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Reply #30: You talk as if religion is all one thing. [View All]

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zeemike Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-17-08 09:18 PM
Response to Reply #28
30. You talk as if religion is all one thing.
It is not.
The followers of Jesus was the source of the christian religion, and yet there descendants are noting like them.
For one thing they "held all things in common...comunist..
But over time all that was modified a little at a time and so what we see later are the splinters of the beginning and most every one is roting from the perpetual corruption of 2000 years.
So you see what is now and assume it has always been that way.

I did not assume anything, I was using atheist as the opposite of christian, and I try to assume that most people here are somewhere in between.

Would it be fair to say that all of John Steinbecks books have no useful content because they were not truth, but something from his imagination?
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  -No 'Mark Of The Beast' Licenses For WV Christian Group DeSwiss  Aug-17-08 04:43 AM   #0 
  - My opinion of that state has deteriorated so much this year  bluestateguy   Aug-17-08 04:49 AM   #1 
  - Here's the problem.  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 04:52 AM   #2 
  - A MAC...Most definitely a MAC  HubertHeaver   Aug-17-08 05:08 AM   #3 
  - WVa did the right thing.  Loudmxr   Aug-17-08 05:25 AM   #4 
  - Driving is a privilege, not a right  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 05:46 AM   #6 
  - "Reasonable accommodation" is another term for good service  Loudmxr   Aug-17-08 06:51 AM   #7 
     - Privileges come with responsibility  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 08:40 AM   #9 
        - Is keeping a file that is not computerized against the laws that  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 11:19 AM   #11 
           - It is a special privilege provided at taxpayer expense  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 11:42 AM   #14 
              - Does that mean conservative Muslims should NOT be able to cover their hair in photos?  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 12:02 PM   #15 
                 - I don't believe it is a good idea to establish a privileged class based on religion.  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 12:11 PM   #16 
                    - Is the face on these licenses?  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 12:31 PM   #18 
                       - I believe in equality under the law.  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 12:40 PM   #19 
                          - How is my question a red herring?  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 12:58 PM   #20 
                             - Do you believe in equality under the law?  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 01:09 PM   #21 
                                - Now, who's got the herring? n/t  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 10:48 PM   #31 
                                   - Apparently you don't believe in equality under the law.  cosmik debris   Aug-17-08 11:25 PM   #32 
  - Actually, no it isn't...  DeSwiss   Aug-17-08 07:20 PM   #27 
  - This is absolutely batshit insane . . .  MrModerate   Aug-17-08 05:26 AM   #5 
  - The word database is not the issue. The bible disusses the concept.  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 11:27 AM   #12 
     - Well, actually, it is.  MrModerate   Aug-17-08 08:08 PM   #29 
  - What they never mention about the prophesies is  zeemike   Aug-17-08 07:19 AM   #8 
  - Excellent point. eom  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 11:28 AM   #13 
  - This reminds me of a case where a Muslim woman...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-17-08 09:43 AM   #10 
  - Do these Christians' licenses not show their photo?  madeline_con   Aug-17-08 12:12 PM   #17 
     - The fact that you can imagine a possible accomodation...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-17-08 05:14 PM   #24 
  - Nero was the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation!  IndianaGreen   Aug-17-08 01:57 PM   #22 
     - There are a lot of holes in that theory  zeemike   Aug-17-08 02:18 PM   #23 
        - Holes???  DeSwiss   Aug-17-08 07:02 PM   #25 
           - When you start with the assumption that it is all just shit  zeemike   Aug-17-08 07:20 PM   #26 
              - Which is an idea...  DeSwiss   Aug-17-08 07:44 PM   #28 
                 - You talk as if religion is all one thing.  zeemike   Aug-17-08 09:18 PM   #30 
                    - Thankfully, you've made my point.  DeSwiss   Aug-17-08 11:45 PM   #33 
                    - "I assume nothing. I only recount what was"  zeemike   Aug-18-08 08:42 AM   #34 
                    - "Useful", and the Special Truth supposedly found in the Bible...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-18-08 09:50 AM   #35 

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