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Reply #58: This drive for banning cigarette smoking is ridiculous [View All]

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lumpy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-12-06 09:51 AM
Response to Original message
58. This drive for banning cigarette smoking is ridiculous
nonsense. Inhaling smoke from BBQs, campfires is bad for the lungs, as well as auto emissions, smoke from fireplaces, forest fires, smoke stacks, field burning, heating and cooking with gas, etc etc etc. Lets just ban everything that offends, causes illness or clouds the atmosphere. Lets just lie in bed everyday and quit living altogether. Good grief!
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  -Should smoking be banned in the US? Tiggeroshii  Nov-11-06 05:04 PM   #0 
  - I'm sure it's as good an idea as alcohol prohibition and the Drug War. eom  Mythsaje   Nov-11-06 05:05 PM   #1 
  - Public places, not private...n/t  Virginia Dare   Nov-11-06 05:05 PM   #2 
  - Public ENCLOSED spaces nt  Viva_La_Revolution   Nov-11-06 05:08 PM   #3 
     - I could probably live with that, although...  Virginia Dare   Nov-11-06 05:11 PM   #7 
     - works for me  Viva_La_Revolution   Nov-11-06 05:35 PM   #28 
     - The Oakland Colosseum has been smoke free for 10 years, now  augie38   Nov-11-06 06:13 PM   #32 
     - For the Most Part, Except When There Is Close Seating - But Designate An Area  we can do it   Nov-11-06 05:19 PM   #18 
  - I no longer smoke but...  stepnw1f   Nov-11-06 05:09 PM   #4 
  - Banned cocaine, got crack. Banned opium, got heroin.  skids   Nov-11-06 05:10 PM   #5 
  - People would mainline nicotine  Jed Dilligan   Nov-11-06 05:12 PM   #10 
  - Banned cigarettes, got snuff  klook   Nov-11-06 05:14 PM   #12 
  - More freedom, not less. Always.  Fuzz   Nov-11-06 05:10 PM   #6 
  - Unfortunately second hand smoke is a very real health hazard...  Virginia Dare   Nov-11-06 05:13 PM   #11 
  - No helps prevent parkinson's and helps deal with it  The Straight Story   Nov-11-06 05:11 PM   #8 
  - well THIS is an Intelligent thread  matcom   Nov-11-06 05:12 PM   #9 
  - No  tammywammy   Nov-11-06 05:14 PM   #13 
  - I quit smoking 5 years ago...but if they ban smoking, next it will  onecent   Nov-11-06 05:16 PM   #14 
  - Should smoking threads be banned on DU?  American Jesus   Nov-11-06 05:17 PM   #15 
  - I for one would support a smoking "ghetto forum" n/t  skids   Nov-11-06 06:41 PM   #33 
  - If a city wishes it, that's ok. Not state level or fed level, though.  blurp   Nov-11-06 05:18 PM   #16 
  - No, but its use should be limited in public accomodations. (n/t)  kiahzero   Nov-11-06 05:18 PM   #17 
  - No - we've already seen how well Prohibition and drug bans have worked!  LeftishBrit   Nov-11-06 05:20 PM   #19 
  - Yes and anyone caught with tobacco should go to prison.  MrSlayer   Nov-11-06 05:21 PM   #20 
  - Outside of your private residence, it should be banned  meisje   Nov-11-06 05:27 PM   #21 
  - NO!  Swamp Rat   Nov-11-06 05:27 PM   #22 
  - California has lived with smoking bans in public  lapfog_1   Nov-11-06 05:29 PM   #23 
  - I agree  Raine   Nov-11-06 06:57 PM   #36 
  - Alcohol should be banned. Having to sit next  lumpy   Nov-12-06 09:38 AM   #57 
     - Nevertheless  Raine   Nov-12-06 06:26 PM   #59 
     - You apparently have never lived in Colorado  lapfog_1   Nov-13-06 03:19 AM   #60 
  - I like the "no smoking" in doors. And I"m a smoker  Spangle   Nov-11-06 07:03 PM   #39 
     - It's good to live in CA  lapfog_1   Nov-11-06 07:31 PM   #44 
     - Same here in Florida  Spangle   Nov-12-06 08:28 AM   #54 
     - You can't restrict it next to hospital doors.  tinfoilinfor2005   Nov-12-06 09:05 AM   #55 
  - That's it. Come and take away my 66 year old father and put him in shackles.  readmoreoften   Nov-11-06 05:30 PM   #24 
  - It's a money thing. They will never make smoking illegal in the  spenbax   Nov-11-06 05:31 PM   #25 
  - only for cars & factories nt  sweetheart   Nov-11-06 05:32 PM   #26 
  - In enclosed public spaces, absolutely - I had an aunt who was on oxygen even  codjh9   Nov-11-06 05:33 PM   #27 
  - Only From Public Buildings  Southpawkicker   Nov-11-06 05:35 PM   #29 
  - I wonder how much does smoking cost  augie38   Nov-11-06 06:10 PM   #30 
  - HELL NO, and I HATE smoking.  Alexander   Nov-11-06 06:13 PM   #31 
  - Yup.. and red meat, trans-fats, coffee, cars  walldude   Nov-11-06 06:52 PM   #34 
  - Oh man, the election is over. Do we really need to do this now?  Bunny   Nov-11-06 06:56 PM   #35 
  - Do the people who wish to ban cigarettes understand...  hayu_lol   Nov-11-06 07:04 PM   #40 
  - There's a lady at my work...  phusion   Nov-11-06 06:59 PM   #37 
  - Maybe it's the cloud of smoke  BadgerKid   Nov-11-06 10:16 PM   #45 
  - Sure. After we ban cars that emit more pollutants than cigarettes. n/t  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-11-06 07:03 PM   #38 
  - Could we not focus on our differences for just ONE week?  Bluebear   Nov-11-06 07:04 PM   #41 
  - Jesus. Fucking. Christ. What a goddamned stupid question.  karlrschneider   Nov-11-06 07:07 PM   #42 
  - but how will i ever get smoked salmon again?  NuttyFluffers   Nov-11-06 07:28 PM   #43 
  - And the Great Smoky Mountains. Gone.  SheWhoMustBeObeyed   Nov-11-06 10:18 PM   #46 
  - Of course not, what a ridiculous idea  WindRavenX   Nov-11-06 10:19 PM   #47 
  - What? 19% of DU'ers in this poll are nico-fascists???  Seabiscuit   Nov-11-06 10:21 PM   #48 
  - If Only There Could Be A Ban On Stupidity.  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Nov-11-06 10:22 PM   #49 
  - Yes. Let's "stamp out" stupidity.  Seabiscuit   Nov-11-06 10:23 PM   #50 
  - Smoking Nazi's in Ohio just passed a ban on Nov 7th  NoBushSpokenHere   Nov-11-06 11:23 PM   #51 
  - Administrations commiting crimes against the constitution  mmonk   Nov-11-06 11:25 PM   #52 
  - No, but lets ban politicians from getting free vacations from the tobacco lobby.  EdwardM   Nov-12-06 12:10 AM   #53 
  - How about if the US federal government gives fair market value to  Boojatta   Nov-12-06 09:19 AM   #56 
  - This drive for banning cigarette smoking is ridiculous  lumpy   Nov-12-06 09:51 AM   #58 
  - keep this up - and you'll drive me to join the libertarian party  radfringe   Nov-13-06 03:29 AM   #61 

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