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DoNotLie Donating Member (5 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-23-08 05:56 PM
Response to Reply #256
257. Thank You
I am honest. Unfortunately, eventhough I have plenty to offer in general, beyond what it may seem from our exchanges the last months, I am being shut out for no good reason. If the ptb's here would treat me with even a modicum of respect, I might even stop trying to be here.

Bozos and Friedman know my real name. I did a lot of dirty work clearing Brad's reputation, only to then find out that I had picked the wrong person to defend. It appears that no one wants to get to truths that could allow all of us some closure.

Life can be very existential. I no longer care if my true identity is revealed. When one has nothing, they have nothing to lose.

Through Bozos, I was led to believe that you are a paid troll. He told me that you admitted to being a Republican or having voted republican during an interview with Leo Lincourt. There is always a reason for everything. Just because someone appears to be bad news, that is not necessarily the case. That is why we have something called due process.

But obviously I am not going to get that here. I am not surprised, since all across the internet in such places rules are not being applied evenly across the board.

So now you know why I have been asking you your political affiliation.

My own take is that you are misguided and not in on some kind of nefarious plot. That's called having the right to an opinion. I believe you now understand where I am coming from, which is the academic left. Unfortunately, those of us on this side of the political spectrum are not wanted at DU.

So instead of people being able to get to the bottom of some of these rabbit holes we are all intrigued by, from internet disinfo, to strange battles between Mace and Harris, to trying to figure out who exactly Kimberlin and by extension Friedman are about, people like me get the squeeze.

That is not your fault.

By the way, I have told my internet story on a thread in the 9/11 section. It shows my progression from being a nobody posting on Huffington in 2005 to how I met Bozos and much more.

I have gone through a lot of the archives here. I admit I am no good as concerning the specific details of the exit poll debate. But that doesn't mean I am not a full citizen of the US who deserves as much freedom of association as anyone else. It is unfortunate that the Steven Hertzberg story is being buried. It is unfortunate that something like the disinfo isn't allowed to be sensibly researched and discussed.

By being excluded from the forum for no good reason doesn't mean that I am a lying troll with nothing to offer. I am a good kid and simply want to figure out truths no matter what they are.

Unfortunately, there is really no word Democratic in the phrase DU.

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