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Reply #2: Well contrary to what Bush has been saying..... [View All]

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shaniqua6392 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-13-06 06:45 AM
Response to Original message
2. Well contrary to what Bush has been saying.....
The economy is not "growing stronger every day". I knew the BS would catch up to him sooner or later. The middle class is dying. The oil companies and the Bush Administration are killing us. I hope it tanks. It is the only thing that makes his poll numbers go down. Gas prices and the economy.
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  -CNN everyone laughing about the stock market being down 800 points katmondoo  Jun-13-06 06:36 AM   #0 
  - Maybe it is  Debau2005   Jun-13-06 06:38 AM   #1 
  - Well contrary to what Bush has been saying.....  shaniqua6392   Jun-13-06 06:45 AM   #2 
  - Yeah..and Unindicted Rove is out encouraging Repukes to run on  paparush   Jun-13-06 07:06 AM   #8 
     - That has always been his strategy  n2doc   Jun-13-06 07:16 AM   #12 
        - Yep. We are literally living out '1984'.  paparush   Jun-13-06 07:23 AM   #14 
  - When you compare this sell off to others, there's nothing special about  Zynx   Jun-13-06 06:48 AM   #3 
  - We are getting close to a point where NO Gains have been made since 2001  KoKo01   Jun-13-06 06:51 AM   #4 
     - Considering where the S&P 500 was in 2002 at 775, I'll take flat since  Zynx   Jun-13-06 07:03 AM   #7 
     - Frankly, owning a bit of a company isn't all about the market indexes  HereSince1628   Jun-13-06 07:53 AM   #17 
  - I noticed that earlier... the giggling and smiling.  Swamp Rat   Jun-13-06 06:55 AM   #5 
  - They'll blame 911 or Clinton  Tesla   Jun-13-06 07:02 AM   #6 
     - It's the fault of the liberal media (which they're supposedly a part of)  Roland99   Jun-13-06 07:17 AM   #13 
  - They keep saying  TheFarseer   Jun-13-06 07:06 AM   #9 
  - Giggling morons in the morning...  Scurrilous   Jun-13-06 07:14 AM   #10 
  - Well think about it.  fasttense   Jun-13-06 07:14 AM   #11 
  - If you take into account the lower value of the dollar its worse then that  newportdadde   Jun-13-06 07:36 AM   #15 
  - Ah, who needs those pesky retirement accounts anyway? All of  Ilsa   Jun-13-06 07:41 AM   #16 
  - When the stocks go down  undergroundpanther   Jun-13-06 09:29 AM   #18 

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