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Reply #27: it was the approving reference to lynching that did it for me... [View All]

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NorthernSpy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-20-06 01:33 PM
Response to Original message
27. it was the approving reference to lynching that did it for me...
That was simply beyond the pale, no matter what anyone may think of the ad nauseum use of the word "nigger" in comedy, or of racist tirades in general.

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  -Political Correctness and Michael Richards' (Kramer's) Rant Yavin4  Nov-20-06 11:44 AM   #0 
  - got a link to this rant?  ixion   Nov-20-06 11:47 AM   #1 
  - It's on YouTube  wryter2000   Nov-20-06 11:50 AM   #4 
  - only refers to an AOL site=to fucking stupid to know Firefox  zreosumgame   Nov-20-06 11:50 AM   #5 
  - As a white man, I'm going to join you in that boycott.  Vash the Stampede   Nov-20-06 11:48 AM   #2 
  - Thank you  wryter2000   Nov-20-06 11:48 AM   #3 
  - Um, that is PC.  Bornaginhooligan   Nov-20-06 11:50 AM   #6 
  - Close. The bigoted side *created* ("re-tooled" is better perhaps)...  BlooInBloo   Nov-20-06 11:53 AM   #9 
  - Sure.  Bornaginhooligan   Nov-20-06 11:54 AM   #11 
  - Color me impressed...  bliss_eternal   Nov-23-06 02:05 AM   #52 
  - They didn't, really.  Withywindle   Nov-22-06 11:47 PM   #50 
  - That f*cking retard  Lance_Boyle   Nov-20-06 01:34 PM   #28 
     - Neither.  Bornaginhooligan   Nov-20-06 03:15 PM   #33 
  - When will he enter rehab?  TahitiNut   Nov-20-06 11:51 AM   #7 
  - ROFLMAO! Sigh.  BlooInBloo   Nov-20-06 11:51 AM   #8 
  - Classic American Overreaction....thanks for the laugh. Edit-For the OP  CrazyForKucinich   Nov-22-06 11:39 PM   #49 
  - This almost seems like an Andy Kaufman like stunt.  EdwardM   Nov-20-06 11:53 AM   #10 
  - It wasn't a stunt, it was a man revealing his true character... that's for sure.  radwriter0555   Nov-22-06 11:32 PM   #46 
  - Plenty of non black comedians have used the N-word and had no  xultar   Nov-20-06 12:02 PM   #12 
  - You can watch it here  jgraz   Nov-20-06 12:03 PM   #13 
  - what I find funny is...  zreosumgame   Nov-20-06 12:04 PM   #14 
  - What could they have possibly said  jgraz   Nov-20-06 12:07 PM   #16 
  - ah another who did not WATCH it, just emotion  zreosumgame   Nov-20-06 12:16 PM   #18 
     - I see: I disagree with you so I couldn't have possibly watched it  jgraz   Nov-20-06 12:32 PM   #19 
     - yeah, he was playing a character, a disgusting dumbass. I am  roguevalley   Nov-20-06 01:44 PM   #29 
     - I am so with you on this one  wryter2000   Nov-20-06 03:11 PM   #32 
     - OK, watch it again, ALL of it, consider angles  zreosumgame   Nov-20-06 06:13 PM   #34 
        - First of all, none of us are idiots. Secondly, you forget that this  roguevalley   Nov-20-06 09:13 PM   #35 
        - As adults we're required to take responsibility for our actions & words. He has NO excuse  radwriter0555   Nov-22-06 11:38 PM   #48 
     - Got any more excuses?  Redstone   Nov-22-06 11:36 PM   #47 
  - It Doesn't Matter What They Said to Him  ellacott   Nov-20-06 12:11 PM   #17 
  - He actually tells us what they were doing...  jgraz   Nov-20-06 12:50 PM   #20 
  - you don't know jack shit about what people watched  Ms. Clio   Nov-20-06 01:06 PM   #22 
     - You could have skipped "about what people watched"  jgraz   Nov-20-06 01:18 PM   #25 
        - true enough  Ms. Clio   Nov-20-06 01:30 PM   #26 
  - Everyone has a "right" to say stupid, racist, homophobic or sexist things.  Lex   Nov-20-06 12:04 PM   #15 
  - Sorry, but I'll probably still watch Seinfeld...  Arkana   Nov-20-06 01:00 PM   #21 
  - It is related to the whole PC thing.  bloom   Nov-20-06 01:08 PM   #23 
  - Just Confirms What I've Been Saying For Years...  REP   Nov-20-06 01:14 PM   #24 
  - it was the approving reference to lynching that did it for me...  NorthernSpy   Nov-20-06 01:33 PM   #27 
  - He doesn't have the right to say racist remarks on DU  omega minimo   Nov-20-06 01:47 PM   #30 
  - He's got serious problems if he would react this way  KingFlorez   Nov-20-06 01:50 PM   #31 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-22-06 10:45 PM   #36 
  - TAKE YOUR P.O.S. RACIST ASS AND GO FUCK YOURSELF!  Starbucks Anarchist   Nov-22-06 10:47 PM   #37 
  - Bye!  Rabrrrrrr   Nov-22-06 10:53 PM   #38 
  - First post...this was a quick stay. See ya and good riddance  Minnesota_Lib   Nov-22-06 10:53 PM   #39 
  - You fucking racist piece of shit. Crawl back under your bridge. You're stinkin' up the place.  haruka3_2000   Nov-22-06 10:55 PM   #40 
  - You're disgusting. You'd need a million years of evolution to become plankton.  ocelot   Nov-22-06 11:01 PM   #41 
  - Ever notice how racist motherfuckers are the people least qualified to look down on anybody?  LeftyMom   Nov-22-06 11:10 PM   #42 
  - Mannered White folks?  Mz Pip   Nov-22-06 11:13 PM   #43 
  - Micheal Richards posting on DU?  MrSlayer   Nov-22-06 11:14 PM   #44 
  - Boy, you're one LAME troll. Better luck next time, asshole.  Redstone   Nov-22-06 11:17 PM   #45 
  - The OP is right on... this guy deserves every POS slung his way  JCMach1   Nov-23-06 01:47 AM   #51 

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