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Reply #39: 10 Main Pros and Cons on Electronic Voting Machines. [View All]

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JimDandy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-11-06 03:37 PM
Response to Original message
39. 10 Main Pros and Cons on Electronic Voting Machines.
The Pro/Con Foundation has set up a brand new website that explores whether DRE machines improve the voting process:

(On "this website, the term 'electronic voting machines' refers to direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines and not optical-scan machines. Although optical-scan machines use an electronic reader to tabulate the vote totals, voters mark their selections on a paper ballot and are not directly recording their votes into the machine.")

The 10 issues below are components of our core question "Does the use of electronic voting machines improve the voting process?"


1. Does federal legislation mandate the use of electronic voting machines?

PRO: "The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) highlights the importance of making voting systems accessible to all communities, especially those historically disenfranchised...

Direct Recording Electronic voting machines (DREs)...can be made fully accessible for persons with disabilities. Because punchcard and optical scan machines are paper systems, they are not fully accessible for the blind or visually impaired. Similarly, the mechanical nature of lever machines impedes accessibility for voters with limited mobility and strength."
-- People for the American Way

CON: "HAVA does not require DREs. Optical-scan based systems are HAVA compliant...Typically, a voter using an optical scan system receives a paper ballot along with a marking pen or pencil...Voters who are visually impaired or require ballots in a foreign language can use tactile ballots or a computerized optical scan ballot-marking machine with attached headphones. Such a machine would allow all voters, including blind voters, to confirm or verify their ballot choices by sliding the ballot into a computerized reader with attached headphones."
-- National Committee for Voting Integrity

The Pros/Cons of these last nine questions are answered on their website:

2. Are electronic voting machines more susceptible to fraud than non-electronic voting machines?

3. Do electronic voting machines accurately capture the intent of the voter?

4. Are votes cast on electronic voting machines stored securely?

5. Are electronic voting machines vulnerable to hacking?

6. Could electronic voting machine software be programmed to alter the outcome of an election?

7. Are there sufficient procedures in place to guard against physical tampering with electronic voting machines?

8. Is it possible for one person to vote multiple times in the same election on an electronic voting machine?

9. Should source code for electronic voting machines be publicly available?

10. Should electronic voting machines have voter verified paper audit trails?

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