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Reply #31: Well, both of mine are white. But, both are women. [View All]

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Tierra_y_Libertad Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-30-06 01:20 PM
Response to Reply #29
31. Well, both of mine are white. But, both are women.
Not surprised by Murray, mildly surprised by Cantwell who usually votes DINO.
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  -Senate rollcall vote on 700 mile border fence--passed 81-19 last night. flpoljunkie  Sep-30-06 09:41 AM   #0 
  - If you build a 10' fence, the sales of 11' ladders will go up  Poiuyt   Sep-30-06 09:48 AM   #1 
  - Perhaps we can hire Stasi guards to patrol it....  marmar   Sep-30-06 09:56 AM   #2 
  - Did they vote to name it  realpolitik   Sep-30-06 10:01 AM   #3 
  - A 700 mile fence on the border is like  asjr   Sep-30-06 10:04 AM   #4 
  - The border fence needs to be along the entire 2000 mile distance.........  Double T   Sep-30-06 10:08 AM   #5 
  - "Economic Terrorists"?  Jade Fox   Sep-30-06 10:15 AM   #7 
  - There are terrorists of ALL TYPES..............  Double T   Sep-30-06 10:24 AM   #8 
     - Like I said....  Jade Fox   Sep-30-06 10:33 AM   #10 
        - The RW doesn't have a monopoly on border control ideas..........  Double T   Sep-30-06 10:50 AM   #13 
           - I agree completely.....  Jade Fox   Sep-30-06 11:08 AM   #14 
              - Terrorists and terrorism do NOT make me fearful but instead........  Double T   Sep-30-06 11:45 AM   #16 
  - That would make it second only to the Great Wall of China  KamaAina   Sep-30-06 01:21 PM   #32 
  - Every time I hear this idea put forth.....  Jade Fox   Sep-30-06 10:13 AM   #6 
  - Yes, Obama voted for the fence, and his fellow Senator Durbin voted No!  flpoljunkie   Sep-30-06 01:12 PM   #27 
  - Fuck this Congress. I'm voting. Til then Fuck 'em.  spanone   Sep-30-06 10:28 AM   #9 
  - unbelievable . . . our country is being run by idiots . . . n/t  OneBlueSky   Sep-30-06 10:45 AM   #11 
  - Political Theater  Old and In the Way   Sep-30-06 10:48 AM   #12 
  - Last time I checked there weren't 80 Republicans in the Senate.  Telly Savalas   Sep-30-06 11:49 AM   #17 
  - And too damn bad, we don't have enough Dems to call it such and vote NO!  flpoljunkie   Sep-30-06 11:53 AM   #20 
     - yes, let's build a secure wall all around America!  Old and In the Way   Sep-30-06 01:08 PM   #25 
        - Sorry, this reply was meant for #25.....  Old and In the Way   Sep-30-06 01:09 PM   #26 
           - Not to worry.  flpoljunkie   Sep-30-06 01:13 PM   #28 
  - Am I crazy to believe that a country should have a fence on it's border?  liberaliraqvet26   Sep-30-06 11:12 AM   #15 
  - That's a Lot Of Leftover La-Z-Boys...  KharmaTrain   Sep-30-06 11:51 AM   #18 
  - NO MONEY appropriate in this bill to actually build it. Homeland Security  flpoljunkie   Sep-30-06 11:52 AM   #19 
  - Repukes wrote the bill. They will take the flack for that "oversight".(nt)  w4rma   Sep-30-06 12:15 PM   #23 
  - Do us "dissenters" really have to say anything?  DancingBear   Sep-30-06 11:59 AM   #21 
  - Good. Maybe this will help in the debate about the real reasons they are  w4rma   Sep-30-06 12:13 PM   #22 
  - I applaud my 2 senators for voting against racism.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Sep-30-06 12:20 PM   #24 
  - Mine too!  KamaAina   Sep-30-06 01:18 PM   #29 
     - Well, both of mine are white. But, both are women.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Sep-30-06 01:20 PM   #31 
  - Lieberman NO!!!!  KamaAina   Sep-30-06 01:20 PM   #30 
  - I rather doubt you will ever see this fence erected  StephenB48   Sep-30-06 01:28 PM   #33 
  - Never gonna happen. Not with the North American Union on the  TheGoldenRule   Sep-30-06 01:35 PM   #34 

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