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Reply #14: Oh god... please don't let that song make a comeback! n/t [View All]

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walldude Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-27-05 01:03 PM
Response to Reply #6
14. Oh god... please don't let that song make a comeback! n/t
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  -ISRAEL: IRAN TO HAVE BOMB IN TWO YEARS kpete  Dec-27-05 08:52 AM   #0 
  - Yadita, Yadita, Yadita... this litany has gone past boring.  HereSince1628   Dec-27-05 08:56 AM   #1 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-27-05 09:16 AM   #9 
     - Since when does the Israeli government run the US? It's  Colorado Blue   Dec-27-05 01:17 PM   #18 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-27-05 02:48 PM   #19 
     - Did you actually READ (R-E-A-D) "PNAC" or just the blogs ?  Coastie for Truth   Dec-27-05 08:18 PM   #32 
        - what you mean  newspeak   Dec-27-05 08:26 PM   #34 
     - Since PNAC installed themselves and the Chimp, that's when.  AntiCoup2K4   Dec-27-05 02:50 PM   #20 
        - Are you unaware of the fact that PNAC's major funding  Coastie for Truth   Dec-27-05 08:22 PM   #33 
     - After the Greedy Oil Party tells them what to say  AlienGirl   Dec-27-05 03:00 PM   #22 
     - Whenever Wolfie passes the word.  Jim Sagle   Dec-27-05 06:49 PM   #24 
  - Oh No... The Sky is falling and Bush has to save us before  wakeme2008   Dec-27-05 08:57 AM   #2 
  - So what happens when we invade Iran and find no nukes?  BushOut06   Dec-27-05 08:58 AM   #4 
  - They should just cut to the chase...  Davros   Dec-27-05 08:59 AM   #5 
  - Welcome Bushout06 and Davros  newspeak   Dec-27-05 08:31 PM   #35 
  - "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"  Roland99   Dec-27-05 09:04 AM   #6 
  - Oh god... please don't let that song make a comeback! n/t  walldude   Dec-27-05 01:03 PM   #14 
     - Bombs over Baghdad  newspeak   Dec-27-05 08:34 PM   #36 
  - I believe  jmauller   Dec-27-05 09:07 AM   #7 
  - Israel already has the bomb and so does the U.S.  No Exit   Dec-27-05 09:12 AM   #8 
  - Maybe Iran feels they need to counter Israel's nukes  BushOut06   Dec-27-05 09:21 AM   #10 
  - I think it's nonsense, too.  No Exit   Dec-27-05 11:58 AM   #12 
  - Why? Israel's had 30 years to use their nukes  Nevernose   Dec-27-05 07:38 PM   #28 
     - Israel uses nuclear weapons as a deterrent, as does Iran  Terran1212   Dec-27-05 07:41 PM   #29 
        - But do they need them as a deterrent against Israel?  Nevernose   Dec-27-05 08:00 PM   #30 
        - Iran has been under attack by US, Iraq, Israel...  Terran1212   Dec-27-05 08:01 PM   #31 
        - As does the US/Russia, and India/Pakistan. N/T  Coastie for Truth   Dec-28-05 07:00 PM   #39 
  - Ah - maybe when somebody will actually sit down and talk  Colorado Blue   Dec-27-05 01:12 PM   #17 
  - Look at it from the other side? The side you're giving is the only side  Solomon   Dec-27-05 07:24 PM   #27 
  - When their neighbors agree to stop killing them.  Jim Sagle   Dec-27-05 06:52 PM   #25 
  - I would jump in here but  spun_in_montana   Dec-27-05 09:36 AM   #11 
  - NOT Israel, that is a Likud mouthpiece making these claims.  Cults4Bush   Dec-27-05 01:00 PM   #13 
  - A Likud mouthpiece speaking what Bushco wants to hear  AlienGirl   Dec-27-05 02:57 PM   #21 
     - Well I am certainly not going to defend AIPAC or the Likud  Cults4Bush   Dec-27-05 03:20 PM   #23 
     - That is the secret of the Big Oil Party  Coastie for Truth   Dec-27-05 09:11 PM   #37 
     - I don't think anybody "controls" Sharon  Coastie for Truth   Dec-28-05 07:08 PM   #40 
  - The sooner the better  wadestock   Dec-27-05 01:06 PM   #15 
  - And How is Israel's bomb coming?  DemonFighterLives   Dec-27-05 01:12 PM   #16 
  - And Israel runs operations with Homeland Security  Terran1212   Dec-27-05 07:04 PM   #26 
  - Duh-  Coastie for Truth   Dec-27-05 09:17 PM   #38 
     - The Israelis are more concerned with police state, suicide terrorism  Terran1212   Dec-28-05 08:03 PM   #41 
        - Do you even know what the Israeli people were doing  Coastie for Truth   Dec-28-05 10:16 PM   #42 
  - Didn't Israel just recently claim that Iran would have the bomb by March?  Wordie   Dec-28-05 11:10 PM   #43 

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