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houstonintc Donating Member (202 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-16-11 11:26 PM
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19. Equal Pay/Work
At the end of the day, ensuring gender equality in a career field requires infinitely more work then just wages.

An example is teaching where women outnumber men so much that it is a joke up until college level education. While the wages, which are going to decline if Republicans get their way, are bad the real barrier is a cultural one. Men wanting to be around and help children are seen as suspect in a culture that tends to assume pathological nature in men... I.E. if he is he is possibly a child molester. Also his carrier can be more easily annihilated and reputation ruined by mere accusations even if completely false.

Women likewise might not get involved in certain fields simply because of cultural prejudices and assumptions or ill motives placed on someone for having that job. I used the above example because I was recently a attempting to become a teacher and I basically ran into that and warnings from others.

I think ultimately you can only offer equality of opportunity. Not necessarily equality of result.
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