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Reply #7: If her resume includes "election thief," "cast-iron bitch" and [View All]

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SammyBlue Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-13-06 12:40 PM
Response to Original message
7. If her resume includes "election thief," "cast-iron bitch" and
"overall harpie," then it's a legit resume.

The rest is pure bullshit.
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  -Katherine Harris BUSTED; padded her resume, list of accomplishments CatWoman  Jul-13-06 12:33 PM   #0 
  - BUSTed.....PADDED??????  MADem   Jul-13-06 12:35 PM   #1 
  - mmmmm ...... Moxie and Spunk  burythehatchet   Jul-13-06 02:45 PM   #18 
  - Well she has  NewYorkerfromMass   Jul-13-06 03:17 PM   #20 
  - ROFL - you made a BIG funny.  FLDem5   Jul-13-06 03:19 PM   #21 
  - Don't listen to the naysayers, Kathy! We love ya, hon!  Fridays Child   Jul-13-06 12:35 PM   #2 
  - Yeah, keep running and spending daddy's money  warrens   Jul-13-06 12:42 PM   #9 
  - "Is this a bust?" nt  iconoclastic cat   Jul-13-06 12:36 PM   #3 
  - Yes, it's very impressive...  kiki   Jul-13-06 01:08 PM   #10 
  - It is too late for them to put another candidate in isn't it?  WI_DEM   Jul-13-06 12:37 PM   #4 
  - there are two people running against her in the primary  orangepeel68   Jul-13-06 12:40 PM   #6 
  - That's why the repubs tried to get her to step down....  robinlynne   Jul-13-06 04:44 PM   #23 
  - Inaccurate campaign literature???  Mz Pip   Jul-13-06 12:38 PM   #5 
  - If her resume includes "election thief," "cast-iron bitch" and  SammyBlue   Jul-13-06 12:40 PM   #7 
  - No way!  H2O Man   Jul-13-06 12:41 PM   #8 
  - Another lie from a Bushco family member....what's new?  spanone   Jul-13-06 01:11 PM   # 
  - Another lie from a Bushco family member....what's new?  spanone   Jul-13-06 01:11 PM   #11 
  - Wow! That means that over 1 out of every single 600 Americans has  nealmhughes   Jul-13-06 01:24 PM   #12 
  - Even better -- market research shows approx. 45,000,000 property  mikeytherat   Jul-13-06 02:47 PM   #19 
  - "I was instrumental in withdrawing all U.S. troops from Viet Nam."  TahitiNut   Jul-13-06 01:38 PM   #13 
  - Katherine Harris BUSTED...  mavoix   Jul-13-06 02:37 PM   #14 
  - I saw a thread about it somewhere around here  CatWoman   Jul-13-06 02:38 PM   #15 
  - Bwahahahahahaha! nt  ThruTheLookingGlass   Jul-13-06 02:40 PM   #16 
  - Florida again. I'm keepin' track.  Ron_Green   Jul-13-06 02:42 PM   #17 
  - Resume padding? Does her resume imply that she's human?  Czolgosz   Jul-13-06 03:21 PM   #22 
  - Katherine Harris is such a boob!  Joanne98   Jul-13-06 04:46 PM   #24 
  - Why, Katherine? Why? You don't need any padding, we all know  The Count   Jul-13-06 04:53 PM   #25 
  - "harris claims to have INVENTED mortgage financing!"  unblock   Jul-13-06 05:24 PM   #26 
  - Awww... give her a break....  jberryhill   Jul-13-06 10:59 PM   #27 
     - *SNAP*  CatWoman   Jul-13-06 11:06 PM   #28 

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