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Reply #29: Your analogy also sounds a lot like the Southern defense of Jim Crow [View All]

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yurbud Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-22-06 01:02 AM
Response to Original message
29. Your analogy also sounds a lot like the Southern defense of Jim Crow
'Our coloreds can be peaceful fur decades at a time, but every once in a while they git a wild hare to vote or sum sich, and we gotta string a few up to teach 'em what's what, if you git my meaning...'
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  -Ok, Here's The Real Analogy ruggerson  Jul-22-06 12:34 AM   #0 
  - Not a good analogy.  mmonk   Jul-22-06 12:38 AM   #1 
  - Yes you're right  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:40 AM   #2 
     - Palestinian spew is an inaccurate term...  everythingsxen   Jul-22-06 12:41 AM   #5 
     - Forgive me  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:43 AM   #6 
        - "Rocket enthusiasts"  everythingsxen   Jul-22-06 12:47 AM   #11 
     - You're actually with the trend  mmonk   Jul-22-06 12:43 AM   #7 
     - That is about right. Anyone who thinks there is a good vs. evil war  Random_Australian   Jul-22-06 12:55 AM   #22 
     - Are the Israelis justified in displacing the Palestinians the way we did  yurbud   Jul-22-06 12:45 AM   #9 
  - You forgot something...  everythingsxen   Jul-22-06 12:40 AM   #3 
  - you have been living in your house for years, and one morning...  yurbud   Jul-22-06 12:41 AM   #4 
  - I like this analogy.  uppityperson   Jul-22-06 12:47 AM   #10 
  - You forgot the part where the house you live in used to belong to the  SoCalDem   Jul-22-06 12:44 AM   #8 
  - Oh, yes, I forgot about that meme  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:47 AM   #12 
     - 1948 was less than 60 years ago.. we celebrate an event  SoCalDem   Jul-22-06 12:54 AM   #19 
     - Oh I see  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:57 AM   #24 
        - 60 vs. 2000? at very least, you should be able to see why Palestinians  yurbud   Jul-22-06 01:00 AM   #26 
        - I guess we should check Adam & Eve's last will and testament?  SoCalDem   Jul-22-06 01:01 AM   #27 
     - How long can you be gone and still have a claim?  yurbud   Jul-22-06 12:56 AM   #23 
     - Another timeline hypocrisy like Old South and blacks...  yurbud   Jul-22-06 01:07 AM   #30 
  - biased one sided flamebait  Wonk   Jul-22-06 12:48 AM   #13 
  - Can't have a definite opinion on this one eh?  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:50 AM   #16 
  - Here we go again.  mmonk   Jul-22-06 12:48 AM   #14 
  - And if I was claiming part of their yard as mine...  cynatnite   Jul-22-06 12:49 AM   #15 
  - There's a Little More To It Than That  Crisco   Jul-22-06 12:51 AM   #17 
  - How do you get squatting  ruggerson   Jul-22-06 12:53 AM   #18 
  - You are sitting in your house, and some Indians from South America  yurbud   Jul-22-06 12:54 AM   #20 
  - That is asinine.  The Stranger   Jul-22-06 12:54 AM   #21 
  - It's the Owen Wilson defense of Israel...  yurbud   Jul-22-06 12:58 AM   #25 
     - I shouldn't laugh...  cynatnite   Jul-22-06 01:01 AM   #28 
     - now that is good  uppityperson   Jul-22-06 01:15 AM   #31 
  - Your analogy also sounds a lot like the Southern defense of Jim Crow  yurbud   Jul-22-06 01:02 AM   #29 
  - Yeah, the "real" analogy  Jim__   Jul-22-06 01:20 AM   #32 
  - This land is my land....  greguganus   Jul-22-06 01:21 AM   #33 
  - The anarchist version sings pretty damn good n/t  cynatnite   Jul-22-06 01:22 AM   #34 
  - all this, of course, many years after the neighbors has been forced .. .  OneBlueSky   Jul-22-06 01:42 AM   #35 
  - Analogy? More like a fairy tale.  caduceus111   Jul-22-06 01:45 AM   #36 
  - The 2 houses analogy doesn't work of course  Ignoramus   Jul-22-06 02:03 AM   #37 
  - Locking  The Magistrate   Jul-22-06 02:17 AM   #38 

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