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Reply #20: Yet, one from Clinton that I had read previously at the other site [View All]

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Sydnie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-11-06 12:39 PM
Response to Reply #18
20. Yet, one from Clinton that I had read previously at the other site
IS in that list. It appears that they have removed blivet's** only maybe? I haven't looked through the whole list and most that I saw before I did not document unfortunately. Perhaps they have just removed the latest ones? I will have to check it out closer later.
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  -All the signing statements scrubbed from the online database? Sydnie  Jun-11-06 10:13 AM   #0 
  - What are those "public papers" that you speak, grandpa?  robbedvoter   Jun-11-06 10:16 AM   #1 
  - Heh, heh....a sad commentary, but damn, TRUE! NT  MADem   Jun-11-06 10:35 AM   #4 
  - "Well, back in the day, back when there were a thing called glaciers..."  me b zola   Jun-11-06 11:59 AM   #14 
  - it's because the American Bar Ass. is after chimpy for signing statements  Jeffersons Ghost   Jun-11-06 10:18 AM   #2 
  - but they were always available before  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 10:20 AM   #3 
     - I've been doing antiwar OPs with Graphics. you should see how fast...  Jeffersons Ghost   Jun-11-06 10:59 AM   #6 
  - this is potentially huge. May i make a suggestion?  salin   Jun-11-06 10:55 AM   #5 
  - I agree with your suggestion  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 11:10 AM   #9 
  - This may be a long shot, but...  me b zola   Jun-11-06 12:38 PM   #19 
  - It isn't that we can't read them right now...  salin   Jun-11-06 12:51 PM   #22 
  - Yes, when I saw the title of this thread I instantly got an Orwell moment.  Jackpine Radical   Jun-11-06 09:31 PM   #27 
  - I have been doing some investigation at the GPO  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 08:07 PM   #25 
  - Here's a comparison I did last month, using an Air America interview.  Jeffersons Ghost   Jun-11-06 11:05 AM   #7 
  - Here is a good history on signing statements  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 11:09 AM   #8 
  - national security. You can't even ask what now is secret. Because  antifaschits   Jun-11-06 11:21 AM   #10 
  - k&r.  robinlynne   Jun-11-06 11:40 AM   #11 
  - There is a link to them on a new thread. It works. look in "latest".  robinlynne   Jun-11-06 11:42 AM   #12 
  - that is by all means not ALL of them  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 12:02 PM   #15 
     - Knowing what to look for is a big part of the battle.  salin   Jun-11-06 12:24 PM   #17 
     - Thanks for that info  me b zola   Jun-11-06 12:34 PM   #18 
        - Yet, one from Clinton that I had read previously at the other site  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 12:39 PM   #20 
  - Look here  bear425   Jun-11-06 11:45 AM   #13 
  - Lesson: You think it's damning and online, SCREEN CAPTURE is our friend  helderheid   Jun-12-06 10:10 AM   #43 
     - boy, have I learned that lesson this weekend! n/t  Sydnie   Jun-12-06 10:18 AM   #46 
  - K&R nt  lostnfound   Jun-11-06 12:22 PM   #16 
  - I wouldn't put it past them to sanitize the site..I'm sure there is a  w8liftinglady   Jun-11-06 12:44 PM   #21 
  - Rubber stamped by Sam Alieto. nt  Tigress DEM   Jun-12-06 03:41 AM   #36 
  - Cheney's role in Signing Statements  Emit   Jun-11-06 12:51 PM   #23 
  - simply incredible  Greyskye   Jun-11-06 01:35 PM   #24 
  - won't they be on somewhere? n/t  AZDemDist6   Jun-11-06 09:17 PM   #26 
  - They have always been available from the  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 10:01 PM   #28 
     - ok that's just odd  AZDemDist6   Jun-11-06 10:20 PM   #29 
     - Has anyone contacted  The_Warmth   Jun-11-06 10:23 PM   #30 
        - It's the weekend ... can't imagine  Sydnie   Jun-11-06 11:26 PM   #32 
  - k&r n/t  Concerned GA Voter   Jun-11-06 10:47 PM   #31 
  - Kicked & recommended  rumpel   Jun-12-06 12:36 AM   #33 
  - Kicking -- please keep this alive! nt  snot   Jun-12-06 01:18 AM   #34 
  - 1984 all over..  Tigress DEM   Jun-12-06 03:40 AM   #35 
  - The Boston Globe did the article on the signing statements. Maybe  mom cat   Jun-12-06 06:37 AM   #37 
  - If you know about them the terrorist will win  Toots   Jun-12-06 07:52 AM   #38 
  - Those who control the past...  greiner3   Jun-12-06 08:00 AM   #39 
  - Kick. Shocking. n/t  myrna minx   Jun-12-06 08:01 AM   #40 
  - I just called Charlie Savage  Sydnie   Jun-12-06 09:14 AM   #41 
  - It's Monday  Heywoodj   Jun-12-06 10:09 AM   #42 
  - Quite interesting!  Sydnie   Jun-12-06 10:17 AM   #45 
  - Kicking.  riderinthestorm   Jun-12-06 10:16 AM   #44 
  - Muthafucka dictating nazi!  lonestarnot   Jun-12-06 10:20 AM   #47 
  - Keep this alive  chill_wind   Jun-12-06 10:43 AM   #49 
  - kick  lonestarnot   Jun-13-06 11:09 AM   #51 
  - THE SIGNING STATEMENTS ARE HERE:  elehhhhna   Jun-12-06 10:38 AM   #48 
     - Thank you!  lonestarnot   Jun-12-06 11:41 AM   #50 

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