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Reply #43: Yep the people at the homeles shelter are just like us except for maybe [View All]

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truedelphi Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-15-08 04:43 PM
Response to Reply #14
43. Yep the people at the homeles shelter are just like us except for maybe
Their not having a couch at a friend's to crash on.

THere are an awful lot of homeless people who are living in their cars, or crashing periodically at a friend's while sleeping in the parking lt of 24 hOurs Fitness etc.

Sometimes that is harder to do when you have a child. So then the person ends up at a homeless shelter.
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  -****THE REAL FACTS ABOUT HOMELESSNESS AND "MENTAL ILLNESS" bobbolink  Dec-06-08 03:09 PM   #0 
  - K and R  maryf   Dec-06-08 03:18 PM   #1 
  - Tell it Bobbo! K&R!! n/t  Donnachaidh   Dec-06-08 03:22 PM   #2 
  - Yeah, it's a chicken and egg thing, too.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Dec-06-08 03:41 PM   #3 
  - You have a point, there. I would wager that not many who like to portray homeless people as being  bobbolink   Dec-06-08 05:15 PM   #6 
  - Thank you for bringing this up  Warpy   Dec-06-08 04:22 PM   #4 
  - The other 6% work for the Bush Administration.  formercia   Dec-06-08 04:31 PM   #5 
  - kick  Perragrande   Dec-06-08 05:45 PM   #7 
  - If anything people who are homeless  mntleo2   Dec-06-08 05:49 PM   #8 
  - Sane, and in deep PAIN! "Because they have had to face the dirty truth about humanity "  bobbolink   Dec-06-08 05:54 PM   #9 
  - absolutely  Two Americas   Dec-12-08 05:27 PM   #39 
  - True (and K&R for this thread)  varelse   Dec-06-08 06:57 PM   #10 
  - certain rate was incredibly higher in the '80's  medeak   Dec-06-08 07:08 PM   #11 
  - Can you find the stats on that? What I've found doesn't support your conclusion.  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 01:29 PM   #20 
     - ok...when was it  medeak   Dec-07-08 06:50 PM   #33 
        - "Most patients were released from mental hospitals in the 1950s and 1960s"  bobbolink   Dec-08-08 01:16 PM   #34 
        - No reply to the dates?  bobbolink   Dec-09-08 01:10 PM   #35 
  - thank you!  undeterred   Dec-06-08 07:17 PM   #12 
  - k+r, n/t  ColbertWatcher   Dec-06-08 07:32 PM   #13 
  - I was doing intake at a homeless shelter one evening  wellstone dem   Dec-06-08 07:41 PM   #14 
  - "But they didn't look like homeless people, they just looked like us."  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 01:32 PM   #21 
  - What a great mom!  maryf   Dec-07-08 03:30 PM   #28 
  - Yep the people at the homeles shelter are just like us except for maybe  truedelphi   Dec-15-08 04:43 PM   #43 
  - Glad to K&R this to put the meme to rest  Beaverhausen   Dec-06-08 07:59 PM   #15 
  - There's another (often unmentioned) aspect of mental illness among the homeless:  struggle4progress   Dec-06-08 11:34 PM   #16 
  - Which leads to another aspect... those who are complacently allowing people to be homeless in the  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 01:35 PM   #22 
  - So well said, bobbo! K&R  tosh   Dec-07-08 01:53 PM   #24 
  - yes  Two Americas   Dec-13-08 07:01 PM   #42 
  - Quick K&R  oktoberain   Dec-07-08 05:06 AM   #17 
  - .  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 01:36 PM   #23 
  - how about a link? nt  tomp   Dec-07-08 08:38 AM   #18 
  - Here you go tomp  maryf   Dec-07-08 03:09 PM   #26 
     - Thanks, Mary! Excellent source, and it's time for "progressives" to understand the REAL facts.  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 04:27 PM   #30 
  - K&R for the morning crew  Journalgrrl   Dec-07-08 10:56 AM   #19 
  - "remember that poverty in itself, is a huge stressor and factor in depression and other illnesses "  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 02:05 PM   #25 
     - Catch 22  maryf   Dec-07-08 03:17 PM   #27 
        - Reminds me of my fave quotation.... Jean Vanier  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 04:13 PM   #29 
           - Thanks Bobbie...  maryf   Dec-07-08 04:29 PM   #31 
              - I'm thinking we need some good song writers! The guitarist today is enthusing me about that!  bobbolink   Dec-07-08 04:38 PM   #32 
  - NO SUCH THING AS THE HEALTHY HOMELESS PERSON  Morpheal   Dec-11-08 11:31 PM   #36 
  - Where do you get this "information"?  maryf   Dec-12-08 04:23 PM   #37 
  - cause and effect confusion  Two Americas   Dec-12-08 04:33 PM   #38 
     - What you have written has a lot of merit, and it's IMPORTANT to remember  bobbolink   Dec-13-08 03:01 PM   #40 
     - Wow!  maryf   Dec-13-08 06:16 PM   #41 
     - It's too bad a single post can't be recommended  Naturyl   Dec-20-08 10:20 PM   #47 
     - Great post, TA!  smokey nj   Jan-03-09 05:19 PM   #56 
  - Before you get too set on the concept  Citizen Number 9   Dec-18-08 10:48 PM   #44 
  - good thing?  journeytalker   Dec-19-08 08:19 PM   #45 
  - Why is it important anyway? Should mental illness be a source of shame?  tofutti cutie   Dec-20-08 02:40 PM   #46 
  - I understand your point, but mental illness among homeless population is disporportionate  Political Heretic   Dec-21-08 03:12 AM   #48 
  - PSTD is a psychiatric injury.  undergroundpanther   Dec-26-08 05:31 PM   #50 
  - US conference of Mayors? O, the authority of such a body  mentalslavery   Feb-03-09 01:30 AM   #58 
  - There are many VETERANS who are homeless  undergroundpanther   Dec-26-08 05:16 PM   #49 
  - Excellent as always, Panther!  bobbolink   Dec-27-08 05:30 PM   #51 
     - Thanks bobbolink!  undergroundpanther   Dec-27-08 11:44 PM   #52 
        - Thanks! well, except for one thing... *I* was the "OP"  bobbolink   Dec-29-08 03:07 PM   #53 
  - There are varied statistics on the percentages  Kajsa   Jan-02-09 06:09 PM   #54 
  - KICK!  smokey nj   Jan-03-09 05:02 PM   #55 
  - Kick nt  maryf   Jan-05-09 06:31 PM   #57 
  - The Most Disturbing Fact About Homelessness  charleslb   Nov-14-10 09:31 PM   #59 

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