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Reply #7: Yes, prisoners have been treated better by Iraqi militias [View All]

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Warpy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-20-06 08:47 AM
Response to Original message
7. Yes, prisoners have been treated better by Iraqi militias
than we treated the Iraqis in the prisons WE ran. This is shameful in and of itself, and the inevitable outcome is that they degrade their own civility in the process.

This is why this country has always rigidly adhered to the Geneva Conventions.

This is why Stupid needs a very long stretch in Leavenworth followed by a trip to the Hague.

Stupid did it to these poor guys. The Iraqis were only his means.
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  -Al Jazeera Says They Were Tortured in Barbaric Fashion leftyladyfrommo  Jun-20-06 08:23 AM   #0 
  - The US Tortures in Humane Fashion  Ezlivin   Jun-20-06 08:26 AM   #1 
  - Yea, that's it!  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 08:28 AM   #3 
  - Yes, they are barbaric arent' they?  Philosoraptor   Jun-20-06 08:56 AM   #10 
  - So, they ignored the Geneva Convention articles, did they?  acmavm   Jun-20-06 08:27 AM   #2 
  - I don't know much but I know I want my next President to have  madokie   Jun-20-06 08:31 AM   #4 
  - Yes, but we are so much more civilized than they.  Philosoraptor   Jun-20-06 08:57 AM   #11 
  - That is why the Geneva Convention articles  malaise   Jun-20-06 08:58 AM   #12 
  - I don't think the jihadis  Yupster   Jun-20-06 09:08 AM   #14 
     - This is what happens when  malaise   Jun-20-06 09:10 AM   #16 
        - I don't want to hijack a thread  genie_weenie   Jun-20-06 09:14 AM   #19 
           - Soveriegn, like all other words, no longer means what it used to.  Philosoraptor   Jun-20-06 09:23 AM   #29 
              - I'm just wondering what DUers think  genie_weenie   Jun-20-06 11:58 AM   #52 
  - But we need to get  Yupster   Jun-20-06 09:06 AM   #13 
  - Another lesson from Viet Nam? n/t  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:22 AM   #26 
  - The right will say the difference is, our guys were wearing uniforms  merh   Jun-20-06 10:11 AM   #51 
  - Did they flush their bibles down the toilet?  deaniac21   Jun-20-06 08:35 AM   #5 
  - when in Mesopotamia, do as the Mesopotamians do...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 08:43 AM   #6 
  - I'm afraid to even guess what "barbaric toture" means.  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:12 AM   #18 
     - sadly true...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 09:23 AM   #30 
  - Yes, prisoners have been treated better by Iraqi militias  Warpy   Jun-20-06 08:47 AM   #7 
  - wonder if they used the 'enemy combantants' label???  rodeodance   Jun-20-06 08:50 AM   #8 
  - Had there been no  cali   Jun-20-06 08:55 AM   #9 
  - Remember Jessica Lynch?  ayeshahaqqiqa   Jun-20-06 09:10 AM   #15 
  - Far more non-Americans  cali   Jun-20-06 09:14 AM   #20 
  - that is correct, Babylonia's ways & means are known throughout...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 09:22 AM   #27 
  - I don't give anybody a pass...  Virginia Dare   Jun-20-06 09:46 AM   #45 
  - Wait. Make sure you are viewing this correctly  genie_weenie   Jun-20-06 09:12 AM   #17 
  - So does the GOP suddenly find Al-Jazeera credible?  Toots   Jun-20-06 09:15 AM   #21 
  - What is this about?  qanda   Jun-20-06 09:16 AM   #22 
  - Yes - the link may have changed now - it was just breaking on  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:19 AM   #23 
  - Still there - over on the top right - Breaking News. n/t  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:21 AM   #25 
     - Thank you  qanda   Jun-20-06 09:51 AM   #46 
  - Sow the wind  sea urchin   Jun-20-06 09:20 AM   #24 
  - welcome to du, sea urchin...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 09:27 AM   #34 
  - What the hell is going on?  ContraBass Black   Jun-20-06 09:23 AM   #28 
  - link...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 09:25 AM   #31 
  - They found the two bodies of the captured military guys in  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:26 AM   #32 
  - The obvious solution is to torture more Iraqis, even more brutally, and to  Mayberry Machiavelli   Jun-20-06 09:26 AM   #33 
  - damn.  GloriaSmith   Jun-20-06 09:30 AM   #35 
  - I'm not sure what could be worse.  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:33 AM   #36 
  - yes, i would most likely be thinking about their last hours  chimpsrsmarter   Jun-20-06 09:36 AM   #38 
     - I'm afraid I would do the same thing....  GloriaSmith   Jun-20-06 09:39 AM   #42 
  - are the troops stretched so thin that they have only 3 soldiers  GreatCaesarsGhost   Jun-20-06 09:36 AM   #37 
  - and they all belong to militias.  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:39 AM   #41 
  - But....I thought Zarqawi was dead ??  kentuck   Jun-20-06 09:37 AM   #39 
  - You mean the "new" actually put in by bin Laden guy?  leftyladyfrommo   Jun-20-06 09:40 AM   #43 
  - There was speculation here over the past few days....  Virginia Dare   Jun-20-06 09:42 AM   #44 
     - so far their new operational plan has taken the field...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 10:01 AM   #49 
  - It's okay. George W. A.W.O.L. says torture is okay. Didn't y'all read  AzDar   Jun-20-06 09:37 AM   #40 
  - The phrase "barbaric torture" is redundant n/t  KurtNYC   Jun-20-06 09:52 AM   #47 
  - I'm sure they died secure in the knowledge that the GOP ...  Sentinel Chicken   Jun-20-06 09:59 AM   #48 
     - there'ya go...  bridgit   Jun-20-06 10:01 AM   #50 

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