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Reply #6: They have been increasing it because Israel [View All]

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cornermouse Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-02-06 04:51 AM
Response to Reply #5
6. They have been increasing it because Israel
weakened Lebanon. You may not remember, but I can clearly remember Lebanon objecting strongly and repeatedly when Israel first drove the militants out of Israel and into Lebanon. Lebanon didn't want them any more than Israel did. Fact is Israel's actions back then set the stage for now.

And the fact is, you're blaming the victim.
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  -(Israel, Hezbollah, and Lebanon) Why Israel is doing something wrong... originalpckelly  Aug-02-06 04:08 AM   #0 
  - You're a Jew-hating anti-Semite for calling upon logic and decency...  DRoseDARs   Aug-02-06 04:21 AM   #1 
  - How can your analogy be appropriate if the hypothetical hostage  zonkers   Aug-02-06 04:21 AM   #2 
  - Israel is in a cycle of repeating a mistake.  cornermouse   Aug-02-06 04:26 AM   #3 
  - a bit wrong on the info....  pelsar   Aug-02-06 04:32 AM   #5 
  - They have been increasing it because Israel  cornermouse   Aug-02-06 04:51 AM   #6 
  - Interesting  Sherman A1   Aug-02-06 05:07 AM   #8 
  - your not seeing the "big picture" + your example is wrong and info.  pelsar   Aug-02-06 04:29 AM   #4 
     - Is there anything that Israel could do that would be wrong...  originalpckelly   Aug-02-06 05:05 AM   #7 
        - you would need a larger hard drive...  pelsar   Aug-02-06 05:23 AM   #9 
           - And those real world solutions are working so well  magellan   Aug-02-06 05:33 AM   #10 
              - care to discuss real options....  pelsar   Aug-02-06 05:35 AM   #11 
                 - Yeah  magellan   Aug-02-06 05:41 AM   #12 
                    - now dont go away....  pelsar   Aug-02-06 05:46 AM   #13 
                       - No. The UN determined that Chebaa farms belonged to Syria  magellan   Aug-02-06 05:48 AM   #14 
                          - read.....  pelsar   Aug-02-06 05:56 AM   #15 
                             - The withdrawal blessing didn't touch upon Chebaa farms  magellan   Aug-02-06 06:15 AM   #16 
                                - you didnt read the article....did you?  pelsar   Aug-02-06 06:23 AM   #17 
                                   - Uh...right  magellan   Aug-02-06 07:31 AM   #18 
                                   - Who should run Lebanese foreign policy?  Laotra   Aug-02-06 07:46 AM   #19 
                                      - I would say Taif took away power from the Christians  Selatius   Aug-02-06 08:06 AM   #20 
                                         - AFAIK  Laotra   Aug-02-06 03:24 PM   #21 

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