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paulk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-18-05 01:00 AM
Response to Reply #10
22. the usual, I guess
I've been feeling really pessimistic lately, what with the Bolton nomination (I've been watching some of the hearings), and talk of the nuclear option on the filibuster. And fully coming to believe the election was stolen.

I go over to the GD forums and it's the same old same old - just constant trashing of Democrats or "liberal bourgeoisie" (whatever that is) or the usual juvenile leftist crap (except it's grownups spouting it) and I get mighty discouraged.

Today I defended two politicians I don't like - in fact, really can't stand one of them - Lieberman and Biden. I just felt the attacks on them weren't justified. I mean - disagreeing on an issue or a vote is one thing, but to just make generalized smears for no other reason than to smear... it's like I went to sleep and woke up at FreeRepublic or something.

The nation is standing at the edge of the cliff of fascism and we're arguing about what color shoes to wear...
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  -Anyone up? JohnKleeb  Apr-17-05 11:36 PM   #0 
  - well i'm a little annoyed at the moment  GRLMGC   Apr-17-05 11:37 PM   #1 
  - Sucks  JohnKleeb   Apr-17-05 11:38 PM   #2 
     - I had a fantastic weekend  GRLMGC   Apr-17-05 11:57 PM   #5 
        - Lucky You, I got to see Teddy Kennedy Thursday  JohnKleeb   Apr-17-05 11:58 PM   #6 
           - That's cool nt  GRLMGC   Apr-18-05 12:05 AM   #7 
              - Yeah it all depends on when I arrive at work  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:06 AM   #8 
  - Doing great because I saw John Kerry in Austin yesterday!!!  muse   Apr-17-05 11:50 PM   #3 
  - Thats so cool, I may see him tuesday in DC at the bolton hearing  JohnKleeb   Apr-17-05 11:52 PM   #4 
     - that would be fun times!  muse   Apr-18-05 12:39 AM   #13 
     - lol  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 12:40 AM   #14 
        - Me and some of the guys were joking that we would  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:41 AM   #16 
           - Well blossoms are just blossoms  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 12:44 AM   #19 
              - Living around here my whole life, ya I have  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:47 AM   #21 
  - I'm awake  paulk   Apr-18-05 12:27 AM   #9 
  - You mean besides the usual gang of idiots?  WildEyedLiberal   Apr-18-05 12:35 AM   #10 
     - the usual, I guess  paulk   Apr-18-05 01:00 AM   #22 
        - What happened exactly? Yeah I dont like Biden and Lieberman too  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 01:02 AM   #23 
        - well, there's this thread  paulk   Apr-18-05 01:13 AM   #26 
        - Oh man, me too  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 01:11 AM   #25 
           - you know, I just spent a month outside of the country  paulk   Apr-18-05 01:20 AM   #27 
              - You were in Thailand  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 01:35 AM   #28 
                 - I only talked politics with two Thais, really  paulk   Apr-18-05 07:41 PM   #29 
  - oh big raspberry to all of you  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 12:37 AM   #11 
     - If its any concilation, I still have never seen Kerry  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:38 AM   #12 
        - and, he is the finest specimen of manhood on the planet  muse   Apr-18-05 12:40 AM   #15 
        - Hes certainly one of the most admirable men in politics, Ive ever known  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:41 AM   #17 
        - Well now I feel bad  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 12:41 AM   #18 
           - My life could be better  JohnKleeb   Apr-18-05 12:46 AM   #20 
              - Sounds like you're doing fine  sandnsea   Apr-18-05 01:09 AM   #24 

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