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Reading: A hobby for you, or something else? [View All]

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BlueIris Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-27-11 04:45 PM
Original message
Poll question: Reading: A hobby for you, or something else?
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Lately, I've noticed a lot of people characterizing their reading time as part of a hobby. Several years ago, I realized that I had to elevate reading to a high priority in life in order to force myself to do it, so I would consider it more than just a hobby.

Then again, it's not like it's part of a professional obligation for me, (I'm not a critic, a reader at a publishing house, or someone who reads for academic credit or as an academic) so maybe if should fall into the 'hobby' category.

How would you classify reading as a part of your life?

Poll result (40 votes)
A hobby (4 votes, 10%)Vote
A passion (24 votes, 60%)Vote
A luxury (1 votes, 3%)Vote
A repsonsibility (it is a part of my professional life) (5 votes, 13%)Vote
An obsession (4 votes, 10%)Vote
Other (2 votes, 5%)Vote

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  -Reading: A hobby for you, or something else? BlueIris  Sep-27-11 04:45 PM   #0 
  - A necessity?  murielm99   Sep-27-11 04:58 PM   #1 
  - A passion. A luxury. A responsibility. An obsession.  Democracyinkind   Sep-27-11 05:01 PM   #2 
  - I suppose passion would describe my feelings best.  Arkansas Granny   Sep-27-11 05:09 PM   #3 
  - My family was much the same. We were the only people I knew  RaleighNCDUer   Sep-27-11 06:53 PM   #7 
     - We had a genuine set of Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia.  Arkansas Granny   Sep-27-11 07:06 PM   #9 
  - Relaxarion and/or Escape  fadedrose   Sep-27-11 05:16 PM   #4 
  - I'm only passionate about chocolate . . .  fadedrose   Sep-27-11 10:18 PM   #13 
  - My parents and I moved around so  asjr   Sep-27-11 05:45 PM   #5 
  - Reading used to be a passion for me, but since I have been attending college,  ZombieHorde   Sep-27-11 06:06 PM   #6 
  - A, B, and D.  MineralMan   Sep-27-11 07:01 PM   #8 
  - it is an addiction  pitohui   Sep-27-11 08:15 PM   #10 
  - Passion. Like Jefferson, I could not live without books.  Odin2005   Sep-27-11 08:59 PM   #11 
  - This is the "Books: Fiction" forum, but I don't read books anymore.  elocs   Sep-27-11 09:08 PM   #12 
  - I went for obsession, although it's also a passion and  SheilaT   Sep-27-11 10:20 PM   #14 
  - I put down hobby but....  Little Star   Sep-28-11 07:05 PM   #15 
  - Dear one, when did you have a stroke?  fadedrose   Sep-28-11 07:18 PM   #16 
     - Hi Rose, ...  Little Star   Sep-28-11 07:50 PM   #17 
        - Life is hard and gets harder, doesn't it?  fadedrose   Sep-30-11 07:57 PM   #19 
  - Reading is almost my only activity.  Enthusiast   Sep-30-11 02:58 PM   #18 
  - I find I like to read certain books according to the seasons.  Sequoia   Oct-01-11 05:33 PM   #20 
  - A necessity  BookSavoury   Oct-03-11 01:28 PM   #21 

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