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Reply #22: yeah I see what you're saying [View All]

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Wetzelbill Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-04-06 01:50 AM
Response to Reply #21
22. yeah I see what you're saying
Wrestling is hard work. I watch a lot of it, have read some biographies and so on. I just finished Kurt Angle's biography. Wrestling is very interesting and has a rich history as well.
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  -Keith Olbermann has got to be the best in the business Wetzelbill  Feb-03-06 11:47 PM   #0 
  - He's good but...  SHRED   Feb-03-06 11:49 PM   #1 
  - well, yeah for the mainstream  Wetzelbill   Feb-03-06 11:51 PM   #4 
  - I am with you on KO.  yourout   Feb-03-06 11:49 PM   #2 
  - yes neither could I  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:27 AM   #15 
  - Michael Schiavo? Really?  Canuckistanian   Feb-03-06 11:50 PM   #3 
  - Schiavo was PO'd  Wetzelbill   Feb-03-06 11:54 PM   #5 
     -  Mabus   Feb-04-06 12:04 AM   #8 
     - thanks for posting this  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:21 AM   #14 
     - Thanks. I'd be interested. n/t  Canuckistanian   Feb-04-06 12:46 AM   #19 
  - You won't get any arguments from me!  RevCheesehead   Feb-03-06 11:59 PM   #6 
  - and swoon whimsically?  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:00 AM   #7 
     - well, not everybody...  RevCheesehead   Feb-04-06 12:07 AM   #11 
        - tsk tsk  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:21 AM   #13 
           - You're going to fit in well, Bill.  RevCheesehead   Feb-04-06 12:30 AM   #16 
              - Oh I figured as much  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:33 AM   #17 
  - KO has a following here at DU -- They call themselves the KOEB  Bozita   Feb-04-06 12:05 AM   #9 
  - He's verry clever  fujiyama   Feb-04-06 12:05 AM   #10 
  - I basically got cable to watch KO, Jon Stewart and pro wrestling  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:18 AM   #12 
     - Ah, a wrestling fan. I've got a question for you.  Tigress DEM   Feb-04-06 12:36 AM   #18 
        - I'm just waiting for Kim Jong-Il to hit somebody with a chair  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 12:47 AM   #20 
           - But you can see what I'm saying, right?  Tigress DEM   Feb-04-06 01:03 AM   #21 
              - yeah I see what you're saying  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 01:50 AM   #22 
                 - Kurt Angle = Greatest. Wrestler. Ever.  Fox Mulder   Feb-04-06 01:53 AM   #23 
                    - oh yeah  Wetzelbill   Feb-04-06 02:25 AM   #24 
  - KO is still just a shadow of what a real New program is!  oldgrowth   Feb-04-06 03:26 AM   #25 
  - Oldgrowth, did you see KO last year...  BerryBush   Feb-04-06 11:19 AM   #27 
  - He should ditch Dana Milbank.  BlueEyedSon   Feb-04-06 05:44 AM   #26 
  - isn't there something good on opposite KO  ktlyon   Feb-04-06 11:46 AM   #28 

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