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Reply #38: You're not alone [View All]

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Jcrowley Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-03-06 09:14 PM
Response to Reply #34
38. You're not alone
Now hold onto your hat for this one. An f-16 fighter jet uses more fuel in two hours than the average American motorist uses in two years. The actual figure is ONE hour but I tend to understate so as to avoid being involved in meaningless debates on details. Don't even want to get into how much fuel one battalion uses with it's mile long convoy of gas-guzzling support vehicles.

So who's the greatest threat to life on Earth? Who puts more pollutants upon land, sea and air than any other entity? Who's the greatest "contributor" to greenhouse gasses? The Pentagon and all it's support mechanisms, all it's enablers from Universities, Senators, Media.... the all of it.
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  -IRAN, IKE (CV-69) & Marines on the move, Adm. Swift posted to Bahrain, - FogerRox  Oct-03-06 06:10 PM   #0 
  - The Reason I say Bush wont Bomb Iran before the midterms  brettdale   Oct-03-06 06:13 PM   #1 
  - I thought that so many times over the last 2-3 years  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 06:16 PM   #2 
  - I agree..Perfect excuse for him to declare Martial Law  Tellurian   Oct-03-06 08:03 PM   #3 
  - SO Tellurain, are you saying you dont trust BUSH...  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:08 PM   #5 
  - No, I didn't say that atall..  Tellurian   Oct-03-06 08:46 PM   #25 
     - Ah yes, I see, I trust Bush the same way......  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 09:04 PM   #33 
  - I tend to reject madman but endorse madmen.  gordianot   Oct-03-06 08:11 PM   #6 
  - Well, then- shame on you for endorsing "madmen!"  Tellurian   Oct-03-06 08:43 PM   #24 
  - Do you think he'll suspend the 2nd Amendment?  Dyedinthewoolliberal   Oct-04-06 01:56 PM   #69 
  - Sounds Completely Possible,  Megahurtz   Oct-04-06 04:14 PM   #77 
  - that avatar is priceless  Bad Penny   Oct-05-06 02:20 AM   #96 
     - I like it!  Megahurtz   Oct-05-06 05:49 PM   #101 
  - MORE on Rear Adm Scott H. Swift being CENT COm in mid east  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:31 PM   #17 
     - Is the following email I got B.S, or not?  eridani   Oct-03-06 11:11 PM   #46 
        - My Grandfather helped build the USS Enterprise. I sure hope  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 11:23 PM   #47 
        - This latest one? There have been a couple of them NT  MADem   Oct-04-06 10:52 AM   #62 
        - Yes, he helped build the current one (CVN-65). The older one  Texas Explorer   Oct-04-06 07:44 PM   #91 
           - I always called her Big E.... NT  MADem   Oct-05-06 11:09 AM   #99 
        - K&R!!!  Imagevision   Oct-04-06 05:32 PM   #87 
        - someone posted that on my last troop movement post.  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 12:49 AM   #50 
        - The only possible way..  Tellurian   Oct-04-06 07:30 AM   #54 
        - NOTHING would surprize me  Megahurtz   Oct-04-06 03:54 PM   #74 
        - USS Maine / La Coubre / USS Maddox. It's standard operating procedure  DrDebug   Oct-04-06 04:31 PM   #81 
           - That was my thought  eridani   Oct-04-06 10:24 PM   #92 
              - It won't get much replies, but it's a good history lesson  DrDebug   Oct-05-06 03:22 AM   #97 
  - The GOP has pretty much shot theirselves in the ass anyway  Gman   Oct-03-06 08:23 PM   #11 
  - It WOULD be political suicide  TexasLawyer   Oct-03-06 08:37 PM   #22 
  - Holy shitzolla.Go to the Greatest Page where you belong!  mom cat   Oct-03-06 08:03 PM   #4 
  - Military Build-up for War with Iran Accelerating  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:18 PM   #7 
  - Great idea, welcome Tex Exp  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:21 PM   #9 
  - Thanx, FogerRox! Though the Foley thing is important, I firmly  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:28 PM   #16 
     - I can not dissagree with that.  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 09:05 PM   #36 
  - Well done T.E. & R,F. Thank you for this! Bookmarking. nt  chill_wind   Oct-03-06 08:36 PM   #21 
  - Kick and recommend!  chill_wind   Oct-03-06 08:20 PM   #8 
  - Excellent compilation.  bleever   Oct-03-06 08:22 PM   #10 
  - Reminds me of the Good Ship Hope  niallmac   Oct-03-06 08:24 PM   #12 
  - ^--- I would like to recommend this post  TheBorealAvenger   Oct-03-06 08:55 PM   #29 
  - thanks  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 05:28 AM   #53 
  - This direction (if we survive *)will be taken under Democratic Leadership.  The Wielding Truth   Oct-04-06 12:24 PM   #65 
  - Rice: time running out in dealing with Iran's nuke issue  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:26 PM   #13 
  - Double-entendre: Time running out for Rice to deal with Iran (and  leveymg   Oct-04-06 09:01 AM   #59 
  - That's it. I am cancelling my Iran vacation plans. k&r  TomInTib   Oct-03-06 08:26 PM   #14 
  - bush has got to put his goals of World domination  lyonn   Oct-04-06 04:02 PM   #76 
  - If we go to war with Iran, we will destroy ourselves.  Selatius   Oct-03-06 08:28 PM   #15 
  - I'm afraid you may be not far off the mark, if not bullseyed. That  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:33 PM   #18 
  - Exactly right-  kineneb   Oct-04-06 05:14 PM   #86 
  - Excellent information  MethuenProgressive   Oct-03-06 08:35 PM   #19 
  - As an aside  Jcrowley   Oct-03-06 08:35 PM   #20 
  - 17%, a veritable bargin......  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:55 PM   #30 
  - Whoah. I had no idea. And I bet I'm not alone. This is CRAZY!  chill_wind   Oct-03-06 09:05 PM   #34 
     - You're not alone  Jcrowley   Oct-03-06 09:14 PM   #38 
  - While I'm sure all of this info is readily available and I'm as anti-Shrub  UTUSN   Oct-03-06 08:41 PM   #23 
  - I would recommend you dont post troops movements then, OK ?  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:52 PM   #28 
     - This sort of post can serve several purposes simultaneously:  leveymg   Oct-04-06 08:35 AM   #55 
        - Sure. Which is why the only editorializing I did, was on Adm. Swift.  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 03:47 PM   #71 
        - Your theory has merit, but - -  lyonn   Oct-04-06 04:17 PM   #79 
        - I tend to agree  teryang   Oct-04-06 04:42 PM   #82 
  - Raisinbrain will start war with Iran becuase...  roamer65   Oct-03-06 08:49 PM   #26 
  - Humpf, an insult to raisins everywhere  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 03:10 AM   #51 
  - US Iran Report Branded Dishonest; by the UN  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:49 PM   #27 
  - I spent three and a half years on the USS Eisenhower.  driver8   Oct-03-06 08:57 PM   #31 
  - Welcome back.  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 08:58 PM   # 
  - Thanks...hard to believe Saddam invaded Kuwait 16 years ago.  driver8   Oct-03-06 09:05 PM   #35 
  - If we invade Iran, you may just get to spend a few more years on the Ike.  MGD   Oct-03-06 10:57 PM   #42 
  - Hopefully a m-117, not the Bradlee  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 12:46 AM   #49 
  - When did the Ike first set sail?  TheCentepedeShoes   Oct-03-06 11:01 PM   #44 
     - Christened in 1977...  driver8   Oct-03-06 11:34 PM   #48 
  - U.N. diplomats: Iran talks appear to have failed  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 08:58 PM   #32 
  - What's failed are Bolton's efforts to get the UNSC to impose sanctions  leveymg   Oct-04-06 08:48 AM   #57 
  - I am continually amazed at the resources that appear here, good job!  Blackhatjack   Oct-03-06 09:14 PM   #37 
  - You too. I hope we've included your thread in here somewhere above  chill_wind   Oct-03-06 09:43 PM   #39 
  - What really scares me is the potential for large loss of life  FogerRox   Oct-03-06 09:43 PM   #40 
  - What really scares me is the potential for an involuntary call up  MGD   Oct-03-06 11:00 PM   #43 
     - The draft will be the beginning of the end of the United States  roamer65   Oct-04-06 04:16 PM   #78 
        - You all forget Venezuela...  roamer65   Oct-04-06 04:19 PM   #80 
        - That is a probability whether we bomb/invade Iran or not  MGD   Oct-04-06 07:20 PM   #90 
        - All sorts of bad things  slaveplanet   Oct-05-06 02:11 AM   #95 
        - We have brand new legislation for just such an occasion.  MGD   Oct-04-06 07:16 PM   #88 
  - You just gave the primary reasons the Joint Chiefs have opposed this.  leveymg   Oct-04-06 08:55 AM   #58 
  - Like I posted elsewhere...  bloom   Oct-03-06 10:19 PM   #41 
  - Welcome aboard! Spread the word about this build-up to war.  Texas Explorer   Oct-03-06 11:05 PM   #45 
  - After reading The One Percent Doctrine  FearofFutility   Oct-04-06 05:22 AM   #52 
  - Only if the GOP keeps control over both houses of Congress.  leveymg   Oct-04-06 08:42 AM   #56 
     - Thank you  FearofFutility   Oct-05-06 05:18 AM   #98 
  - excellent work  grizmaster   Oct-04-06 09:12 AM   #60 
  - This Thread Is The Most Comprehensive So I Linked to It in recent OP  Blackhatjack   Oct-04-06 10:51 AM   #61 
  - To respond to your question, Ike is a Nuke--all our carriers are now  MADem   Oct-04-06 11:01 AM   #63 
  - Ike is not a battleship, though. Which I found at 3 sites.  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 01:41 PM   #66 
     - See my post. I said CARRIER. NT  MADem   Oct-04-06 01:48 PM   #68 
        - Check, I didn't see not-a-battleship, & wanted to be clear on that  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 02:49 PM   #70 
           - Well, we have no battleships any more, haven't for decades  MADem   Oct-04-06 03:52 PM   #72 
              - Me too.  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 04:01 PM   #75 
  - Anyone Else Frustrated By Total Coverage Blackout Of This Operation?  Blackhatjack   Oct-04-06 11:42 AM   #64 
  - And the hits that keep the American people pre-occupied just  Texas Explorer   Oct-04-06 03:54 PM   #73 
  - And no mention of This Deployment  Megahurtz   Oct-05-06 07:18 PM   #103 
  - Marine Units on the move increased since Foley mess, - 34 days to election  Imagevision   Oct-04-06 01:44 PM   #67 
  - we will lose thousands of sailors and marines  madrchsod   Oct-04-06 04:48 PM   #83 
  - exactly madrchsod, Just keepin an eye on stuff  FogerRox   Oct-04-06 04:56 PM   #84 
  - Yup...World War III.  roamer65   Oct-04-06 05:13 PM   #85 
  - KICK. n/t  Megahurtz   Oct-04-06 07:17 PM   #89 
  - Will have a beer and do more tomorrow ! WE really can'tr wait!  jarnocan   Oct-04-06 10:34 PM   #93 
     - KR  Tellurian   Oct-05-06 01:03 AM   #94 
     - Yep. Beer in the meantime!  Megahurtz   Oct-05-06 05:48 PM   #100 
  - I think the additional troops recently sent to Iraq is part of the buildup  Dover   Oct-05-06 05:57 PM   #102 

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