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Reply #83: Welcome to DU's version of MSM. [View All]

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Jakes Progress Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-26-08 10:05 AM
Response to Original message
83. Welcome to DU's version of MSM.
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  -The Clintons bite the Dem party; anyone surprised? babylonsister  Aug-26-08 12:10 AM   #0 
  - all I can say is this would have never happened if I got the nomination  Wetzelbill   Aug-26-08 12:11 AM   #1 
  - We were right in the middle of vetting Kurovski and poof!  sfexpat2000   Aug-26-08 12:50 AM   #11 
  - If your still in, Im still in  quakerboy   Aug-26-08 12:58 AM   #12 
  - They appear to be under the misconception that it's the clinton party.  BlooInBloo   Aug-26-08 12:15 AM   #2 
  - My PBS comes on later......  Ichingcarpenter   Aug-26-08 12:19 AM   #3 
  - How sad that the party is making history and you're still whining about the Clintons.  Lilith Velkor   Aug-26-08 12:29 AM   #4 
  - I think it has something to do with Texas.nt.  IndianaJones   Aug-26-08 12:34 AM   #5 
  - Texas is no excuse  Lilith Velkor   Aug-26-08 09:56 AM   #80 
  - Hahaha! Yea, it's my fault. nt  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 12:45 AM   #7 
  - Go check out that site that shall not be named  merh   Aug-26-08 12:42 AM   #6 
  - Yeah I saw that  davidpdx   Aug-26-08 12:47 AM   #8 
  - Nah, but what is weird, and why is Obama? I think he's perfectly logical.  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 12:47 AM   #9 
  - ...  mcctatas   Aug-26-08 02:43 AM   #21 
  - I think your moles will be able to give you the 411 merh  cboy4   Aug-26-08 02:45 AM   #22 
     - I don't have any moles cboy - I went over there to see how  merh   Aug-26-08 05:08 AM   #28 
        - I just know that a disturbing percentage of Obama Duers  cboy4   Aug-26-08 05:16 AM   #29 
           - Then you know more about the place and activities concerning  merh   Aug-26-08 05:27 AM   #30 
           - The same way we check out the MORANS over at FR.  JTFrog   Aug-26-08 05:42 AM   #33 
           - No, it's called a compulsion.  cboy4   Aug-26-08 05:53 AM   #34 
              - Right. Now tell folks to quit checking out FR also. It's just a compulsion.  JTFrog   Aug-26-08 06:06 AM   #35 
              - ...  Harvey Korman   Aug-26-08 08:34 AM   #52 
              - Now you're assuming that they do...  vaberella   Aug-26-08 08:50 AM   #60 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-26-08 08:32 AM   #51 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-26-08 08:36 AM   #54 
           - I heard maddie joan has alot more free time to spend over there now. n/t  greguganus   Aug-26-08 08:35 AM   #53 
              - oh snap  dionysus   Aug-26-08 09:15 AM   #72 
  - Did you catch Nancy Pelosi's completely freestanding tribute to Hillary  sfexpat2000   Aug-26-08 12:49 AM   #10 
  - Yes, I heard her and she was horrible. She lost anything she ever thought  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 01:04 AM   #13 
     - I'm not following any of this.  merh   Aug-26-08 01:10 AM   #14 
        - I only saw about a minute of Pelosi because I don't want to watch her.  sfexpat2000   Aug-26-08 01:15 AM   #15 
           - I believe that the clinton camp is making things uneasy over there  merh   Aug-26-08 01:18 AM   #16 
              - This is why King Lear's daughters just disappeared his castle  sfexpat2000   Aug-26-08 01:21 AM   #17 
  - Hillary is not Bill.  qwlauren35   Aug-26-08 02:33 AM   #18 
  - I think you nailed it  Egnever   Aug-26-08 02:41 AM   #19 
  - Boxer wouldn't be doing this..she's all about the par-ty..  zidzi   Aug-26-08 09:30 AM   #77 
  - Um....  Gilligan   Aug-26-08 02:43 AM   #20 
  - I'm resolved to judge Hill and Bill based upon their speeches and floor directions.  TexasObserver   Aug-26-08 02:46 AM   #23 
  - Good on ya!  Egnever   Aug-26-08 02:57 AM   #25 
  - Please judge them as individuals.  qwlauren35   Aug-26-08 03:42 AM   #27 
  - Babylonsister, the negative play by play on the Clintons isn't worth our focus.  writes3000   Aug-26-08 02:52 AM   #24 
  - Good Grief!! This negativity is a deep well spring indeed stunning simply stunning  bridgit   Aug-26-08 03:38 AM   #26 
  - It's simple......  quickesst   Aug-26-08 05:28 AM   #31 
  - "Clinton" is the equivalent of "boo!" to some here.  sufrommich   Aug-26-08 05:33 AM   #32 
  - No, I'm a Democrat, and wish we'd all rally round the nominee.  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 08:02 AM   #45 
  - "Clinton" has been 'the one size fits all' rallying cry for so many on the right for so long...  bridgit   Aug-26-08 10:53 AM   #88 
  - Oh, I don't know, When I read stuff like this, it makes me wonder:  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 08:18 AM   #49 
  - Anyone who voted for the war has no place on the ticket.  rug   Aug-26-08 06:12 AM   #36 
  - Biden voted for the war  leftynyc   Aug-26-08 07:46 AM   #37 
  - Funny how that changed, huh? Hillary == evil warmonger Biden == swell guy.  goldcanyonaz   Aug-26-08 07:51 AM   #39 
  - Hillary=Primary Nominee=We get a say in it.  PassingFair   Aug-26-08 07:58 AM   #42 
  - Uh huh, is that why this forum is still all about Clinton all the time?  goldcanyonaz   Aug-26-08 08:00 AM   #43 
     - Some people only see what they want to.  PassingFair   Aug-26-08 08:07 AM   #48 
  - Biden admitted his vote was wrong. HRC couldn't since BILL lied to Dems to sell that war for Bush  blm   Aug-26-08 09:17 AM   #74 
  - So did Hillary. Why did you support her?  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 08:07 AM   #47 
  - Like a dog with a bone  leftynyc   Aug-26-08 07:47 AM   #38 
  - They do suck. You will hear no excuses from me about the Clintons. It's all about them.  IsItJustMe   Aug-26-08 07:52 AM   #40 
  - Maybe you want to start another topic about them. Oh, I see you already did that.  goldcanyonaz   Aug-26-08 07:57 AM   #41 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-26-08 08:01 AM   #44 
  - Except you, is that why you are so upset?  goldcanyonaz   Aug-26-08 08:03 AM   #46 
     - Oh, that's perfect and funny!  hell-bent   Aug-26-08 08:28 AM   #50 
  - "babylonsister" starts another hate thread  paulk   Aug-26-08 08:38 AM   #55 
  - Yet another "blame the messenger" post from you. Not the least bit surprising.  polichick   Aug-26-08 08:43 AM   #57 
  - another of the lead haters weighs in!  paulk   Aug-26-08 08:53 AM   #61 
  - And paulk continues to ignore reality. Anyone surprised? nt  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 08:47 AM   #59 
  - what's that reality, BS?  paulk   Aug-26-08 08:57 AM   #67 
     - Not mine, dear. Hillary's campaign manager is fueling this fire:  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 09:12 AM   #70 
  - Nope!  Harvey Korman   Aug-26-08 09:16 AM   #73 
  - Paul, this might come as a surprise to you... but the Clinton's days of ruling the party are over.  dionysus   Aug-26-08 10:20 AM   #85 
  - Why in gods name do you want to help the republican party  LynneSin   Aug-26-08 08:41 AM   #56 
  - Let me put it succinctly:  Beacool   Aug-26-08 08:43 AM   #58 
  - Everyone will be so focused on the Clinton's  shaniqua6392   Aug-26-08 08:53 AM   #62 
  - I'm going to let the Clintons speak...  Kristi1696   Aug-26-08 08:55 AM   #63 
  - I won't waste time trying to "convince" you when your mind is closed. But it's foolish to keep  highplainsdem   Aug-26-08 08:56 AM   #64 
  - I completely agree with you....  cricket08   Aug-26-08 08:57 AM   #68 
  - Hey, don't worry about the Clintons - they are done - they cannot hurt Obama....  suston96   Aug-26-08 08:56 AM   #65 
  - Hey Babylonsister....I'm not a fan of the Clintons but at this point....  vaberella   Aug-26-08 08:56 AM   #66 
  - Yes, too much focus on the Clintons, positive or negative, is unhealthy. The  No Elephants   Aug-26-08 09:04 AM   #69 
  - What do you hope to accomplish with another negative Clinton thread?  Arkansas Granny   Aug-26-08 09:15 AM   #71 
  - Am I allowed to be disgusted by the antics? Is that okay?  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 09:20 AM   #76 
  - PLEASE!!!! Just STFU.  cricket08   Aug-26-08 09:17 AM   #75 
  - You STFU.  zidzi   Aug-26-08 09:57 AM   #81 
  - Now you've done it  SoCalDem   Aug-26-08 10:01 AM   #82 
  - maybe when the pumas you are so fond of shut up, threads like these won't be posted.  dionysus   Aug-26-08 10:21 AM   #86 
     - ????  cricket08   Aug-26-08 10:32 AM   #87 
  - Hi babysonsister..I'm loopless  zidzi   Aug-26-08 09:31 AM   #78 
  - Lots of people:  babylonsister   Aug-26-08 10:08 AM   #84 
  - This is like the work of Rove  Bluenorthwest   Aug-26-08 09:33 AM   #79 
  - Welcome to DU's version of MSM.  Jakes Progress   Aug-26-08 10:05 AM   #83 

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