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Reply #40: Damn good question! [View All]

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BurtWorm Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-11-06 10:57 PM
Response to Reply #37
40. Damn good question!
I've been thinking that the problem with the system as is is that the Democrats inside the beltway come to be members of the class of elites Republicanism caters to. The DLC wing of the party is the side that remains nominally Democratic but that has essentially Republican values about class, for example, and the balance of power. (Wittman, though, is just barely a nominal Democrat.)
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  -DLC's Wittman says wiretapper Bush was attempting to "protect America" BurtWorm  Jan-11-06 05:01 PM   #0 
  - the Democratic Party would do well to servere ties with the DLC  ixion   Jan-11-06 05:06 PM   #1 
  - You can't boot out Democrats from the party  Selatius   Jan-11-06 05:13 PM   #6 
     - you can't "boot" them out, but you can elect different ones in the primary  jsamuel   Jan-11-06 05:15 PM   #9 
     - Well, that's true, but DLCers have been elected since the 1990s  Selatius   Jan-11-06 05:19 PM   #10 
     - You are assuming a level playing field.  bvar22   Jan-11-06 09:07 PM   #33 
     - Republicans have the same issue  EvolveOrConvolve   Jan-11-06 05:19 PM   #11 
     - Tell me, why do folks like Lieberman get elected over again?  Selatius   Jan-11-06 05:31 PM   #14 
        - Well, in Leiberman's case, name recognition has much to do with it  leftstreet   Jan-11-06 05:46 PM   #18 
        - That's the million-dollar question  Selatius   Jan-11-06 06:07 PM   #23 
           - Yep, I don't think he'd get too far with those views.  leftstreet   Jan-11-06 06:09 PM   #24 
        - Incumbents have the edge over their challengers  ikojo   Jan-11-06 05:52 PM   #19 
        - It's simple: he's able to raise large amounts of money  EvolveOrConvolve   Jan-11-06 07:18 PM   #26 
        - Money is of course the answer to your question. The candidate  John Q. Citizen   Jan-11-06 08:55 PM   #29 
     - that's interesting, because I don't think the DLC sees it as such  ixion   Jan-11-06 05:22 PM   #12 
        - I said "two viable parties," not simply two parties  Selatius   Jan-11-06 05:29 PM   #13 
  - DLC motto: "Lips go on *'s RIGHT ass cheek first, then the left"  bush still has to go   Jan-11-06 05:08 PM   #2 
  - Sirota speaks for me... . . .n/t  annabanana   Jan-11-06 05:09 PM   #3 
  - Fuck. Marshall. Wittman.  Hell Hath No Fury   Jan-11-06 05:10 PM   #4 
  - With Dems like wittman, who needs repubs? nt  Ksec   Jan-11-06 05:14 PM   #7 
  - The DLC is Republican Lite  kliljedahl   Jan-11-06 06:13 PM   #25 
  - LOL ! You go girl!  Vinnie From Indy   Jan-11-06 05:15 PM   #8 
  - DLC's Kilgore vigorously disagrees  Moderate Donkey   Jan-11-06 05:11 PM   #5 
  - What the fuck is a Hamiltonian "mammal" doing in a Jeffersonian party  BurtWorm   Jan-11-06 09:18 PM   #35 
  - Wittman...  w13rd0   Jan-11-06 05:36 PM   #15 
  - The DLC is ahead with $ and $$$ and power, the nod from the corporations  ecoalex   Jan-11-06 05:40 PM   #16 
  - Recommended..this should be on  zidzi   Jan-11-06 05:44 PM   #17 
  - Wittman & Co.: Bravely tearing down the barriers between cowardice and  MisterP   Jan-11-06 05:55 PM   #20 
  - K&R and definitely DU homepage material. The "D" in "DLC" stands ...  understandinglife   Jan-11-06 05:57 PM   #21 
  - Got my vote!  MelissaB   Jan-11-06 05:59 PM   #22 
  - There is evidence!!!  FreedomAngel82   Jan-11-06 07:19 PM   #27 
  - Can't wait til it's a Democrat's turn to "protect America"  LittleClarkie   Jan-11-06 07:21 PM   #28 
  - Wittman once again proves exactly what kind of a cancer the DLC is  AntiCoup2K4   Jan-11-06 08:58 PM   #30 
  - !  LincolnMcGrath   Jan-11-06 10:16 PM   #38 
  - DLC= "lifetime Democrat" ploy (the C-Span callers on the Dem line  robbedvoter   Jan-11-06 09:00 PM   #31 
  - did someone let Lieberman out of his cage again?  eve_was_framed   Jan-11-06 09:00 PM   #32 
  - Bullshit....this was to spy on their political enemys.  yourout   Jan-11-06 09:10 PM   #34 
  - nom... . . . . n/t  annabanana   Jan-11-06 09:19 PM   #36 
  - Why isn't there an equivalent Republican Leadership Council?  Old and In the Way   Jan-11-06 10:14 PM   #37 
  - Damn good question!  BurtWorm   Jan-11-06 10:57 PM   #40 
  - Progressive Republican Caucus?  moriverrat   Jan-12-06 12:23 AM   #41 
  - But the motives are so out in the open, so in your face.  Rex   Jan-11-06 10:22 PM   #39 
  - and evidence that DLC is dem 5th column builds...  NuttyFluffers   Jan-12-06 01:26 AM   #42 
  - Illegal in part because that "EVIDENCE" is hidden.  Festivito   Jan-12-06 05:19 AM   #43 
  - god i hate the dlc. nt  samhsarah   Jan-12-06 08:01 PM   #44 

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