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Reply #19: The only time he was watchable was when he and Bill Press [View All]

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SoCalDem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-10-06 03:41 PM
Response to Original message
19. The only time he was watchable was when he and Bill Press
had "The Spin Zone"..

Tucker's a lightweight..bow tie or no bow tie
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  -Tucker Carlson now airs on MSNBC at 4, repeats at 6, on "Tucker" DeepModem Mom  Jul-10-06 01:13 PM   #0 
  - Carlson's personality  Child_Of_Isis   Jul-10-06 01:17 PM   #1 
  - Tucker  frontdeboeuf   Jul-10-06 01:18 PM   #2 
  - Don't know, frontdeboeuf -- but welcome to DU!  DeepModem Mom   Jul-10-06 01:19 PM   #3 
  - I thought he did lose the bowtie?  Mr_Spock   Jul-10-06 01:21 PM   #6 
  - There is nothing cute about an asswipe political shill for Chucklenuts  Democrat 4 Ever   Jul-10-06 01:27 PM   #7 
  - He reminds me of the spoiled rich kid.  Jara sang   Jul-10-06 01:21 PM   #4 
  - He IS a spoiled rich kid. That's why. nt  MookieWilson   Jul-10-06 01:35 PM   #10 
  - hmmm, sounds like someone else we know.  alyce douglas   Jul-10-06 01:40 PM   #11 
  - Thanks very little for advertising for him. ;) nt  greyl   Jul-10-06 01:21 PM   #5 
  - I didn't post to recommend viewing. I thought it was interesting...  DeepModem Mom   Jul-10-06 01:52 PM   #14 
  - No one has any interest in watching this empty suit. nt  MookieWilson   Jul-10-06 01:34 PM   #8 
  - good - now I'll miss him completely.  xxqqqzme   Jul-10-06 01:35 PM   #9 
  - they are trying to pump his ratings..see KO was on twice before at that  flyarm   Jul-10-06 01:45 PM   #12 
  - Are they trying to fail?  qanda   Jul-10-06 01:50 PM   #13 
  - Time to kill off his show - here's Abrams other brilliant idea  RamboLiberal   Jul-10-06 02:49 PM   #15 
  - I only watch MSNBC for Countdown w/Keith Olbermann  Swamp Rat   Jul-10-06 02:52 PM   #16 
  - the problem with watching Keith  stanwyck   Jul-10-06 03:37 PM   #18 
  - Is there a reason I should care about this nimrod in a bowtie?  lonestarnot   Jul-10-06 03:36 PM   #17 
  - Are you talking to me?  Nimrod2005   Jul-10-06 03:49 PM   #20 
  - LOL, I forgot about you.  lonestarnot   Jul-10-06 04:07 PM   #25 
  - How many new show formats has Tucker had in the past year?  Blue Belle   Jul-10-06 03:50 PM   #21 
     - The ratbastard should be shitcanned, no one gives a fuck what  lonestarnot   Jul-10-06 04:08 PM   #26 
  - The only time he was watchable was when he and Bill Press  SoCalDem   Jul-10-06 03:41 PM   #19 
  - Notice how conservatives with failed TV shows get plenty of second chances  ReadTomPaine   Jul-10-06 03:56 PM   #22 
  - media critique called 'beat the press?" harry shearer should sue  Adenoid_Hynkel   Jul-10-06 04:01 PM   #23 
  - haha, the lying dumbass got demoted to daytime!!  LSK   Jul-10-06 04:02 PM   #24 
  - Rewarding failure no matter what  DesertedRose   Jul-10-06 04:23 PM   #27 

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