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cali Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-03-06 08:52 AM
Response to Reply #19
20. Frankly,
I see statements such as yours, as adding nothing to the debate but fuel for flame wars.
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  -Meanwhile, Israel is still bombing the shit out of Lebanon cali  Aug-03-06 07:39 AM   #0 
  - Make that the US and Britain  malaise   Aug-03-06 07:42 AM   #1 
  - The PNAC has no desire to stop, the entire plan is working well  Lerkfish   Aug-03-06 07:45 AM   #2 
  - It won't work ... the patience for the Iraqi Quagmire is running out  ShortnFiery   Aug-03-06 07:52 AM   #5 
  - foolhardiness of their plans has yet to stop them  Lerkfish   Aug-03-06 07:53 AM   #6 
  - The People will stop THEM. Of that I'm sure. :-)  ShortnFiery   Aug-03-06 07:54 AM   #7 
  - they have given the go ahead to Israel for a Syria attack...  leftchick   Aug-03-06 08:02 AM   #11 
     - Then the Neo-Cons are going to be Rudely awakened at the  ShortnFiery   Aug-03-06 10:05 AM   #27 
  - 3 weeks* still hasn't called Israels' PM  bluedog   Aug-03-06 07:57 AM   #8 
     - That's to be expected, but  cali   Aug-03-06 08:00 AM   #10 
     - Oh, he'll get around to it...  Virginia Dare   Aug-03-06 08:03 AM   #12 
        - But first he must eat cake and strum a guitar and oh yeah, cut brush.  TheGoldenRule   Aug-03-06 02:20 PM   #33 
  - Southern Beruit  leftchick   Aug-03-06 07:48 AM   #3 
  - Too busy, either going on vacay or getting ready for it  48percenter   Aug-03-06 07:51 AM   #4 
  - It's been such a resoundingly successful tactic...  Violet_Crumble   Aug-03-06 08:00 AM   #9 
  - Hasn't it been,  cali   Aug-03-06 08:07 AM   #13 
     - Olmert's a huge disappointment...  Violet_Crumble   Aug-03-06 08:19 AM   #16 
  - Isn't a cease fire available if the soldiers are returned  dmordue   Aug-03-06 08:17 AM   #14 
  - It's simple.  cali   Aug-03-06 08:29 AM   #17 
  - No, a cease fire isn't available because Israel said NO!  amBushed   Aug-03-06 08:57 AM   #21 
  - Actually, Hezbolla does not want this to continue and agreed to the EU  mom cat   Aug-03-06 01:21 PM   #32 
  - Why do you hate Israel, err, Murka?  Jacobin   Aug-03-06 08:18 AM   #15 
  - Actually, it's kind of funny  cali   Aug-03-06 08:31 AM   #18 
     - By me at least once! I confess.  amBushed   Aug-03-06 08:59 AM   #22 
        - Actually,  cali   Aug-03-06 09:02 AM   #23 
           - No, my ideas are always enlightened.  amBushed   Aug-03-06 09:08 AM   #24 
  - "nits make lice"  GreenArrow   Aug-03-06 08:32 AM   #19 
  - Frankly,  cali   Aug-03-06 08:52 AM   #20 
     - ah yes, "flame wars"....  GreenArrow   Aug-03-06 11:24 AM   #30 
  - It's for their own good. Birth pangs. Collateral damage. Regrettable.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Aug-03-06 09:11 AM   #25 
  - Was listening to An Aussie news correspondent...  theHandpuppet   Aug-03-06 09:36 AM   #26 
  - And our Dear Leader is heading off to Crawford later today for  ShortnFiery   Aug-03-06 10:12 AM   #28 
  - The Neo-Conservatives don't want that.  Beelzebud   Aug-03-06 10:13 AM   #29 
  - how many more is the question  bigtree   Aug-03-06 11:28 AM   #31 

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