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Hezbollah only targeting civilians.............. [View All]

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springhill Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-31-06 01:17 AM
Original message
Hezbollah only targeting civilians..............
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Edited on Mon Jul-31-06 01:24 AM by springhill
Why are there so many of these posts? Can someone please explain to me why more military than civilians in Israel have been killed and what the chances are of that happening if they are only targeting the civilian population?


The third myth is that, while Israel is trying to fight a clean war by targeting only terrorists, Hezbollah prefers to bring death and destruction on innocents by firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

It is amazing that this myth even needs exploding, but after the efforts of Horowitz and Co. it most certainly does. As the civilian death toll in Lebanon has skyrocketed, international criticism of Israel has remained at the mealy-mouthed level of diplomatic requests for restraint and proportionate responses."

One need only cast a quick eye over the casualty figures from this conflict to see that if Israel is targeting only Hezbollah fighters it has been making disastrous miscalculations. So far some 400 Lebanese civilians are reported dead -- unfortunately for Horowitzs story at least a third of them children. From the images coming out of Lebanons hospitals, many more children have survived but with terrible burns or disabling injuries.


Conversely, the breakdown of the smaller number of deaths of Israelis at the hands of Hezbollah -- 42 at the time of writing -- show that more soldiers have been killed than civilians.

In fact, although no one is making the point, Hezbollahs rockets have been targeted overwhelming at strategic locations: the northern economic hub of Haifa, its satellite towns and the array of military sites across the Galilee.
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  -Hezbollah only targeting civilians.............. springhill  Jul-31-06 01:17 AM   #0 
  - C'mon, now. Don't let facts get in the way of a...  Fridays Child   Jul-31-06 01:19 AM   #1 
  - Hezbollah has killed more soldiers than civilians  killbotfactory   Jul-31-06 01:23 AM   #2 
  - There's the IDF and the IPF  ShockediSay   Jul-31-06 01:29 AM   #3 
  - Judging by the posts, there's plenty of IDF right here!  mediaman007   Jul-31-06 05:50 AM   #13 
  - it makes perfect sense  eviltwin2525   Jul-31-06 01:35 AM   #4 
  - Of course Israel is deliberately targeting civilians.  David__77   Jul-31-06 01:39 AM   #5 
  - I don't think by any stretch of the imagination.........  springhill   Jul-31-06 01:41 AM   #6 
  - It makes a cool propaganda argument, though, doesn't it?  Tesha   Jul-31-06 06:59 AM   #15 
  - It's hardly a "stretch" of the imagination  dmesg   Jul-31-06 02:23 PM   #28 
  - You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South  Magical   Jul-31-06 01:41 AM   #7 
  - Funny how the facts are so often ignored ...  TahitiNut   Jul-31-06 02:00 AM   #11 
  - Oh you mean like the 30 or so kids.........  springhill   Jul-31-06 01:53 AM   #9 
     - Those children's parents...  Texas Explorer   Jul-31-06 01:20 PM   #17 
        - Your statement is just unbelievable.......  springhill   Jul-31-06 01:37 PM   #19 
        - First of all...  Texas Explorer   Jul-31-06 01:57 PM   #23 
           - Yeah, The Gov Warned Everyone To Evacuate New Orleans Too.  jayfish   Jul-31-06 02:04 PM   #25 
              - Ok, so...  Texas Explorer   Jul-31-06 02:19 PM   #27 
                 - We Agree On That. -NT-  jayfish   Jul-31-06 02:27 PM   #30 
        - Remember Katrina...  CJCRANE   Jul-31-06 02:30 PM   #34 
  - Hizballa targets druze and christians and jews....  pelsar   Jul-31-06 01:45 AM   #8 
  - Whose innocents have most suffered?  Erika   Jul-31-06 01:56 AM   #10 
  - Hezbollah is not killing their own....just everyone else  pelsar   Jul-31-06 02:31 AM   #12 
     - Did you even read the original post?  springhill   Jul-31-06 12:57 PM   #16 
  - all modern wars are conducted against civilians.  xchrom   Jul-31-06 06:10 AM   #14 
  - "THIS is the picture that damns Hezbollah."  WinkyDink   Jul-31-06 01:26 PM   #18 
  - I've seen that picture and I don't see the "damning" that you speak of.  breakaleg   Jul-31-06 01:44 PM   #20 
  - I'm quoting the article ( would I quote myself?).  WinkyDink   Jul-31-06 01:45 PM   #22 
  - You mean to say that...  Texas Explorer   Jul-31-06 02:04 PM   #24 
     - If anything, it 'damns' IDF  TahitiNut   Jul-31-06 02:59 PM   #38 
  - lol  Mr_Spock   Jul-31-06 02:29 PM   #32 
  - Hezbollah wearing civilian garb and firing rockets from civilian  npincus   Jul-31-06 01:45 PM   #21 
  - Count On the Media To Think Everyone Is As Stupid As They Are.  jayfish   Jul-31-06 02:10 PM   #26 
  - Do people really think we are that insanely stupid?  Mr_Spock   Jul-31-06 02:28 PM   #31 
  - That's an AA cannon  dmesg   Jul-31-06 02:29 PM   #33 
     - Exactly.  Mr_Spock   Jul-31-06 02:33 PM   #35 
     - Please note that it's mounted in the bed of a deuce-and-a-half truck.  TahitiNut   Jul-31-06 02:52 PM   #37 
  - Then they have way worse aim  malaise   Jul-31-06 02:26 PM   #29 
  - Well, war isn't about parity  dmesg   Jul-31-06 02:34 PM   #36 

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