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Reply #35: Bush was in Dallas of course. Where was Nixon? [View All]

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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-14-06 04:32 AM
Response to Reply #31
35. Bush was in Dallas of course. Where was Nixon?
Nixon quit politics after being beaten in the election, however he didn't leave politics completely and was in charge of that Operation 40 group who were supposed to get rid off Castro. That means that Nixon and Bush had the same friends like Goss, Tosh, Hunt and Barry Seal, who later became one of the largest drugsdealers. It's no wonder that Nixon invited Bush to the White House.

Back to the question where was Dick on November 22, 1963. There are three stories...

Story One

Not long after Kennedy was shot, Nixon wrote an unusually long article for the Reader's Digest. It appeared in the November 1964 issue under the strange title, "Cuba, Castro, and John F Kennedy." Prepared as it was by Nixon or for his signature and prepared for the massive worldwide audience of the August Reader's Digest, we are asked to believe that this is the factual account of what took place. Nixon says

"I urged, in a statement to the press Dallas on November 21 that the President and the vice-president be shown the respect to which their office entitled them."

Nixon added,

"I boarded a plane in Dallas on the morning of November 22 to New York. We arrived on schedule at 12:56. I hailed a cab. We were waiting for a light to change when a man ran over from the street corner and said that the President had just been shot in Dallas. This is the way that I learned the news."

Story Two


"I attended the Pepsi Cola convention ( in Dallas ) and left on Friday morning. November 22, from Love Field. Dallas, on a flight back to New York , . . on arrival in New York we caught a cab and headed for the city the cabbie missed a turn somewhere and we were off the highway . . . a woman came out of her house screaming and crying. I rolled down the cab window to ask what the matter was and when she saw my face she turned even paler. She told me that John Kennedy had just been shot in Dallas,"

Story Three


"(At Idlewild Airport now JFK Airport) in New York , reporters and photographers had been waiting for the American Airlines plane among (the passengers) was Nixon. As he got off the plane he thought that he would give 'the boys' basically the same interview he had granted in Dallas . Nixon posed for a few pictures . . . got into a taxi-cab was barely out of the airport when one of the reporters got the message: The President has been shot in Dallas."

The True Story


Mr. Russel confirmed that Nixon was attending that meeting at the time the shots were fired. He added Nixon was there representing the Pepsi Cola Company's law firm Mudge, Rose, Nixon et al. The Dallas newspapers stated that Nixon was attending a board meeting.

Mr. Russel confirmed that the session Nixon was attending broke up when the assassination news came through. Nixon then returned to his hotel and later in the afternoon had been driven to the Dallas airport by a Mr. Deluca, also a Pepsi Cola official.


So why does Nixon have a hard remembering that he had a perfect alibi and was in a meeting in Dallas that day and left for New York after they heard the news about JFK...

Weird, four presidents in Dallas that day...
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