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Reply #130: More and more, I think the most important work we can do is local. [View All]

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EFerrari Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-21-07 12:36 AM
Response to Reply #126
130. More and more, I think the most important work we can do is local.
Local like, on our block. We have been divided and conquered to the point where we don't know our neighbors and may even be afraid of them.

If we're going to turn this country around, that's the first thing, imho, that must change

I've tried hard to get to know my neighbors, all of them, including my homeless neighbors that sleep at the edges of Golden Gate park. This is my community, where my heart is. I will not be afraid to walk in my neighborhood at any hour because this is my home.

There is, right now, a bunker mentality here. If I went door to door asking for cans, I believe my neighbors would be afraid -- maybe because their own situation is too nearly similar, too precarious too. I have to think about this.

And, yes. I would be grateful for the opportunity to do SOMETHING if someone else were to ask me. But then, I'm an out there, extended family Latina type who puts family and community first.

There's a lovely kind of freedom that comes when you figure out what is important to you.


Thanks for your feedback, LibraLiz. I really needed it.

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  - My neighbors have nothing to eat. sfexpat2000  Jan-20-07 07:10 PM   #0 
  - What was the news you wanted the paper to cover?  Fierce   Jan-20-07 07:12 PM   #1 
  - This is a situation in San Francisco that is constantly denied by our Mayor.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:15 PM   #2 
  - If a poor person can't get off the couch, it's called laziness.  The Backlash Cometh   Jan-20-07 09:36 PM   #108 
     - Yep. Those lazy cancer patients. What the f is the matter with them.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:10 PM   #116 
     - It MAY be called...  Morgana LaFey   Jan-21-07 12:30 PM   #189 
        - I have such mixed feelings today. Why don't I know where our local  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:21 PM   #192 
  - Let's see  Little Wing   Jan-20-07 07:22 PM   #9 
     - Yeah, the sad things is...  Fierce   Jan-20-07 07:26 PM   #15 
        - I think people care and I think a lot of people are just too stessed out  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:30 PM   #19 
        - It's true, it happens every damn day  Little Wing   Jan-20-07 07:33 PM   #23 
  - When you fed them,  ayeshahaqqiqa   Jan-20-07 07:16 PM   #3 
  - Let the word go out. This is how we make it happen.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:17 PM   #5 
  - Mathew 25:31-46  aquart   Jan-20-07 07:19 PM   #7 
     - I don't recognize the text you're quoting; Is it in the Bible?  Porcupine   Jan-21-07 01:54 AM   #148 
        - Yes, it most certainly is.  colorado_ufo   Jan-21-07 03:51 AM   #163 
           - (porcupine is being sarcastic)  Patiod   Jan-21-07 11:56 AM   #184 
              - (porcupine has a very sharp wit. I'd be loathe to see him angry)  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:59 PM   #198 
              - Egg on face!  colorado_ufo   Jan-21-07 05:43 PM   #207 
  - Call state agencies. Your state assemblyman, especially.  aquart   Jan-20-07 07:17 PM   #4 
  - Mark Leno. Good idea.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:18 PM   #6 
  - I'm on the other side of the country from you, and I don't have much either.  napi21   Jan-20-07 07:22 PM   #8 
  - This couple is ailing and not spring chickens. I have to find someone  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:24 PM   #13 
  - People saw them  BuffyTheFundieSlayer   Jan-21-07 12:47 AM   #132 
  - It's very hard. I have a neighbor who is homeless and who sits  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:23 AM   #142 
     - Retailers (and city officials) are always more worried  BuffyTheFundieSlayer   Jan-21-07 03:43 AM   #162 
        - By and large, San Francisco is that way. But there are small efforts  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 02:26 PM   #200 
  - would Meals on Wheels bring them some food?  renate   Jan-21-07 02:05 AM   #155 
     - my first thought too... nt  druidity33   Jan-21-07 07:22 AM   #167 
  - I have heard that shelters are worse than just dealing on your own  Carni   Jan-20-07 07:44 PM   #35 
  - I have also heard people express similar fears about shelters  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:51 PM   #42 
  - Shelters are a great place to go to get robbed, raped or infected with TB.  LeftyMom   Jan-20-07 09:31 PM   #104 
     - Not all of them are that bad  BuffyTheFundieSlayer   Jan-21-07 12:49 AM   #135 
        - Doug stayed in a shelter for some weeks and he didn't worry about those  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:12 AM   #140 
  - Too bad he's not a dog......  Porcupine   Jan-21-07 02:09 AM   #157 
     - Sorry, but many homeless animals end up being euthanized.  PinkyisBlue   Jan-21-07 04:16 AM   #164 
        - I also worked with a neighbor yesterday who was trying to place  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:36 PM   #190 
  - You did the right thing, and that takes courage.  CurtEastPoint   Jan-20-07 07:22 PM   #10 
  - Curt, most people don't want other people messing in their lives, you know?  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:28 PM   #17 
  - Factor in some depression and anxiety in there...  Blue Belle   Jan-21-07 12:49 AM   #134 
  - Hi Curt! I grew up in East Point  brer cat   Jan-20-07 08:45 PM   #82 
  - That new poverty beat editor  Warpy   Jan-20-07 07:23 PM   #11 
  - That's exactly why I sent this to Robert Rosenthal.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:26 PM   #16 
  - Um, most papers don't even HAVE a "poverty" beat.  Clark2008   Jan-20-07 08:24 PM   #70 
  - My friend got multiple awards for his reporting on homelessness and poverty.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:38 PM   #75 
     - It eats into the profits (n/t)  Oeditpus Rex   Jan-21-07 12:47 AM   #133 
        - No kidding. It eats into the big money,  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:06 AM   #139 
           - More like trickles  Oeditpus Rex   Jan-21-07 02:16 AM   #158 
              - The Chronicle was eviscerated about a year ago  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 02:36 AM   #159 
  - You speak as a person  ninkasi   Jan-20-07 10:57 PM   #122 
  - Oh god yes, please spare me from the ramen-eating grad students!  thecatburgler   Jan-21-07 04:25 PM   #205 
  - I share your concern but some people, perhaps not those you cite, are simply not capable of  jody   Jan-20-07 07:23 PM   #12 
  - Why don't we feed them for a few days so they can think about that  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:24 PM   #14 
  - OK but sometimes people in their 60s have already been through such cycles. n/t  jody   Jan-20-07 07:41 PM   #30 
     - So, they should stop eating then? I think I'm not understanding you.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:45 PM   #36 
        - I'll pay more than my share to help needy people but I want my dollars spent wisely.  jody   Jan-20-07 07:58 PM   #52 
  - There is no reason for anyone, anywhere to go hungry in a  Cleita   Jan-20-07 07:32 PM   #21 
     - I don't agree because one reason is that some people need to be cared for like a child. n/t  jody   Jan-20-07 07:42 PM   #33 
        - What does that mean to you, jody?  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:49 PM   #40 
        - I don't know the answer but possibly an institution is appropriate. I'm speaking as a taxpayer and  jody   Jan-20-07 08:02 PM   #56 
           - They haven't asked for anything. I just observed that they aren't eating.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:52 PM   #90 
              - I understand, but since the couple is one instance of a very large problem, I wonder how should  jody   Jan-20-07 09:18 PM   #97 
                 - First we have to stop thinking of them as "such people".  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:50 PM   #121 
                    - Sorry if my use of the phrase "such people" offended you. What phrase do you recommend? n/t  jody   Jan-21-07 07:28 AM   #168 
                       - No offense, jody. I guess I just don't see this as a "them/us"  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 11:29 AM   #183 
                          - I understand, thanks and may good fortune fall like gentle rain on all your fields.  jody   Jan-21-07 03:28 PM   #201 
                             - Thank you. I wish you the best as well.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 04:31 PM   #206 
        - And what is wrong with that?  Cleita   Jan-20-07 08:05 PM   #60 
           - Nothing wrong with that. I've comrades from Vietnam with wounds more horrible than you describe.  jody   Jan-20-07 08:15 PM   #66 
              - Charities are the problem.  Cleita   Jan-20-07 08:21 PM   #68 
                 - Ok, but how do you know the couple cited in the OP has family to care for them.  jody   Jan-20-07 08:28 PM   #73 
                    - If they don't then they need another solution.  Cleita   Jan-20-07 09:26 PM   #100 
                       - Thanks for the exchange. Have a peaceful evening.  jody   Jan-20-07 10:05 PM   #114 
  - It seems that today the burden of taking care of the least of us  Cleita   Jan-20-07 07:30 PM   #18 
  - I wield a pretty mean phone, Cleita. Lots of calls out.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:32 PM   #20 
     - Yes, we do. I posted an article in the California column about  Cleita   Jan-20-07 07:34 PM   #24 
  - Church Food Pantries  HockeyMom   Jan-20-07 07:33 PM   #22 
  - Thank you, HockeyMom! This lapsed Catholic didn't even think of that.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:36 PM   #26 
  - Also try the SF Foodbank  Gormy Cuss   Jan-20-07 07:40 PM   #29 
     - Thanks! I know more about roofs than groceries.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:46 PM   #37 
  - yeah, someone's sure to be checking the answering machines  JerseygirlCT   Jan-20-07 07:55 PM   #45 
     - I didn't try any churches today -- I guess that's a measure of how far I am  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:58 PM   #51 
        - SFExpat...  Ecumenist   Jan-20-07 09:01 PM   #93 
           - You bet I will.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:24 PM   #98 
           - I did call and there was someone THERE and he helped me.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:54 PM   #196 
           - that was going to be my suggestion as well  kineneb   Jan-21-07 03:49 PM   #202 
  - K&R.nt  nam78_two   Jan-20-07 07:34 PM   #25 
  - Thank you.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:38 PM   #27 
  - k&r  Swamp Rat   Jan-20-07 07:39 PM   #28 
  - Swampy, my friend.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:42 PM   #34 
  - SF Foodbank Info/Supermarket Managers/Food Distributors  CorpGovActivist   Jan-20-07 07:41 PM   #31 
  - Thank you, Dave! This is what I couldn't find today.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:48 PM   #39 
     - Also Try Craigslist SF...Read This Heartbreaking Ad  CorpGovActivist   Jan-20-07 07:49 PM   #41 
        - I will definitely post follow up. It's really important, imho, to acknowledge  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:53 PM   #43 
           - Your Favorite Restaurants' Managers...  CorpGovActivist   Jan-20-07 07:58 PM   #50 
              - Interesting idea. But I have no clue really about the requirements of this  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:04 PM   #59 
                 - Local Hospital Dieticians...  CorpGovActivist   Jan-20-07 08:09 PM   #63 
                    - UCSF is just up the hill but I don't know anyone in that field.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:14 PM   #117 
  - What about Meals on Wheels  pennylane100   Jan-20-07 07:42 PM   #32 
  - No one home today. I will keep trying.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:47 PM   #38 
     - Meals on Wheels came to my mind, also,  troubleinwinter   Jan-20-07 08:43 PM   #79 
        - I'm not sure that these two are old enough to qualify as seniors.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:30 PM   #103 
           - Yeah, I wondered about that too.  troubleinwinter   Jan-20-07 09:46 PM   #111 
              - Thanks, trouble. This is a pretty cool block as city blocks go.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:02 PM   #113 
  - I've been poor and no one cares about you if you don't have money.  illinoisprogressive   Jan-20-07 07:54 PM   #44 
  - And that's just why, when we have a leg up, we need to build our  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 07:56 PM   #48 
  - Can I just say?  JerseygirlCT   Jan-20-07 07:56 PM   #46 
  - The thing is, JerseyGirl, these are my neighbors. I'm not really  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:01 PM   #55 
     - It's just that, if everyone decided not to "sit with this"  JerseygirlCT   Jan-20-07 08:14 PM   #65 
     - Or maybe we just need to hook up with them.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:36 PM   #74 
     - You know what, sfexpat2000?  ninkasi   Jan-20-07 11:12 PM   #124 
        - Great, wonderful and very smart suggestions on this thread.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:23 AM   #127 
  - The dichotomy of the entire situation is awful  LibraLiz1973   Jan-20-07 07:56 PM   #47 
  - I'm going through a divorce and when my partner left, so did my job  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:35 PM   #105 
     - To be fair  LibraLiz1973   Jan-21-07 12:20 AM   #126 
        - More and more, I think the most important work we can do is local.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:36 AM   #130 
  - K&R  Jcrowley   Jan-20-07 07:57 PM   #49 
  - That's a great banner.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:16 PM   #118 
  - In SF you are either rich or poor. And it seems the city does not have the  redacted   Jan-20-07 08:00 PM   #53 
  - I get cramps when our Mayor keeps denying there is a problem here.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:00 PM   #92 
  - I agree  diane in sf   Jan-20-07 11:38 PM   #125 
  - Way too many of our neighbors have nothing to eat.  Sapphire Blue   Jan-20-07 08:00 PM   #54 
  - I can't tell you how hard I'm trying not to be mad but to be effective.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:03 PM   #57 
     - There is such a thing as righteous anger... which can motivate one to be effective.  Sapphire Blue   Jan-20-07 08:07 PM   #61 
  - That sad story reminds me of another one, many decades ago  MADem   Jan-20-07 08:03 PM   #58 
  - Bingo. That's exactly where these neighbors are.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:44 PM   #80 
  - You're a good soul to get involved. NT  MADem   Jan-20-07 09:06 PM   #95 
     - Or maybe this is what we should be doing first, every day.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:55 AM   #137 
  - that is a beautiful story  salin   Jan-20-07 08:49 PM   #86 
     - I have to admit, I was a bit conflicted when she died.  MADem   Jan-20-07 09:02 PM   #94 
        - That was a lot for such a young person to take in and take on.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:07 PM   #115 
           - Funny how things make you think back--I swear, I felt "older" then than I do now!  MADem   Jan-21-07 12:02 PM   #185 
              - Truth! Seems like I got much younger and much sillier after 35.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:42 PM   #194 
                 - We've got an eighty plus year old in the household who acts like a teeny bopper!  MADem   Jan-21-07 01:51 PM   #195 
                    - He is a sociopath and so are many of the people he's put into  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:57 PM   #197 
  - Have to walk the puppy. I'll be back. Thank you, DU.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:08 PM   #62 
  - I would be happy to help financially  Texasgal   Jan-20-07 08:18 PM   #67 
     - Isn't that great. I really think this has to be a local thing. San Francisco  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:50 PM   #87 
  - Have you tried Catholic Charities?  Seldona   Jan-20-07 08:11 PM   #64 
  - And other churches. Here, many denominations of churches  Alamom   Jan-20-07 08:23 PM   #69 
  - They were a machine today. I did think of them because they are good  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:40 PM   #76 
  - HEaring stories like this piss me the fuck off.  YellowRubberDuckie   Jan-20-07 08:26 PM   #71 
  - Oh, me, too. I just can't get too mad to talk to people right now.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:41 PM   #77 
     - Holy shit.  YellowRubberDuckie   Jan-20-07 08:44 PM   #81 
     - I hear ya--how about a thousand four hundred dollar sequined bowling bag?  MADem   Jan-21-07 12:12 PM   #187 
        - Good God Almighty.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 02:02 PM   #199 
           - And hell, can ya imagine the BALL that goes in that monstrosity? NT  MADem   Jan-21-07 11:45 PM   #220 
  - How about the progressive Glide Memorial Church ...  Kickin_Donkey   Jan-20-07 08:27 PM   #72 
  - They were a machine today, too. The thing is, these two aren't very mobile.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:46 PM   #83 
  - I thought of the same church  salin   Jan-20-07 08:50 PM   #88 
  - That is a beautiful thing that you did.  AZBlue   Jan-20-07 08:41 PM   #78 
  - Working on it. This is definitely not my area so it's taking too long.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:47 PM   #84 
  - Oh Beth, I Love Heroines like You  Wiley50   Jan-20-07 08:48 PM   #85 
  - No heroine here, just a neighbor.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 08:51 PM   #89 
  - sfexpat2000, you've done the moral and just thing.  brer cat   Jan-20-07 08:59 PM   #91 
  - I am going to do that. When you think of the resources we have here  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:26 PM   #99 
  - Please try the Salvation Army.....  ancient_nomad   Jan-20-07 09:10 PM   #96 
  - They were mostly machines today. I left a message.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:27 PM   #101 
     - This has to taking a terrible toll on you. Please take  brer cat   Jan-20-07 09:35 PM   #106 
     - I will! Hopefully, when I follow up on the great suggestions in this thread  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:39 PM   #109 
     - Yes, good people.  ancient_nomad   Jan-20-07 09:45 PM   #110 
  - Three Words: Project Open Hand  Burnsey_Koenig   Jan-20-07 09:29 PM   #102 
  - Thank you. And, welcome to DU.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 09:36 PM   #107 
  - Welcome to DU!  ancient_nomad   Jan-20-07 09:49 PM   #112 
  - I am not posting for awhile but here is a link to help  Monkeyman   Jan-20-07 10:21 PM   #119 
  - Thank you, Sir.  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 10:24 PM   #120 
  - The thing that bothers me the most about this situation  sfexpat2000   Jan-20-07 11:00 PM   #123 
  - It is indeed a sad situation when we overlook people in need  MagickMuffin   Jan-21-07 02:37 AM   #160 
     - Great idea. I haven't put on a pot of beans for a long time.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:29 PM   #193 
        - Glad to provide additional suggestions ;=D  MagickMuffin   Jan-21-07 07:34 PM   #210 
  - That's fucked up. - n/t  porphyrian   Jan-21-07 12:28 AM   #128 
  - Recommended.  understandinglife   Jan-21-07 12:29 AM   #129 
  - Thank you, Bob.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:40 AM   #131 
  - Kicked and recommended.(nt)  Kurovski   Jan-21-07 12:54 AM   #136 
  - In San Francisco, I can't understand how anyone can afford to live.  solinvictus   Jan-21-07 12:57 AM   #138 
  - I went to have a breast biopsy earlier this week  ribrepin   Jan-21-07 01:14 AM   #141 
  - Good news your biopsy was negative.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:28 AM   #143 
     - Thanks, I felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders  ribrepin   Jan-21-07 01:42 AM   #145 
        - I think the deal is we have to turn around and help people who  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:52 AM   #147 
           - Absolutely, the kindness of strangers doesn't cut it  ribrepin   Jan-21-07 03:19 AM   #161 
  - Thank you for taking the time and thoughtfulness for those in  midnight   Jan-21-07 01:32 AM   #144 
  - If you have a paypal account, I'll send you $25 to help out  Ghost in the Machine   Jan-21-07 01:45 AM   #146 
  - You know, Ghost, I think it's really important for this to be handled locally.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:55 AM   #151 
     - I understand what you're saying...  Ghost in the Machine   Jan-21-07 02:03 AM   #154 
        - Yeah, it'll be days. I promise that I'll petition Skinner for a thread  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 02:08 AM   #156 
  - Churches, YES! And is there any kind of "Project Angel Food" up there?  calimary   Jan-21-07 01:55 AM   #149 
  - I've just called the world. And will call more of the religious world  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:59 AM   #153 
     - I don't get it, either. Did you see that report on TV that involved  calimary   Jan-21-07 10:28 PM   #219 
  - well I feel a little powerless to help you  LSK   Jan-21-07 01:55 AM   #150 
  - I'll take that!  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:57 AM   #152 
     - Beth, you are a good, kind-hearted person  DemReadingDU   Jan-21-07 08:19 AM   #169 
        - Yes, it could. Our slide took a little under two years.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:15 AM   #174 
  - We can`t help Americans in need  democrank   Jan-21-07 06:31 AM   #165 
  - Ain't it the truth.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:12 AM   #173 
  - This country seems to have an "everyone for himself" mentality.  Vinca   Jan-21-07 06:56 AM   #166 
  - "Everyone for himself" is those Puritans still messing with us.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:26 AM   #175 
  - A Suggestion  Irishonly   Jan-21-07 08:26 AM   #170 
  - Council of churches. Another good idea.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:11 AM   #172 
  - Powerful, powerful, powerful.  helderheid   Jan-21-07 08:36 AM   #171 
  - that is so excellent....  mike_c   Jan-21-07 10:35 AM   #176 
  - I don't think they will. But Rosie will either read it or he'll have someone  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:56 AM   #178 
  - Is there anywhere nearby to have a public garden?  porphyrian   Jan-21-07 10:42 AM   #177 
  - I need to walk the area just West of us and see what's around.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 10:58 AM   #179 
  - San Francisco Food Bank...  Luminous Animal   Jan-21-07 11:02 AM   #180 
  - Thank you, Bright Spot!  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 11:19 AM   #181 
     - You are welcome...  Luminous Animal   Jan-21-07 11:24 AM   #182 
        - So far, the food bank is a machine. I'm going out to talk to some  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 01:01 PM   #191 
  - Hey, everyone -- look what is on the FRONT PAGE of the Star-Telegram  antigop   Jan-21-07 12:11 PM   #186 
  - Outstanding.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 12:18 PM   #188 
  - A thread like this gives me such hope in mankind  Ishoutandscream2   Jan-21-07 04:00 PM   #203 
  - DU is an amazing place.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 04:07 PM   #204 
  - Hi SFexpat. I'm in SF. I just lost my job. How can I help?  kdpeters   Jan-21-07 06:35 PM   #208 
  - Thank you for the post  trashcanistanista   Jan-21-07 06:51 PM   #209 
  - Hi there, KD! I think we have it covered. I made a deal with the grocer  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 09:08 PM   #212 
  - sfexpat sorry i checked in on this thread so late...if one can, i put myself in you sit  ooglymoogly   Jan-21-07 08:10 PM   #211 
  - Hi there, oogly. The main problem has been that I found about about  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 09:13 PM   #214 
  - I hope someone has come up with something by tonight (now).  lonestarnot   Jan-21-07 09:10 PM   #213 
  - We're okay for tonight. My grocer let me sign for them today.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 09:18 PM   #215 
     - You are a doll sfexpat2000!  lonestarnot   Jan-21-07 09:26 PM   #216 
        - Life in Junior's America sure is interesting.  sfexpat2000   Jan-21-07 09:28 PM   #217 
           - Sucks a big ass!  lonestarnot   Jan-21-07 09:31 PM   #218 
  - Well, OpEdNews did put it up!  sfexpat2000   Jan-22-07 09:30 AM   #221 

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