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Reply #22: Excuse me? [View All]

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Toucano Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-29-06 01:50 AM
Response to Reply #17
22. Excuse me?
Does China hold 50 percent of U.S. Treasury securities or not?

You're the one who said in your OP, "Do you realize...". Then you cite a known bogus source and when evidence that contradicts you is presented to you say "Take it up with my bullshit source"?

Foul, Erika!
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  -Do you realize that China owns 50% of our treasury bills? Erika  Apr-29-06 01:07 AM   #0 
  - Do you know how long?  bluem   Apr-29-06 01:09 AM   #1 
  - Paul Harvey announced it about a week ago  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:11 AM   #3 
     - thanks,  bluem   Apr-29-06 01:25 AM   #9 
  - Yes  Robbie Michaels   Apr-29-06 01:10 AM   #2 
  - This needs to be known  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:14 AM   #4 
  - don`t blame bush.  madrchsod   Apr-29-06 01:19 AM   #5 
  - We ran a surplus under Clinton  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:21 AM   #6 
  - So corporate America and Corporate China depend on  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:23 AM   #8 
  - Psst! Don't Say That  Robbie Michaels   Apr-29-06 01:27 AM   #11 
  - I remember the 1st experience I had with outsourcing.  Old and In the Way   Apr-29-06 01:43 AM   #18 
  - In the 70s & 80s it was Japan, however  NewJeffCT   Apr-29-06 06:42 AM   #38 
  - I question Paul Harvey's figures.  Toucano   Apr-29-06 01:22 AM   #7 
  - No, he was firm in stating that China now held 50% of  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:26 AM   #10 
  - I thought most of the US' debt was held by Americans.  Kagemusha   Apr-29-06 01:29 AM   #12 
  - I have heard that about 70% of our debt is now owned  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:32 AM   #14 
     - Well here's the confusion.  Toucano   Apr-29-06 01:44 AM   #19 
     - I have read more than half a dozen articles about China  anitar1   Apr-29-06 01:53 AM   #24 
  - LOL! He's an old guy who's full of shit!  Toucano   Apr-29-06 01:36 AM   #16 
  - Discuss it with Paul Harvey n/t  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:42 AM   #17 
     - Excuse me?  Toucano   Apr-29-06 01:50 AM   #22 
        - It is OLD news. n/t  anitar1   Apr-29-06 01:54 AM   #25 
  - If that's what he said, then he's not just wrong  Yupster   Apr-29-06 02:37 AM   #31 
  - I think Japan holds the most US debt instruments.  Old and In the Way   Apr-29-06 01:46 AM   #20 
  - I believe it; we have let that situation get completely out of  barb162   Apr-29-06 01:29 AM   #13 
  - Yep, world corporatism  Erika   Apr-29-06 01:33 AM   #15 
  - As of February 2006 China owns 11-12% of foreign-owned US Treasury...  Poll_Blind   Apr-29-06 01:47 AM   #21 
  - Caribbean Banking Centers  TexasLawyer   Apr-29-06 01:51 AM   #23 
  - Well THAT would actually make SENSE.  Kagemusha   Apr-29-06 01:59 AM   #26 
     - You are correct: Refresher.  Toucano   Apr-29-06 02:23 AM   #29 
        - Thanks, I thought it was something like that.  Kagemusha   Apr-29-06 02:37 AM   #30 
  - Then why do I keep seeing articles claiming China hols so many T bills.  anitar1   Apr-29-06 01:59 AM   #27 
  - I know what you mean. I'm going to spend a little time looking into...  Poll_Blind   Apr-29-06 02:08 AM   #28 
  - Foreign holdings is 52%  sandnsea   Apr-29-06 02:41 AM   #33 
  - Post #29 there explains a lot.  Kagemusha   Apr-29-06 02:37 AM   #32 
  - T-Bills are the short term instruments.  Zynx   Apr-29-06 02:52 AM   #35 
  - Poll_Blind's Spreadsheet in Courier...  Dunvegan   Apr-29-06 03:07 AM   #36 
  - it's because we have had a trillion dollar trade deficit with them  Neil Lisst   Apr-29-06 02:46 AM   #34 
  - Boooo! Red China's out to get us!  entanglement   Apr-29-06 03:10 AM   #37 
  - and you believe him because.....?  radwriter0555   Apr-29-06 06:58 AM   #39 

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