM   #23 
  - Because consensual sex is SO much worse than almost killing a guy  Rocknrule   Feb-15-06 10:47 AM   #25 
     - I can heard that Neil Rogers sound bit now...  LuCifer   Feb-15-06 11:01 AM   #26 

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