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Reply #1: Completely unconstitutional. [View All]

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louis-t Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-21-11 12:43 PM
Response to Original message
1. Completely unconstitutional.
Even our right-wing SC would agree.
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  -Improper Pressure: Idaho Inmate Had To Accept Jail Or Jesus cleanhippie  Sep-21-11 12:28 PM   #0 
  - Completely unconstitutional.  louis-t   Sep-21-11 12:43 PM   #1 
  - Agreed.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 12:45 PM   #2 
  - even Jesus would be against this  roguevalley   Sep-21-11 04:21 PM   #19 
  - Well obviously it's wrong, but how dumb was Ms. Cowles?  dmallind   Sep-21-11 01:27 PM   #3 
  - It would seem that she feels Constitutionality is more important.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 01:33 PM   #4 
  - Then jail time should be the only option available, yes?  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 01:50 PM   #5 
  - In this case, yes.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 03:34 PM   #17 
     - Apparently, I am a very stupid evil person  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 03:51 PM   #18 
        - I don't think that about you, but if you see yourself that way...  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 05:44 PM   #20 
           - No, I do not think it makes anyone a better person  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 09:02 PM   #26 
              - Perhaps you missed the front end of my statement.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 10:26 PM   #27 
                 - You would have a point if..  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 10:41 PM   #28 
                    - Not sure, I've never been to an AA meeting.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 10:47 PM   #29 
                       - You might find this article interesting  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 10:58 PM   #30 
                          - Interesting stuff. Thanks.  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 11:11 PM   #31 
                             - One distinction here...  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 11:15 PM   #32 
                                - And that's an interesting way to look at it.  darkstar3   Sep-21-11 11:24 PM   #33 
                                   - In the booming metropolitan colossus of Ada County, Idaho  jberryhill   Sep-21-11 11:44 PM   #34 
                                      - I would rather that the "other thing" not be offered if it places the court  darkstar3   Sep-21-11 11:51 PM   #35 
                                         - I "would rather" that too  jberryhill   Sep-22-11 10:12 AM   #36 
                                            - Not in the least, because that's a false choice.  darkstar3   Sep-22-11 07:11 PM   #39 
  - But you can complain about that after you are done  dmallind   Sep-21-11 01:53 PM   #6 
     - You imply she's an atheist  14thColony   Sep-21-11 02:29 PM   #8 
        - Didn't assume but it's a fair point. Don't see the value in ANY martyrdom though  dmallind   Sep-21-11 02:37 PM   #9 
           - True, and I don't advocate falling on every sword that comes along  14thColony   Sep-21-11 02:54 PM   #13 
              - I see that. A stance could have been made later though I think - as a free person. nt  dmallind   Sep-21-11 03:13 PM   #15 
                 - Some people's principles aren't that flexible.  darkstar3   Sep-21-11 06:20 PM   #23 
  - Nonsense -- it can be worse than jail.  dtexdem   Sep-21-11 02:20 PM   #7 
  - not sure how. Playacting vs imprisonment? Stupid, unconstitutional, but not cruel  dmallind   Sep-21-11 02:43 PM   #10 
     - voluntary acting is to coerced acting as consensual sex is to rape.  unblock   Sep-21-11 02:50 PM   #12 
        - Clear? No - only clear that that's an absolutely ridiculous and evil analogy  dmallind   Sep-21-11 03:11 PM   #14 
           - You seem to be assuming that *all* religion is a form of social hypocrisy  starroute   Sep-21-11 03:27 PM   #16 
           - "neither ... force ... genitals into your body"? uh, duh. you do understand what an analogy is, yes?  unblock   Sep-21-11 05:50 PM   #22 
  - legally, you have to suffer damages in order to be able to sue  unblock   Sep-21-11 02:47 PM   #11 
  - There is this thing called PRINCIPLE, maybe you've heard of it.  Odin2005   Sep-21-11 07:32 PM   #25 
  - I was with you till  rrneck   Sep-22-11 12:44 PM   #37 
  - how dumb am I?  janene cowles   Oct-19-11 05:25 PM   #42 
     - I am having trouble believing that you are who you say you are.  cleanhippie   Oct-19-11 05:41 PM   #43 
        - That's exactly why you know it is me!  janene cowles   Nov-18-11 05:15 PM   #45 
  - What part of becoming a pentecostal Christian makes one "rehabilitated" in the eyes of the law?  cleanhippie   Sep-21-11 05:48 PM   #21 
  - Jesus is the cure for all illnesses and evils  NMMNG   Sep-22-11 07:25 PM   #40 
  - +1 nt  Deep13   Oct-19-11 05:44 PM   #44 
  - And these same fuckwits worship the Constitution they shit on.  Odin2005   Sep-21-11 07:30 PM   #24 
  - And the great hairy ogre of  rrneck   Sep-22-11 12:51 PM   #38 
     - Yep.  cleanhippie   Sep-28-11 09:40 AM   #41 

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