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Reply #11: But he DIDN'T leave out "constitutionally" so it's a moot point. [View All]

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Kingshakabobo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-07-06 11:14 AM
Response to Reply #8
11. But he DIDN'T leave out "constitutionally" so it's a moot point.
I agree with the rest of what you said but it IS rather scary to thing how ignorant he was regarding the order of constitutional succession - especially in his position at the height of the cold war.
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  -Who will be the President pro-tem of the Senate? CTyankee  Dec-07-06 07:42 AM   #0 
  - I imagine Robert Byrd.  terrya   Dec-07-06 07:43 AM   #1 
  - That is the 'custom'. Wikipedia:  trof   Dec-07-06 07:46 AM   #3 
  - Robert Byrd.  longship   Dec-07-06 07:43 AM   #2 
  - Leaders and Committee Chair List  Laura PackYourBags   Dec-07-06 07:51 AM   #4 
  - Your spouse is correct, Byrd will be third in the presidential line of succession  Lasher   Dec-07-06 09:42 AM   #5 
  - Actually.......  suston96   Dec-07-06 10:44 AM   #8 
  - I think in the scenario you speak of, the Chief of Staff would be in charge  Hippo_Tron   Dec-07-06 11:03 AM   #9 
  - The ranking cabinet member......  suston96   Dec-07-06 02:04 PM   #13 
     - Yea, I realize you were talking about chain of command  Hippo_Tron   Dec-07-06 03:50 PM   #20 
        - See my other reply....  suston96   Dec-07-06 04:23 PM   #22 
           - I'm fully aware of the situation  Hippo_Tron   Dec-07-06 05:42 PM   #23 
  - But he DIDN'T leave out "constitutionally" so it's a moot point.  Kingshakabobo   Dec-07-06 11:14 AM   #11 
  - Close but no cigar  Lasher   Dec-07-06 02:01 PM   #12 
     - As I said, Constitutionally.....  suston96   Dec-07-06 02:49 PM   #14 
        - The 25th Amendment does not specify a time delay or a process that could promote one  Lasher   Dec-07-06 03:36 PM   #19 
           - Uh, there is a problem....  suston96   Dec-07-06 04:13 PM   #21 
              - There's nothing legally that says the Secretary of State was the ranking officer in the White House  Hippo_Tron   Dec-07-06 05:49 PM   #25 
                 - Ranking member in the Executive present....  suston96   Dec-07-06 06:31 PM   #26 
  - Excellent information. You know your stuff and I thank you  CTyankee   Dec-07-06 03:03 PM   #15 
     - Aw shucks, wadn't nothin'  Lasher   Dec-07-06 03:15 PM   #17 
        - Yep. I read Hip. Great stuff.  CTyankee   Dec-07-06 03:31 PM   #18 
           - That rumor's been going around in one form or another for awhile now  Lasher   Dec-08-06 12:47 AM   #30 
  - Oh, brother  HamdenRice   Dec-07-06 09:45 AM   #6 
  - Good thread over there.  Lasher   Dec-07-06 10:16 AM   #7 
  - She would be first in line but she would not assume the office of the Vice Presidency  Hippo_Tron   Dec-07-06 11:06 AM   #10 
     - Absolutely correct Hippo, thanks for the correction  Lasher   Dec-07-06 03:10 PM   #16 
  - I'm Not Sure Why You Are Acting So Smug When You're Not In The Right.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Dec-07-06 08:40 PM   #29 
     - Thank you for your support  CTyankee   Dec-08-06 07:29 AM   #31 
     - It would take a catastrophe for this to be relevant  HamdenRice   Dec-08-06 07:43 AM   #32 
        - Please Directly Answer This Question:  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Dec-08-06 04:26 PM   #33 
  - Your spuse correct about the line of succession  Jack Rabbit   Dec-07-06 05:48 PM   #24 
     - Well, this seems to be a problem. Why have it if we have a  CTyankee   Dec-07-06 07:32 PM   #27 
        - The Speaker of the House has never succeeded to the presidency (yet)  Jack Rabbit   Dec-07-06 08:34 PM   #28 

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