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Reply #2: So "tombstoned" is banned? n/t [View All]

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elocs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-25-06 10:39 AM
Response to Original message
2. So "tombstoned" is banned? n/t
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  -Have you ever gone back and read posts of someone who has been Tombstoned? trumad  Nov-25-06 10:36 AM   #0 
  - do you mean longtime posters who got banned, or 8-post trolls?  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 10:37 AM   #1 
  - I check long timers just to see what got them banned...  trumad   Nov-25-06 10:39 AM   #3 
  - LOL, it's almost an automatic with me. There's something about those short declarative statements.  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 10:44 AM   #5 
  - also, they almost always have no profile  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 10:47 AM   #14 
     - Yup, That Is A Definite Red Flag  Dinger   Nov-25-06 11:41 AM   #50 
     - I have no profile  bigluckyfeet   Nov-25-06 01:49 PM   #81 
  - ok, was wondering. To me, though, I can recognize disruptors right away  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 10:45 AM   #8 
  - I have noticed the "we democrats" or "we liberals"  Patiod   Nov-25-06 11:43 AM   #51 
  - How do you know who's been banned?  SaveOurDemocracy   Nov-25-06 11:23 AM   #35 
  - some trolls, disruptors manage to hang around for a long time  rman   Nov-25-06 10:56 AM   #21 
     - that's what I was getting at. Remember the 2004 election?  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 11:00 AM   #24 
     - They even donated?  proud2Blib   Nov-25-06 11:18 AM   #30 
     - gotta keep up the image  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 11:20 AM   #32 
     - That's not what i am getting at.  rman   Nov-25-06 11:19 AM   #31 
        - You mean people like benburch and Walt Starr  bananas   Nov-25-06 11:46 AM   #52 
        - A lot of outstanding DUer's were "baited".  johnaries   Nov-25-06 11:58 AM   #59 
           - i find this odd that anyone is so out of control, they cannot accept  seabeyond   Nov-25-06 12:48 PM   #70 
           - I have used the X a number of times, but small out of the 98,000+ members.  elocs   Nov-25-06 12:48 PM   #71 
        - That's kind of sad when you cannot mention something.  elocs   Nov-25-06 12:44 PM   #69 
     - oh yeah I remember him  Mandate My Ass   Nov-25-06 11:50 AM   #55 
     - That's what's been nagging at my mind also.  pnorman   Nov-25-06 12:07 PM   #61 
        - There can be a second chance  never cry wolf   Nov-25-06 01:07 PM   #75 
           - The guy I know who told me about DU ended up getting banned.  Kelly Rupert   Nov-25-06 01:09 PM   #76 
  - So "tombstoned" is banned? n/t  elocs   Nov-25-06 10:39 AM   #2 
  - As banned as can be....  trumad   Nov-25-06 10:39 AM   #4 
     - Thanks, I have heard it being referenced, but not specifically explained.  elocs   Nov-25-06 10:44 AM   #7 
        - Check out the user profile of a banned poster  robbob   Nov-25-06 11:18 AM   #29 
  - What conclusions  AnnInLa   Nov-25-06 10:44 AM   #6 
  - when you see enough of them before they get tombstoned, you'll learn to spot them  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 10:45 AM   #11 
  - Hahahahahaha!  Juniperx   Nov-25-06 10:50 AM   #15 
     - LMFAO ...  Trajan   Nov-25-06 12:39 PM   #67 
     - I've seem a poster be called a freeper frequently by somebody who disagrees with them.  elocs   Nov-25-06 12:42 PM   #68 
  - Some are obvious. Some are insidious.  LWolf   Nov-25-06 10:53 AM   #18 
     - Others are banned because they lost their temper and picked a fight with mods, or with other DUers  conscious evolution   Nov-25-06 01:06 PM   #74 
  - How do you go back and read posts of others?  filer   Nov-25-06 10:45 AM   #9 
  - Use the 'Search' function and look for 'Author'  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 10:50 AM   #16 
  - Thanks.  filer   Nov-25-06 10:56 AM   #20 
  - Go to the search icon above  trumad   Nov-25-06 10:55 AM   #19 
     - Whew, that's scary.  filer   Nov-25-06 11:03 AM   #25 
        - Yes, you are definitely leaving a record, not a bad thing. The community board is  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 11:24 AM   #36 
           - I agree that that leaving a record is not a bad thing.  filer   Nov-25-06 12:03 PM   #60 
           - You are not only leaving a record here, but also on places like Google. n/t  elocs   Nov-25-06 12:51 PM   #72 
              - I guess I think of that record as leaving footsteps. My real self is much better represented by my  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 01:42 PM   #79 
  - Yes.  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 10:45 AM   #10 
  - The profile is always an annoyance if nothing else.  acmejack   Nov-25-06 11:10 AM   #27 
     - It's a way of showing courtesy to others, imho.  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 11:17 AM   #28 
     - I agree. One can have the bare bones profile, but a least offer some sort  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 11:29 AM   #39 
     - It's kind of like wearing mirror sunglasses...  annabanana   Nov-25-06 11:47 AM   #53 
     - They may not know that their profile is not viewable.  Mugu   Nov-25-06 01:53 PM   #82 
     - though mine would show amarillo texas.... it certainly could  seabeyond   Nov-25-06 11:21 AM   #33 
     - Well, I addressed a congruent concern I had in my profile.  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 11:34 AM   #44 
     - I like to see at least male/female and location  ComerPerro   Nov-25-06 11:21 AM   #34 
  - I think that's a tactic to get post counts up  Juniperx   Nov-25-06 10:46 AM   #12 
  - I know I've been accused a couple of times, can't remember exactly why  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 10:57 AM   #22 
  - You can learn a lot, for lots of different reasons, by reading old posts.  Poll_Blind   Nov-25-06 10:47 AM   #13 
  - I do that with old news stories, too. I have followed certain posters over the last  BleedingHeartPatriot   Nov-25-06 11:03 AM   #26 
  - Trolls and moles are so juvenile  Melynn   Nov-25-06 10:53 AM   #17 
  - this is my thought. i fooled them. .... say what, wasnt playing  seabeyond   Nov-25-06 10:58 AM   #23 
  - what is ignored?  DemReadingDU   Nov-25-06 11:25 AM   #37 
  - you have a poster, or posters on ignore, you can see your list  AZDemDist6   Nov-25-06 11:30 AM   #41 
  - Thanks! It was an oops!  DemReadingDU   Nov-25-06 11:37 AM   #46 
  - It keeps you from seeing another DUer's posts. Just click on this icon ...  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 11:30 AM   #42 
  - it was an Ooops!  DemReadingDU   Nov-25-06 11:35 AM   #45 
  - I have used "ignore" in fits of pique, on occasion. . .  annabanana   Nov-25-06 11:54 AM   #57 
     - For a while, I put 'nuke' candidates in my Buddy List.  TahitiNut   Nov-25-06 12:10 PM   #62 
  - Oops! I've done that a few times too - put someone on 'ignore' by accident  bananas   Nov-25-06 11:33 AM   #43 
  - Yep, it was an oops!  DemReadingDU   Nov-25-06 11:39 AM   #48 
  - I know what you mean  conscious evolution   Nov-25-06 01:02 PM   #73 
  - I wish they'd tombstone people for  JNelson6563   Nov-25-06 11:26 AM   #38 
  - here lately te moderators have been doing an excellent job kicking it  seabeyond   Nov-25-06 11:30 AM   #40 
     - I meant repeat offenders  JNelson6563   Nov-25-06 11:53 AM   #56 
  - I'd Like To, But Don't Know How  Dinger   Nov-25-06 11:38 AM   #47 
  - that's interesting  shanti   Nov-25-06 11:39 AM   #49 
  - I'd like to thank DU here  creeksneakers2   Nov-25-06 11:49 AM   #54 
  - mine either. i try to speak up about ban issue. often i will debate an issue  seabeyond   Nov-25-06 11:56 AM   #58 
  - There's a definite smell of the swamp on troll posts.  Cleita   Nov-25-06 12:33 PM   #66 
  - bigriver wrote ''F... Christmas.''  Octafish   Nov-25-06 12:11 PM   #63 
  - bigriver got tombstoned?  Cleita   Nov-25-06 12:12 PM   #64 
  - I miss OldLeftyLawyer.  charlyvi   Nov-25-06 12:27 PM   #65 
  - I miss her very much.  Puglover   Nov-25-06 01:24 PM   #78 
  - Boo! Someone I was having a "discussion" with just got tombstoned.  JackBeck   Nov-25-06 01:16 PM   #77 
  - Did ya go back and read my posts?  salin   Nov-25-06 01:48 PM   #80 
  - locking.....  Moderator   Nov-25-06 02:06 PM   #83 

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