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Reply #32: You can tell yourself that if you want to, but it doesn't make it true. [View All]

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cleanhippie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-14-11 09:13 AM
Response to Reply #26
32. You can tell yourself that if you want to, but it doesn't make it true.
Self-delusion seem to be a quality you appreciate.
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  -Sinclair Lewis got it right... cleanhippie  Nov-13-11 10:39 AM   #0 
  - Looks like that bird is gonna shit on it, too. You know, if you twist those damn crosses  valerief   Nov-13-11 10:41 AM   #1 
  - proceeded by police force with tear gas and rubber bullets and night sticks.  nineteen50   Nov-13-11 10:42 AM   #2 
  - How much you wanna bet that sucker is made in China? n/t  trotsky   Nov-13-11 10:42 AM   #3 
  - I think I might buy one of those...  RevStPatrick   Nov-13-11 10:46 AM   #4 
  - Well, that would be your right to do so.  cleanhippie   Nov-13-11 10:48 AM   #5 
  - Buying one of those just to burn it would be like buying pot to burn:  MarkCharles   Nov-13-11 11:39 AM   #7 
  - I thought it was a JOKE, until I clicked on the link and found out that...  MarkCharles   Nov-13-11 11:37 AM   #6 
  - Disaster capitalism at its finest. nt  rrneck   Nov-13-11 11:49 AM   #8 
  - Think I'll order one of these so I can burn it in front of any speech or show where  Lint Head   Nov-13-11 11:50 AM   #9 
  - Yes, and to make sure that doesn't happen we need to impose  humblebum   Nov-13-11 12:01 PM   #10 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-13-11 12:06 PM   #11 
  - Now THAT is a primo example  Jackpine Radical   Nov-13-11 01:16 PM   #13 
  - No, we just need to stick to the secularism America was founded upon.  darkstar3   Nov-13-11 02:36 PM   #14 
  - Prove it. I can find where it is proclaimed a free government,  humblebum   Nov-13-11 02:43 PM   #15 
  - Then you haven't read the constitution.  darkstar3   Nov-13-11 02:48 PM   #17 
  - Ya mean the part where it says  humblebum   Nov-13-11 02:59 PM   #19 
  - I think you struck a nerve!  cleanhippie   Nov-13-11 02:45 PM   #16 
  - I bet it just burns some up, to be reminded that:  MarkCharles   Nov-13-11 02:49 PM   #18 
  - The government is not Godless, it is religion-less. nt  LARED   Nov-13-11 07:54 PM   #26 
     - Where's the god in our government?  laconicsax   Nov-13-11 08:14 PM   #29 
     - The Constitution explicitly forbids Congress from  LARED   Nov-14-11 06:17 PM   #34 
        - IOW, there's no god in our government, but you're hopeful.  laconicsax   Nov-14-11 08:46 PM   #42 
        - So when Congress and the Senate open in prayer  LARED   Nov-14-11 08:58 PM   #43 
           - You mean when they violate the 1st amendment?  laconicsax   Nov-14-11 09:30 PM   #44 
              - IOW, you're hopeful the government will exclude God in the future  LARED   Nov-14-11 09:56 PM   #45 
                 - Are you intentionally being obtuse?  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 01:28 AM   #47 
                    - Let me help you out  LARED   Nov-15-11 05:17 AM   #48 
                       - That isn't even a decent try.  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 04:06 PM   #52 
                          - Santa Fe ISD v Doe was not based on Lemon but  LARED   Nov-15-11 05:45 PM   #54 
                             - You're arguing with your own source.  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 06:10 PM   #56 
                             - So then explain how Congress and the Senate plus other  LARED   Nov-15-11 06:21 PM   #59 
                                - The same way they passed DOMA:  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 06:35 PM   #61 
                                   - He obviously doesn't believe that standing law CAN violate the Constitution,  darkstar3   Nov-15-11 06:40 PM   #64 
                                   - That is one of the nice things about this board  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:10 PM   #68 
                                      - Figures you wouldn't view DOMA as unconstitutional.  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 07:19 PM   #69 
                                         - Funny I did not know you were a mind reader  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:55 PM   #71 
                                         - Then you didn't read the comment you were replying to. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 09:47 PM   #75 
                             - "whether you like it or not". Yup, spoken like the privileged majority caring nothing for minorities  darkstar3   Nov-15-11 06:17 PM   #58 
                             - I am just stating facts.  LARED   Nov-15-11 06:31 PM   #60 
                                - Spoken like a true theocrat. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 06:36 PM   #62 
                                - Is that all you got? Name calling? nt  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:04 PM   #66 
                                   - Well, seeing as how you're impervious to facts. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 07:20 PM   #70 
                                      - It's kind of sad that you call me a Theocrat  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:59 PM   #72 
                                      - You are promoting a religiously-led government position ie a theocracy.  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 09:51 PM   #76 
                                      - I am promoting no such thing. nt  LARED   Nov-16-11 04:31 AM   #79 
                                      - What a compelling rebuttal. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 12:21 PM   #85 
                                      - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-16-11 05:29 PM   #86 
                                      - Until I see some evidence to the contrary, I'll have to assume that it's the truth. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 07:39 PM   #94 
                                      - You have no evidence so assuming is all you have. nt  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:20 PM   #98 
                                      - I have your theocratic posts on this and another thread as evidence.  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 08:27 PM   #99 
                                      - You have nothing of the sort.. nt  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:36 PM   #102 
                                      - Do you think that your posts aren't visible to anyone with an Internet connection?  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 11:00 PM   #106 
                                - Absurd? Really?  darkstar3   Nov-15-11 06:39 PM   #63 
                                   - Yes, completely absurd.  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:06 PM   #67 
                                      - Each and every citizen is a protected minority.  rrneck   Nov-16-11 10:33 AM   #83 
                                         - The Bill of Rights largely protects our rights from government. intrusion  LARED   Nov-16-11 05:38 PM   #87 
                                         - Familiarize ypurself with  rrneck   Nov-16-11 07:08 PM   #90 
                                         - You mean the establishment clause? nt  LARED   Nov-16-11 07:14 PM   #91 
                                         - Yes, thank you.  rrneck   Nov-16-11 07:28 PM   #93 
                                         - Does the national motto 'In God we trust' violate the establishment clause or not?  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:18 PM   #97 
                                         - Spoken like a true theocrat.  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 08:28 PM   #100 
                                         - You do know the definition of theocrat? Yes?  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:35 PM   #101 
                                         - "Congress shall make no law... "  rrneck   Nov-16-11 08:51 PM   #103 
                                         - Again. the establishment clause  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:59 PM   #104 
                                         - Actually  rrneck   Nov-16-11 09:22 PM   #105 
                                         - There are more than two options here.  LARED   Nov-17-11 04:07 AM   #109 
                                         - LOL!  rrneck   Nov-17-11 11:10 AM   #111 
                                         - Found a quibble and ran away huh?  rrneck   Nov-16-11 08:11 PM   #95 
                             - "Tough shit" is not much of a defense. nt  rrneck   Nov-16-11 10:36 AM   #84 
        - I'll make you a deal.  rrneck   Nov-14-11 10:20 PM   #46 
           - Sorry I can't make any sense out of your post  LARED   Nov-15-11 05:20 AM   #49 
              - The idea that  rrneck   Nov-15-11 02:28 PM   #51 
                 - I think you misunderstand my view.  LARED   Nov-15-11 05:58 PM   #55 
                    - Absoultely.  rrneck   Nov-15-11 06:14 PM   #57 
                       - I don't have a problem with  LARED   Nov-15-11 07:03 PM   #65 
                          - How do you feel about the citizens united ruling? . nt  rrneck   Nov-15-11 08:25 PM   #73 
     - You can tell yourself that if you want to, but it doesn't make it true.  cleanhippie   Nov-14-11 09:13 AM   #32 
        - Well I certainly appreciated it when  LARED   Nov-14-11 06:28 PM   #35 
           - So which god is it that "we" all trust in?  cleanhippie   Nov-14-11 07:12 PM   #37 
              - I am assuming your number of 15% includes agnostics,  LARED   Nov-14-11 07:29 PM   #38 
                 - So you cannot name which god it is, can you?  cleanhippie   Nov-14-11 07:37 PM   #39 
                 - Speaking of true colors  LARED   Nov-14-11 08:09 PM   #41 
                 - Does being dishonest make jesus proud?  cleanhippie   Nov-15-11 08:53 AM   #50 
                    - No you have steadfastly avoided my question  LARED   Nov-15-11 05:21 PM   #53 
                       - Jesus H Christ, man, are you really this dense?  cleanhippie   Nov-15-11 08:51 PM   #74 
                       - He's argued why he would be excluded of he were a non-believer too.  laconicsax   Nov-15-11 09:53 PM   #77 
                       - You did not answer my question  LARED   Nov-16-11 05:52 PM   #89 
                          - From what activity  rrneck   Nov-18-11 10:11 AM   #118 
                       - Parsing the issue wont help. nt  rrneck   Nov-16-11 10:19 AM   #80 
                 - +1 Plain language is refreshing. nt  rrneck   Nov-16-11 10:21 AM   #81 
                 - We are prevented  rrneck   Nov-16-11 10:29 AM   #82 
                    - IOW's your feelings are hurt.  LARED   Nov-16-11 05:46 PM   #88 
                       - If it's so trivial why are you defending it?  rrneck   Nov-16-11 07:20 PM   #92 
                          - I am not defending a thing  LARED   Nov-16-11 08:14 PM   #96 
                             - If you don't care one way or another, then why do you argue against changing it?  laconicsax   Nov-16-11 11:02 PM   #107 
                                - I am not defending or arguing against changing it, I am  LARED   Nov-17-11 04:22 AM   #110 
                                   - Everyone should be afraid of theocracy. n/t  laconicsax   Nov-17-11 05:59 PM   #112 
                                      - Why would I fear something that will never happen? nt  LARED   Nov-17-11 06:29 PM   #113 
                                         - Are you really that blind?  laconicsax   Nov-17-11 09:02 PM   #114 
                                            - The only possible explanation is you have a definition of  LARED   Nov-17-11 09:08 PM   #115 
                                               - Of course. It's just me.  laconicsax   Nov-17-11 09:12 PM   #116 
                                                  - We finally agree on something nt  LARED   Nov-18-11 04:54 AM   #117 
                                                  - No, you don't. Really you don't.  cleanhippie   Nov-19-11 11:01 AM   #119 
  - Who on this forum wants to impose state atheism?  LeftishBrit   Nov-14-11 05:38 AM   #30 
     - No, he can't  NMMNG   Nov-14-11 05:47 AM   #31 
  - Now, that's some strange stuff there.  MineralMan   Nov-13-11 12:32 PM   #12 
  - That will probably sell well in Texas and the Bible Belt  NMMNG   Nov-13-11 05:28 PM   #20 
  - That quote's also been attrubuted to Huey Long.  rug   Nov-13-11 05:51 PM   #21 
  - The quote may have come from Mickey Mouse  NMMNG   Nov-13-11 07:22 PM   #22 
  - You could provide YOUR source, first, and challenge someone else, but  MarkCharles   Nov-13-11 07:23 PM   #23 
  - Perhaps, but I think you get the point...  cleanhippie   Nov-13-11 07:28 PM   #24 
     - Oh, I do get it but the sloppiness of a misattributed quote could upset your friend.  rug   Nov-13-11 07:52 PM   #25 
        - misattributions are simple mistakes, which you have yet to prove ever happened  MarkCharles   Nov-13-11 07:58 PM   #27 
           - Then you'll have no problem googling this phrase.  rug   Nov-13-11 08:00 PM   #28 
              - I don't believe either Huey Long or Sinclair Lewis said it.  Jim__   Nov-14-11 02:55 PM   #33 
  - I see a tombstone for every state in the union.  beam me up scottie   Nov-14-11 06:29 PM   #36 
  - You are correct., Sir!  Moe Shinola   Nov-14-11 08:07 PM   #40 
  - same idea as my sig line. By Huey P. Long.  Manifestor_of_Light   Nov-16-11 01:28 AM   #78 
  - I just threw up a little in my mouth n/t  deacon_sephiroth   Nov-17-11 02:11 AM   #108 

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