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Reply #12: I can dig it! It's got a good beat and you can dance to it! [View All]

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FirstLight Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-09-08 11:15 PM
Response to Original message
12. I can dig it! It's got a good beat and you can dance to it!
Actually, this isn't too hard to understand, but you have to understand that we live in a dualistic/polar reality (i.e. up/down, black/white, in/out, etc) and the Triad is the blending of the two, hence the middle, mediary postiion.

I have heard it explained as this:
look at the cross, the line down the middle is the symbol for the separation from God. The christ is the bridge, we could not cross over it, because we were immersed in our "sin" (illusion, maya, spearation belief) so God, being the only one who could cross the gap, incarnated so that HE could re-open the channel for us to cross over and be in relationship with God once again. Because all God ever wanted was to be in relationship with us as his creation. That is agape love.

:) I really love esoteric religion, can you tell? and this is a basic teaching on many levels of several religions. The language is just different. But the concept of separation and the need for us to be able to cross over the illusion to speak to God is very common. Yet another reason that a cross is a archetypical symbol dating back to pre-christianity and indeginous tribes...

Ye-haw...thanks for sharing!
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  -The Christian Faith in Venn diagram format tannybogus  Aug-09-08 09:23 PM   #0 
  - Makes sense to me!  grytpype   Aug-09-08 09:25 PM   #1 
  - Gave me a headache!  tannybogus   Aug-09-08 09:30 PM   #3 
  - My head hurts.  wtmusic   Aug-09-08 09:30 PM   #2 
  - I think what God may want can be summed up very simply.  tannybogus   Aug-09-08 09:37 PM   #7 
  - God wouldn't , Man would.  bahrbearian   Aug-09-08 09:37 PM   #8 
  - "God and His Son Share This Yellow Section"  wtmusic   Aug-09-08 09:32 PM   #4 
  - "The yellow zone is for deities. The blue zone is for mortals."  muriel_volestrangler   Aug-10-08 05:56 AM   #14 
  - Somehow, having the Trinity simplified to the Binity doesn't make things more comprehensible for me.  Idealist Hippie   Aug-10-08 07:45 AM   #16 
  - That is a perfect example of why religion and science do not mix. n/t  ColbertWatcher   Aug-09-08 09:34 PM   #5 
  - .  baldguy   Aug-09-08 09:36 PM   #6 
  - Perfect.  Idealist Hippie   Aug-09-08 10:48 PM   #11 
  - My Brain Hurts... (see image for explanation)  Malikshah   Aug-09-08 09:39 PM   #9 
  - I must not be a visual learner. eom  varkam   Aug-09-08 10:22 PM   #10 
  - I can dig it! It's got a good beat and you can dance to it!  Journalgrrl   Aug-09-08 11:15 PM   #12 
  - we live in a dualistic/polar reality  ZombieHorde   Aug-11-08 04:23 PM   #30 
  - My reality is quadratic/equatorial...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-12-08 01:31 PM   #37 
  - That's absurd.  patrice   Aug-09-08 11:17 PM   #13 
  - So is religion...nt  SidDithers   Aug-11-08 11:08 AM   #29 
  - Hmm - if 'Son' is the overlap between 'Father' and 'Holy Spirit'  muriel_volestrangler   Aug-10-08 06:11 AM   #15 
  - Don't think they're really trying for theology.  Idealist Hippie   Aug-10-08 07:49 AM   #17 
  - My Me, My Me, why have I forsaken myself?  bdf   Aug-10-08 08:51 AM   #18 
  - Too complicated.  knitter4democracy   Aug-10-08 07:08 PM   #19 
  - That's... a little creepy  moggie   Aug-11-08 12:58 AM   #20 
  - ROFL!!!  DeSwiss   Aug-11-08 05:03 AM   #22 
     - No, seriously  moggie   Aug-11-08 07:14 AM   #25 
        - Yeah, I was thinking that. Different cognition is often a sign of other things being different,  Random_Australian   Aug-11-08 07:54 AM   #26 
        - Yeah, like they're trying WAY too hard to prove that their thinking is rational.  beam me up scottie   Aug-11-08 07:59 AM   #27 
        - I have to admit, I find it sort of disturbing, too.  JerseygirlCT   Aug-11-08 07:49 PM   #32 
        - If you're going to mention Time Cube...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-12-08 12:12 PM   #36 
  - My fucked up version of Venn Diagram.  Evoman   Aug-11-08 01:11 AM   #21 
  - Well, at least yours....  DeSwiss   Aug-11-08 05:09 AM   #23 
  - That's kinda sad too  moggie   Aug-11-08 07:10 AM   #24 
     - No way...nothing keeps naked or semi-naked woman away as much as science.  Evoman   Aug-11-08 09:25 AM   #28 
  - The black box around the whole image should be the "men" box.  ZombieHorde   Aug-11-08 04:24 PM   #31 
  - This would be a lot easier to understand if it were in three dimensions instead of two. nt  Occam Bandage   Aug-12-08 12:05 AM   #33 
  - Are you saying that Christianity lacks depth?  cosmik debris   Aug-12-08 12:18 AM   #34 
  - Too much to absorb in one glance  Karl_Bonner_1982   Aug-12-08 01:31 AM   #35 
  - I doubt studying this diagram deeply is worth the effort...  Kerry4Kerry   Aug-12-08 01:34 PM   #38 
  - What about the Anti-Triclavianists?  bburt   Aug-19-08 12:35 AM   #39 
  - Lots of heresy there  TechBear_Seattle   Aug-19-08 11:05 AM   #40 

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