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Reply #21: Hoonah Alaska Police Chief John Millan [View All]

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comitted Donating Member (3 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-05-10 02:02 PM
Response to Reply #14
21. Hoonah Alaska Police Chief John Millan
These are some other hateful comments Chief Millan made in a policelink forum discussion about President Obama and the country of Iran.

"On matters we agree with we should support our President. His success in office is to our benefit. On matters we disagree with (probably gays in the military, liberal supreme court nominees and gun control), then rally our side in appropriate opposition."


"And in response to Iran's head terrorist-Ayatollah and his racial remark (unspecified in the media) about our new Preesident-Elect, Iran can Kiss My Red White and Blue ASS. Mr. Obama is our President-Elect and Iran can get nuked and die from plague for all I care. I hope Iran gets nuked by Israel! TERRORIST SCUM!

C'mon chief, again with the gays. As a gay man I served over 20 honorable years in the military. I retired with honors.

And do you really want Israel to "Nuke Iran"? The majority of Iranians are hardworking, decent and repressed people. They have no control over what their leaders say or do.

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