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Reply #20: Liberals vs Libertarians [View All]

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marketbreakaway Donating Member (91 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-03-10 05:15 AM
Response to Original message
20. Liberals vs Libertarians
Personal Freedom is the exact opposite of Collectivism.

National health care is collectivist and is thus the opposite
of personal freedom.

Cap and Trade is a collectivist attempt to control carbon
emissions for the greater good and thus is the opposite of
personal freedom.

Chinese child birth regulations; global control of
chlorofluorocarbons, the clean water act, regulation of tail
pipe emissions, anti-discrimination laws are all examples of
the collectivist controlling central authority restricting
personal freedom in favor of a collectivist good.

The problem comes when there is not general agreement on when
crimping personal freedom is justified.


There are some who believe that the drug abuse laws in the US
do more to create criminals than control them.  Therefore the
collectivist good would be better served by increasing
personal freedom.

How about immigration?  There are those who believe that the
collectivist good is better served by very tight control of
the border but also served by very loose immigration laws.  

How about unions?  There are those who believe that being
forced into a collectivist organization like a union is the
loss of a personal freedom that, in the long run, hurts the
collectivist good of the country.

It seems to me that liberals who want their own personal
collectivist agenda to be made law are willing to sacrifice
my personal freedom for their agenda.  I consider that the
path to totalitarianism.

Does that make me conservative?  Does that make me
libertarian?  Should my credentials as a Democrat be revoked?

Sorry, but the Obama/Pelosi/Reid show has me very scared. 
Once we had the hated wars and economic mismanagement of the
Bush administration.  Now we have the hated wars, extreme
economic mismanagement plus a HUGE threat to our freedom.
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