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Reply #8: Ripley--you didn't hijack the thread at all-- [View All]

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bliss_eternal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-20-05 08:19 PM
Response to Reply #6
8. Ripley--you didn't hijack the thread at all--
Edited on Sat Aug-20-05 08:20 PM by bliss_eternal

It's a great conversation and I'm happy to read all of your thoughts on this!

I actually woke up kinda' down in the dumps, as I've been for days now. Guess what perked me up? Seeing women in my city (quite coincidentally in fact) protesting to SAVE ROE! I got SO excited to see that!!! :bounce: Totally made my day!!

I think that means there is something really wrong with me. :think:
:( :eyes:

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  -I'm sick of seeing support for Roberts on DU-- bliss_eternal  Aug-19-05 10:08 PM   #0 
  - Oh, it's personal, all right  Eloriel   Aug-19-05 10:12 PM   #1 
  - I understand, Eloriel--and I am very sorry.  bliss_eternal   Aug-19-05 10:39 PM   #2 
  - I hear ya.  Ripley   Aug-20-05 10:03 AM   #4 
     - And what does it say about a woman's self-esteem if it all boils down to  lukasahero   Aug-20-05 11:46 AM   #5 
     - And just where do you think You are going?  Ripley   Aug-20-05 12:00 PM   #6 
        - Ripley--you didn't hijack the thread at all--  bliss_eternal   Aug-20-05 08:19 PM   #8 
           - I am in a no-win argument situation...  Ripley   Aug-20-05 08:35 PM   #9 
              - Ignore the above post.  Ripley   Aug-21-05 08:29 AM   #11 
     - In this month's Glamour, I found an interesting  bliss_eternal   Aug-20-05 08:38 PM   #10 
     - Dressing like a porn star  ccbombs   Aug-21-05 02:52 PM   #12 
        - Don't feel bad, cbombs--  bliss_eternal   Aug-21-05 11:00 PM   #13 
           - I didn't mean to say I solely blame women for dressing like that.  Ripley   Aug-22-05 07:30 AM   #14 
              - I think I understood what you were getting at...  bliss_eternal   Aug-22-05 04:59 PM   #16 
                 - Okay.  Ripley   Aug-22-05 06:48 PM   #17 
                    - No worries, my friend!  bliss_eternal   Aug-23-05 01:41 AM   #18 
  - The last time I felt this disappointed with people  jmm   Aug-20-05 06:30 AM   #3 
  - Exactly--and thank you for saying it!  bliss_eternal   Aug-20-05 08:14 PM   #7 
     - I'm still hoping that the hearings will provide more info  spooky3   Aug-22-05 08:59 AM   #15 
  - I've been very bothered by the Democratic reaction to Roberts  wildflower   Aug-23-05 02:51 PM   #19 
  - I'd love to have that Meet the Press quote.  redqueen   Aug-29-05 12:08 PM   #20 
  - Found was said by Reuel Marc Gerecht of American Enterprise Inst.  wildflower   Aug-29-05 06:50 PM   #21 
     - Excuse me, I think my head just exploded  Southpaw Bookworm   Aug-29-05 09:31 PM   #22 
     - Thanks very much.  redqueen   Aug-30-05 11:43 AM   #23 
  - Thank you, wildflower! It's nice to know I'm not alone...  bliss_eternal   Sep-02-05 02:38 AM   #24 
     - I know. And now Rehnquist...  wildflower   Sep-04-05 05:23 PM   #27 
  - He's completely unqualified  ismnotwasm   Sep-02-05 03:30 PM   #25 
     - Good for YOU--So glad to hear it!  bliss_eternal   Sep-02-05 11:28 PM   #26 

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