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Reply #28: i have been hesitant of the mods [View All]

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realisticphish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-23-10 05:44 PM
Response to Reply #27
28. i have been hesitant of the mods
probably unwarranted. I just like "sandbox" worlds, and it annoys me when scenerios are too limited (very certain time/place, limited turns, etc)

I'll check those out, though
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  -PC gamers beat XBox gamers lazarus  Jul-22-10 01:18 PM   #0 
  - This was the case with Shadowrun, too.  Ignis   Jul-22-10 03:34 PM   #1 
  - right  realisticphish   Jul-22-10 04:05 PM   #2 
     - full confession  lazarus   Jul-22-10 04:43 PM   #3 
        - i'm ok  realisticphish   Jul-22-10 06:57 PM   #5 
        - I actually have the opposite problem with FPS  semillama   Jul-23-10 01:58 PM   #17 
  - Only real bonus to console games is better graphics at cheaper price and PNP.  YOY   Jul-22-10 06:04 PM   #4 
  - Personally, when it comes to casual gaming, PNP is a big selling point.  Ignis   Jul-22-10 11:17 PM   #6 
     - Although bug fixes are a bear. Means the QAs gotta do their job and well.  YOY   Jul-23-10 10:48 AM   #7 
        - Oh, I'm a BIG Civ nerd  realisticphish   Jul-23-10 12:28 PM   #8 
           - I'm a Civ2 nerd  lazarus   Jul-23-10 12:32 PM   #9 
           - Civ IV is brilliant  realisticphish   Jul-23-10 12:40 PM   #10 
              - "RP"?  lazarus   Jul-23-10 12:47 PM   #11 
                 - rp  realisticphish   Jul-23-10 01:38 PM   #14 
           - Ever try Colonization?  YOY   Jul-23-10 01:07 PM   #12 
           - oh yes, that was a neat game  lazarus   Jul-23-10 01:16 PM   #13 
              - I wish Empire Total War and Medieval II had something like it inbetween them.  YOY   Jul-23-10 01:41 PM   #15 
                 - I really wanted to like the Total War games  lazarus   Jul-23-10 01:56 PM   #16 
                    - That's why it's got a pause.  YOY   Jul-23-10 02:08 PM   #18 
                       - hmmm.....  lazarus   Jul-23-10 02:45 PM   #19 
                          - The pause is always the space bar in the TW series.  YOY   Jul-23-10 03:34 PM   #20 
                             - why did nobody ever tell me this before?  lazarus   Jul-23-10 03:36 PM   #21 
                                - Because nobody likes to admit it but it's a turn based game that you decide length of the turns.  YOY   Jul-23-10 03:45 PM   #22 
                                   - installing now  lazarus   Jul-23-10 03:54 PM   #23 
                                   - Ooh! Ooh! *raises hand*  Hong Kong Cavalier   Jul-23-10 04:33 PM   #24 
                                   - I've got a copy of TA around here somewhere  lazarus   Jul-23-10 04:43 PM   #25 
                                   - Didn't really get into it. Gots too many units working at the same time and no quick pause.  YOY   Jul-23-10 05:25 PM   #26 
                                      - the key to TA  lazarus   Jul-25-10 12:24 PM   #35 
                                      - I liked TA 'cause of this (among other reasons):  Hong Kong Cavalier   Jul-26-10 12:43 PM   #37 
                                   - pause isn't working in Shogun  lazarus   Jul-25-10 01:55 AM   #33 
                                      - The skill of the game is when you can defeat armies that are "better" or larger than yours.  YOY   Jul-25-10 11:45 AM   #34 
                                         - found the pause  lazarus   Jul-26-10 02:38 PM   #38 
           - Another big Civ nerd checking in!  Ignis   Jul-23-10 05:41 PM   #27 
              - i have been hesitant of the mods  realisticphish   Jul-23-10 05:44 PM   #28 
                 - I understand; I'm not a fan of most scenarios, either.  Ignis   Jul-23-10 05:53 PM   #29 
                    - nice  realisticphish   Jul-23-10 06:29 PM   #30 
  - This is why I hope keyboard and mouse never come to the PS3.  ZombieHorde   Jul-24-10 04:00 AM   #31 
  - I'm the exact opposite  lazarus   Jul-24-10 12:30 PM   #32 
  - I've always felt certain genre's were better on different platforms  Ohio Joe   Jul-26-10 12:01 PM   #36 

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